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WE’RE FINALLY OPEN!!!! IT’S TIME TO GET PAID FOR YOUR MUSIC!!! After extensive testing and a limited launch at this weekend’s Portable Media Expo, Divvycast is now signing up 1000’s of bands who want to connect with their fans in a new and unique way…and get paid to do it!! Go to [url][/url] to signup for your FREE TRIAL now!!

With Divvycast you’ll be able to:
• Create and upload podcasts.
• Post those podcasts across the Internet, including places like MySpace and TagWorld.
• Publish your podcast on iTunes and Yahoo! Podcasts.
• Accept sponsorships for your podcast as your audience grows!
• Get paid by advertisers for podcasting your music!

We believe we’ve created one of the most exciting ways for you to connect to your audience. Come to [url][/url] to try it out today & see for yourself!!!