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I upgraded to iTunes 6 and am now having major problems. After I installed it wanted to upgrade/restore my iPod, which I did. That cleared everything off my iPod and now when I try to synchronize with iTunes it doesn't work.

It starts downloading and then quits after 20 or thirty files give me a message that it couldn't read or write to the disk.

Anybody else having problems?

The cure - a new iPod. Took my poor old iPod to the Apple store and they could not get it working either - They gave me a replacement for $30 because it was still under warranty.

It's amazing how many posts there are on the Apple discussion boards about connection problems betwen iTunes and iPods.

Hope the new one works.

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Hmmm, I use a Samsung Yepp, which remains in my pants pocket most of the time. It cost me $75 new and works like a champ. Fortunately, I have none of these problems (I have seen the iTunes 6 problems elsewhere too).

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