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Thanks for posting the numbers from Feedburnerin the [url=]news section.[/url]

Wow, It's incredible how fast podcasting has grown. I just can't believe it has gotten so big, so fast.

It's awesome. People dont have to rely on media AS much. Now there are PEOPLE voicing themselves...everywhere. This is such a great medium.

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Speaking of Feedburner, I put together a Feedburner toy for anyone to use. It is located at [url][/url]

To use it, enter the name of the feed (it must have Awareness turned on), the date to begin (must be in YYYY-MM-DD format), and click the Submit Values button. The program will return a graph where each vertical bar represents the average circulation over the previous ten days. You can adjust the spread from ten days to any other value (changing it to one will return the circulation for the previous day, changing it to twenty will produce a smoother curve).

Try entering "EclecticMix" and "2005-07-01" and you will see my stats over the past ten months.

Have fun with this toy.

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Actually, that's kind of depressing to me.

The listener to podcaster ratio isn't to my liking.

Too many podcats means too much garbage for people to sort through to find the gems.

A lot of great podcasts will be overlooked.

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