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Barely Makin' It show

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So….what does it mean to barely make it?<br> <br> <br> <br> Well, exactly what it sounds like. It was a few years back that I originally discovered (read: stumbled upon) this phrase and for whatever reason it has resonated with me. It encapsulates what we are all doing which is barely making our way through life. This podcast is meant to be a fun and funny outlet where post-grads, millennials, basic betches, whatever you want to call this group of 20-somethings can come to for a break from the real world (which is really freakin’ hard BTW – shouts to no one for telling us this). Laugh, ask questions, cringe, cry, thank your lucky stars you’re not making the mistakes I am, whatever you do when you listen to this podcast just remember to relax and that life really isn’t that serious.

By Barely Makin' It

Home Work show

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A podcast for people who work from home, whether freelancer or telecommuter. Listen weekly for discussion and advice around a wide assortment of topics that home workers encounter.

By A Better Freelancer &amp; 70 Decibels

Black Shadow - Podcast Novel by Steve Saylor show

Black Shadow - Podcast Novel by Steve SaylorJoin Now to Follow

In a world where evil walks the earth, where super villains are taken over by demonic beings . They all want one thing, and one thing only. To take over the world. There is only one man who can stop them. One man with the powers and abilities to kick some serious demon ass. In a race against time to stop a portal that opens to Hell itself. One man, one hero, one sonofabitch you don't want to mess with. He is faceless, he is fearless, he is Black Shadow. From the mind of debut podiobook author Steve Saylor comes a story where the super powers meets the Supernatural. Want to learn more? Head to stevesaylor.net for more details.

By Steve Saylor

The Kindle Chronicles show

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A weekly podcast about the Kindle and eBooks with in-depth conversations with guests--authors, technology experts, book industry analysts, Amazon execs, educators, agents, readers, and more.

By Len Edgerly

Resist the Empire - A libertarian view of the Star Wars universe show

Resist the Empire - A libertarian view of the Star Wars universeJoin Now to Follow

A libertarian view of the Star Wars universe

By Brian McQuade and Rodger Paxton

The FrogPants Studios Ultra Feed! show

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One feed containing ALL the latest episodes of ALL the FrogPants Studios podcasts! Enjoy!

By Scott Johnson

PMA: Sculpture Garden - Art Tours show

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The Sculpture,Garden presents a superb and versatile outdoor setting for the appreciation of art, offering a lively experience of sculpture for both the casual passerby and devoted art lovers. Gracefully integrated into the existing landscape, the Sculpture,Garden extends the Museum’s vast galleries to the outdoors while strengthening the Museum’s connections to the city and Fairmount Park. Its pathways and vistas, green space, and water feature create a variety of spaces for art while maintaining an open setting that invites Philadelphia’s public to explore a new expression of the Museum’s goal to make more art available to an ever-growing audience.

By Philadelphia Museum of Art

PMA: Asian - Art Tours show

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Visit rare architectural settings and discover intriguing works of art from all parts of Asia, including some of the oldest objects in the collection.

By Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alan Bennett and Judi Dench perform a short radio play show

Alan Bennett and Judi Dench perform a short radio playJoin Now to Follow

Taken from the NT Archive, this is a Platform event from 1995 where Alan Bennett invited Judi Dench to perform a short radio play with him in front of a live audience at the National Theatre. This is an audio recording of that event.

By National Theatre

That Creative Life show

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Welcome to That Creative Life, hosted by YouTuber &amp; creative entrepreneur Sara Dietschy. On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. Artists, YouTubers, CEOs and everyone in-between. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy's YouTube channel, Twitter &amp; Instagram (@SaraDietschy) and also @ThatCreativeLife on Instagram.

By Sara Dietschy