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A comedy podcast published weekly with Australias hit comedian JOE MORRIS!

Bluewater Mission Sermons show

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Podcast of all the Bluewater Mission sermons, updated weekly.

By Jordan Seng

Minutes at the Edge - The Science Podcast every Mad Scientist can enjoy! show

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Minutes at the Edge brings you the latest finds on the edge of science. News and features on weird things happening in the real world right now.

By Marcus Rauchfuss

Jammin' Jazz - Jazz For The New Generation show

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Jammin' Jazz is a long running hour long program featuring all that is cool and groovey, and happenin' in Modern Jazz right this minute hosted by former XM Satellite Radio and MOJA Radio DJ Michelle Sammartino. It features the marriage of Jazz and Funk, Jazz and Rock, Jazz and Fusion, Jazz and Hip Hop... from New Orleans to New York to CA to Europe to Japan and more... If it is happenin' in the world of Jazz you can find it here.I play Galactic, Garage A Trois, MMW, Parliament/Funkadelic, Guru, JMP, Mocean Worker, STS9, Will Bernard, KDTU, Benevento Russo Duo, Dr Lonnie Smith, Sharon Jones, Mike Clarke, Bonerama, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, PBS, Dumpstafunk... and that is just the beginning...

By michelle @ jamminjazz

LabLit.com Podcasts show

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Millions of scientists prowl the earth, but most people don't have a clue what their world is like. If you've ever wondered what scientists really get up to in the lab, sit back and let us bring you the latest intelligence about scientists in literature, films, TV, popular culture and real life. There's never been a better time to get to grips with geek-chic culture!

By LabLit.com

Other Side of the Door, The by CHAMBERLAIN, Lucia show

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It's 1865 in the city of San Francisco. Pretty, young Ellie Fenwick is walking to the market early one morning to surprise her father with some fresh mushrooms. As she passes a gambling house, she hears a gunshot and two young men emerge. One man falls dead on the pavement and the other is Johnny Montgomery, a handsome young man Ellie recognizes from seeing him previously at a dance. Johnny is holding a smoking pistol in his hand. This incident propels the proper young Ellie into a world of prisons and courtrooms as a murder trial unfolds and the fate of Johnny may rest with her testimony. But, what is the connection with the mysterious Spanish Woman, who lives in a grand house and supposedly has friends in 'high places'? Who else was in the gambling house at that time of the morning before it had opened? What about the whispered conversations between Ellie's father, Mr. Fenwick, and his friend, Mr. Bingley, a prominent attorney prosecuting the case? Things are not always what they may seem... (Introduction by Lee Ann Howlett)

By LibriVox

The HP Lexicon Podcast show

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I've had some amazing adventures in over a decade as a Harry Potter fan: reading and researching the books, visiting the sets of the film, enjoying Wizard Rock concerts, speaking at conventions, traveling throughout Britain discovering Harry Potter's world, and even writing two books. Over those years I've especially loved sharing my enthusiasm for Potter with fans at libraries, bookstores, and conventions. That's what this podcast is all about as well. I'll talk about canon sources (those wonderful Daily Prophet newsletters, for example), discuss the way the books work together to tell one glorious tale, and share some of my experiences wandering through Britain in search of Harry Potter's magical world. So come along as we wander through the magical world of the Harry Potter stories. ~~ Steve Vander Ark

By Steve Vander Ark

Free speech bites show

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Free Speech Bites, a new podcast series from Index on Censorship and SAGE publications on the biggest topics in freedom of expression. Hosted by author Nigel Warburton, the series features renowned artists, writers and campaigners

Stony Mountain Spaceship Podcast show

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Blast off with Joe Warren and Patrick Stiles of the Bay Area's Bonnie & BANG BANG while they hash out the mysteries of the universe and the indy music scene with friends and some of the Bay Area's top indy musicians. Josh Rodstien sits in as the resident sound engineer.

Soren Kierkegaard, Various Readings by VARIOUS show

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<p>The writings listed here represent books about Soren Kierkegaard. A fragment of his work, On the Dedication to "That Single Individual", has made it to the public domain. Who was Soren Kierkegaard? He was a Danish philosopher and religious author; b. Copenhagen May 6, 1813; d. there Nov. 11, 1855. His father, Michael, a clothing merchant, once cursed God when he was young. This one incident caused him so much distress that it affected him with a deep melancholy, which he transferred to poor Soren. Michael was an evil man. He tricked Soren into thinking that the whole world existed in his own living room by taking him for imaginary walks about the neighborhood, or anywhere Soren wanted to go, as long as it existed in his imagination only. Later in life, when Soren was on his own, he rarely left Copenhagen, but he did walk about the streets and greet passersby, discussing events of the day. After 6 years of “splendid inactivity” he obtained his degree in Theology from the University of Copenhagen with the submission of his thesis paper in 1841, On the Concept of Irony with Continual Reference to Socrates. Just before graduation he fell in love with Regine Olsen and proposed that they marry. She accepted, but Soren was unable to live up to the requirements of marriage and broke off the engagement after a short period. He lived a life of despair afterward. His father, Regine, and Socrates were the major influences in his life. So say all the authors in the following readings, but I disagree.<br><br> Soren considered a variety of callings, he could be philosopher, a scientist, or a preacher, but he ultimately decided that Christianity was his interest. He wondered if J. P. Mynster, bishop of Zealand and head of the National Church of Denmark, was preaching true Christianity or not. He decided at this point that his “task is a Socratic task, to revise the conception of what it means to be a Christian”. He was interested only in the “How” of Christianity, not the “What” of Christianity. He became an author, an author who was always “in the process of becoming” what he would be. He became many authors, Victor Eremita, Johannes de Silentio, Johannes Climacus, Vigilius Haufniensis, Nicolaus Notabene, Hilarius Bookbinder, Frater Taciturnus, and Soren Kierkegaard. All of them wrote books between the years 1843 and 1855. He used his imagination to create each author as an existing individual Human being, one who exists, “between the esthetic and the ethical” where “the esthetic is existing; the ethicist is struggling against the religious”, as one “aware of the religious-and the leap” of faith, one “who ordinarily despairs of nothing, despairs of repetition”, one who has “used a love affair in relation to what it means to exist”, one who believed “that in relation to God we are always in the wrong,” one who cries to God “I cannot understand you, but I will love you” one who as "the ethicist, in despair, has chosen himself out of terror of having himself" and finally as one who said “that truth is objectively a paradox shows precisely that subjectivity is truth” so “Only truth that builds up is truth for you”.<br><br> The authors are all in agreement that Soren's father, Regine, and Socrates were influential in his life. None of them were able to state that Jesus Christ had any influence upon him at all. Soren Kierkegaard said, "God is not like a king in a predicament, who says to the highly trusted Minister of the Interior, “You must do everything, you must create the atmosphere for our proposal and win public opinion to our side.” "But in relation to God, there are no secret instruction for a human being any more than there are any backstairs. Even the most eminent genius who comes to give a report had best come in fear and trembling, for God is not hard pressed for geniuses. He can create a few legion of them if needed." God wants each individual to examine to judge and to decide. http://www.archive.org/details/forselfexaminati011847mbp <br><br> Here is a link to to some of his works http://www.religion-online.org/listbycategory.asp?Cat=110 one to a biography http://www.stolaf.edu/collections/kierkegaard/aboutkierk.html - and a link to Kierkegaard reorganized (systemetized?) - http://www.plough.com/ebooks/Provocations.html - (Summary by Soupy)</p>

By LibriVox