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Podcast Reviews
Review your favorite podcast
Last Post: MIKEs DAILY PODCAST the Comedy Show 1/18/14 by mikematthewsinthe256 over 6 years ago
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Promote your podcast
The place for podcasters to promote their new shows
Last Post: Tastes Like Burning 158: Pre Coma by tasteslikeburning almost 6 years ago
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Discussion Place
Talk about the shows you love, the shows you hate - What's great? What's not?
Last Post: Challenge: What is podcasting? by kinadabbs over 7 years ago
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Got Questions?
Want a podcast in your player, but don't know how to get one there? RSS, OPML and other TLAs straining the brain? Want to know more about Digital Podcast or the Podcast Value Chain? We'll try to help - just ask aoout anything
Last Post: Why won't podcast play? by admin over 7 years ago
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Get Featured
Want to get featured on Digital Podcast. Come on in and tell us about your podcast.
Last Post: MIKEs DAILY PODCAST the Comedy Show 1/18/14 by mikematthewsinthe256 over 6 years ago
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Exchange Podcast Promos

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Podcast Promos - "Pay it Forward"
Post the links to your Podcast Promos in this Forum. Please give a good description of the promo. What's the podcast about? What's the promo rating -G, PG, R, XX? How long is the promo? What's the bitrate? What's the URL? If you post a promo, please "pay it forward" by playing 2-3 promos from other podcasts on your podcast. Please post links to your podcasts if they include promos from the Digital Podcast Promo Exchange.
Last Post: The Charity Strike sports podcast by thecharitystrike about 8 years ago
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Make Podcasting Easy

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Podcast Search
How can we make podcast search better? Tell Digital Podcast what you think.
Last Post: Easy Web-based Subscriptions by guest about 8 years ago
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How to Podcast
Tell Digital Podcast how you made your podcast
Last Post: 10 ways to promote your website by sandeep about 8 years ago
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Podcasting Rigs
Tell Digital Podcast about your podcasting rig
Last Post: web-based podcasting recorder by deluxtravel about 8 years ago
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How can we make Digital Podcast better?
Last Post: players by rubyjas about 8 years ago
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Podcast Hosting
Talk about podcast hosting - who do you use and what do you think about them?
Last Post: Where is best to host my podcast for free? by admin about 8 years ago
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Video File Conversion
Talk about how to convert video files from one format to another format (No posts about DVD ripping allowed)
Last Post: How can we support avi video in HTC smartphone? by sandeep about 8 years ago
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Digital Podcast Search Service

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API discussions
Questions, ideas and general discussion of the Digital Podcast Search API
Last Post: Query regarding API's response XML by alex over 7 years ago
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SDK discussions
Questions, ideas and discussion of the Digital Podcast Search Service SDK functionality demonstrated at <br> project can be found at
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Sites using the Podcast Search Service
If you're using the Podcast Search Service, list your site here.
Last Post: Castsource - Video and Podcast Feeds by Topic by ericweber about 8 years ago
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Podcast Value Chain

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The Podcast Value Chain Report
Please provide feedback on The Podcast Value Chain Report. You can find the report at
Last Post: Boring... by guest about 8 years ago
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