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Hey hey,just wanted to know what you guys/gals got on your ipods these days? I've been listening to alot of Joe Rogan's podcast, really smart and insightful stuff, great food for thought, but my favourite has to be Return to Sender, it features 2 postal workers from Winnipeg,Manitoba, one a punker/drummer/unicycler/father and the other is none other than Winnipeg's most famous lesbian, the one and only Sandra D. Sanchez...I'll make it easy for you this is a link to their page:


Any other suggestions?

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The best show for me has got to be 'Clown Shoe' by Ben Johnson & Stephen Cubbin. It is a comedy show. Words cannot describe how funny this show is. Johnson is a film maker and comedian from Liverpool and Cubbin is an unemployed legend living with his mother. Johnson is directing the first ever Podcast film... this is one film you don't want to miss.


and check out Johnson's Blog


You will enjoy

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Actually I am very new to ipods. So, can't suggest you as I need suggestion now..:confused:

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I really like Wiggly World which is a talking of world culture. Another one I have been digging a lot is Christopher Titus'. I liked him as a stand up many years ago and now I have found his show. I don't always agree with him but that is the beauty of it all right?

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Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Review
Collings & Herrin Podcast
Test Match Special
Bumble Logs In
Any CricInfo Podcasts
Kent Pricks Hamcast :D

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The Pod F. Tompkast
Comedy Death-Ray Radio

I love funny stuffs.

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