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If you have an interest in using Podsafe (cleared) MP3s, [url=]check out IODA Promonet.[/url]

Promonet has thousands of tracks available for download, from over 2500
independent Record labels and Artists spanning genre and catalogs, from
TVT records, Built to Spill, Pinback, tons of rock, hip hop and
classical to catalog material from indie labels around the world
(weÂ’re talking DEEP back catalog stuff everything from Chinese pop and
incredibly rare 70s rock and R&B).

Currently, Promonet access is only available to bloggers, podcasters,
and our promotional partners. I personally approve each application (it's true! i'm a real person!) so....Mentioning my name in the “How did you
hear about Promonet” section of the application may speed your
applicationÂ’s approval ;-)

To join, follow this link:

If you have a membership with affiliate programs through iTunes, you
benefit financially when you enter your affiliate program codes in
your Promonet profile (you still get the same exact rate of commission
as you agreed upon when you joined your affiliate program)

...if you are headed to the PME (Podcast & Portable Media Expo) this
year, swing by my panel on Saturday - it’s called “Promoting your
music with podcasting” and I’ll be there with C. C. Chapman (Podsafe
Music Network) and Ali Partovi from Garageband. :-)

feel free to email me directly with any feedback or questions. Hope you
enjoy :-)


Corey Denis

Just to jump in here and let folks know that this is an excellent resource. Music of pretty much every genre is available, and with 16,000+ songs at your fingertips, it makes for yet another resource music podcasters can have available to them.

Eclectic Mix endorses them, and I can give them a big thumbs up.

Cheers -


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