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Cord Snipped show

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Cord Snipped is a conversation about cord-cutting, streaming content, and life without the wire. Dan Fuller and Kyle Scott provide commentary on the latest news about Netflix, Hulu, Roku, the cable industry, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung and more. Your living room will never be the same-- Cord Snipped discusses the changes.

By Kyle Scott

Subscribe!  (MP4) - Channel 9 show

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Subscribe! is a video blog about Messaging, Middleware, Architecture, and all sort of other interesting topics around building larger and more sophisticated solutions than your average website on Windows Azure and Windows Server. Your host and, mostly, monologist is Clemens Vasters from the Windows Azure Service Bus team who puts this blog together in his studio on his island of solitude in Germany. Follow Clemens on Twitter @clemensv

By Microsoft

Cowboyscast - Dallas Cowboys Podcast show

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How 'Bout Dat Cowboys Cast?!?!? Here at Cowboyscast, part of the Texas Sportscast Network, we not only Talk the Talk, we Walk the Walk. Ok, enough Jimmy Johnson one-liners. We are Cowboyscast, part of the Texas Sportscast Network, and we promise to bring you the most entertaining and informative Dallas Cowboys show anywhere. During the season, we will post two new shows per week: One recapping and the other previewing what hopefully is the next Cowboys victory. At Cowboyscast, we promise not to hold anything back. If T.O. gets out of line, we'll call him out. When a player excels, we'll be right there cheering him on. Also, be sure to tune in weekly to hear who wins the 'Pat Watkins of the Game' award for most inept player. Named after the Cowboys Free Safety who apparently did not know it was in his job description to...COVER SOMEBODY WEARING A DIFFERENT JERSEY!!! Cowboyscast is brand new! So tell your friends about our high-quality, free broadcasts downloadable to an iPod, mp3 player, or right from your computer. There's a hole in Texas Stadium so God can watch his favorite team. All you need to hear your favorite podcast is a computer!

By Cowboyscast

Home Health Care Albuquerque » Podcast show

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no show description found

By Home Health Care Albuquerque

Beltway Banthas: Star Wars, Politics & More show

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Beltway Banthas is a bi-weekly Star Wars podcast about the intersection of fandom and the things that drive daily life. For hosts Stephen Kent & Tirso Perez, one of those things is politics. Star Wars draws from our worlds politics just as much as it contributes to it by influencing policy makers, journalists and thought leaders. This podcast will seek to understand how Star Wars impacts the world we live in, while also covering the Star Wars news, gossip and hype of the day.

By Stephen Kent, Tirso Perez

The American Dream Project show

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American Dream Project follows James Marshall and his friend Todd cross country with the objective to reverse the negative sentiment Americans and the media (more often than not) associate with “America.” By utilizing social media, they were able to document and showcase that The American Dream and the optimistic spirit that built this country is very much alive.

By The American Dream

The Local Legend Project show

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America is a nation of Local Legends; those authentic, independent, one-of-a-kind people and places that make this country great. Host Bo Stevenson takes us on a journey throughout the United States to meet the local legends we don't already know. These people and places are a refreshing antidote to the culture of corporate celebrity. On season one, take a trip across the American South with Bo as he discovers the stories you haven't heard before.Tell Bo where to go next using #cheerwinelocallegends!

By The Local Legend Project

SyfyWire: "Who Won The Week" Podcast show

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Each week the staff of SyfyWire.com present their case for what from the world of sci-fi, fantasy and horror won the week.

By Syfy Wire

ScreenJunkies Knocking Dead show

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The Honest Walking Dead Reaction Show, where we rant about last night's episode!

By Defy Media, LLC

B급 장르영화 팟캐스트 배드 테이스트 show

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호러 / S.F / 판타지 등 B급 장르영화 전문 팟캐스트 Busteresque@gmail.com

By 배드 테이스트