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Students Who Design show

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A podcast bridging the gap between Students and the Design Industry.

By Students Who Design

World War II Chronicles show

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Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Second World War with “World War II Chronicles.” Hosted by famed newsreel narrator and “The Voice of World War II” Ed Herlihy, “World War II Chronicles” features original archival footage from the wartime era to spotlight the week’s events, exactly 75 years ago. Created by the American Veterans Center in association with the National Archives, “World War II Chronicles” was originally produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of WWII, airing on more than 500 stations nationwide, and is now re-released as a special podcast series. To learn more about “World War II Chronicles” and the American Veterans Center, visit www.americanveteranscenter.org.

By World War II Chronicles

The  History of the Ottoman Empire show

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I will be covering the history of the Ottomans, from their humble beginnings in the late 13th century until their fall in the early 20th century.

By Lynn Perkins

The Texas Tech Medcast show

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The Texas Tech MedCast is a podcast for medical residents, medical students, practicing physicians, and others involved in medical education and high quality, patient-centered primary care. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store

By Family Medicine, Texas Tech University HSC

xzyxzy_BP_demo show

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Custom podcast feed reposting other podcast episodes demonstration for BP. Copyright is owned by the publisher, not this podcast, audio is streamed directly from publisher's servers.

By xzyxzy_BP_demo

Leaders Huddle show

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Developed and produced by the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) and the Center for Company-level Leaders (CCL) at the United States Military Academy, West Point New York. This podcast features engaging discussions and is intended to educate and inspire to current and future generations of junior officers and other company level leaders in the US Army. Published every other week, the content of this podcast will help develop your capacity as a leader and provide actionable guidance for improving your organization.


Excited Utterance show

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Excited Utterance is a legal podcast that interviews authors of new or forthcoming legal scholarship in the areas of evidence and proof.

By Edward K. Cheng

Statistical Modeling, Courtney Brown, Emory University show

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This is a course in statistics as they are applied in the social sciences. The first half of the course involves simple descriptive statistics, t-tests, and the chi-squared statistic, all of which are applied using the SAS statistical software. The second half of the course addresses bivariate regression, multiple regression, and logistic regression.

By Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

F.A. Davis's Fundamentals of Nursing, 2e Teaching Tips show

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Teaching tips for classroom and clinically based teachers.

By F.A. Davis

Understanding Anatomy and Physiology show

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Understanding Anatomy and Physiology

By F.A. Davis