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Somebody told me about this new website. At first I thought it was another mean to install spyware on my computer, but after I saw that Panda Software was behind it I realized this was not the case. I mean, it is highly improbable for a respectable company dedicated to the detection and elimination of malware to be spreading adware or spyware in computers around the world (just imagine the bad publicity they would get). So, at least I know it is safe to use their tools.

After taking a closer look to the website I understood what was the real goal of this whole thing (besides the promotion of their new tools, of course): they want to raise awareness on how widely spread are these infections. The website allows you to use their Panda Nano Scan and Panda Total Scan tools for free and, more importantly, it displays the collected stats from all the scans performed at the website in the past 24 hours.

According to these stats, more than half the computers scanned were infected with some kind of malware. Almost 70% of the non protected computers and almost 50% of the protected computers are infected by some form of malware.

So, there you have it. If you want to test drive the new security tools from Panda go to In doing so, you will also contribute to the awareness of the prevalence of malware infections.

Enjoy it!! :D