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I'm tweaking stuff, working on a show format and all that stuff.
At the moment there is no format or anything. I have no idea what the show is going to do until I hit record, and it just kind of happens. So I should probably get some kind of format to fallow.
So I'm brainstorming for some ideas for a new segment (or 2) for the show.
If anybody has anything they really wish other music casts were doing or something you would like to hear on a rock music cast, let er rip ... I would really like to know what listeners would want in a music show.
Rock on!

Well, I can only tell you what interests me, which is why I do my show the way I do. Two absolutes are that I always make clear the name of the song and artist, and I never step on the music. It irritates me no end when people talk until the singer begins, as if what they have to say is more important than listening to what the artist has created. That's so FM.

The last thing I want to hear is half a dozen artists in half an hour, then I need to try to remember which one I liked. What I do on my show is to spotlight a single artist or group so that the listener has a chance to get to know a little of the body of their music. Few people do things that way, but it works well for me.

Finally, I consider myself to be less important than the music I am playing. The show is not about me, so I offer information instead of entertainment - the artist is there for the entertainment. I just think it's about respect.

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Dang dude,
I kinda do all that stuff... ouch :wink:

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What I like to hear when I tune into a podcast devoted to music, is information about the band(s) being played. And try not to mix genres within one show too much, unless you are demonstrating the range from a single artist.
A little teaser about what your listeners are going to hear before the song, and and some solid info about the band after the song will make the track memorable for listeners.

Keep in mind that most of your audience has never heard the music you are playing, so make it engaging for them. Tell a story about the band if you have one.....
For the more obscure independent bands, a bit about what they sound like and a bit from their web site bios should suffice. For more "popular" independent artists, you may want to scour the web or other podcasts and interviews for some information that is not readily available.
Heck, you may find that some bands would be happy to provide some information and input.

The key is preparation of useful information.

.... or I could be wrong.


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Thanks man,
That's the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'm still working on everything. 100 shows from now it'll probably be a completely different show. I'm creating my own little world over here, and the whole planet is invited to listen, ain't it great.

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