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"Let it Roll" is a podcast about the history of rock n roll and how changes in society and technology created the new music. Hosted by longtime rock and roll fan and sportswriter Nate Wilcox the show is a series of in-depth interviews with Ed Ward about his book, The History of Rock and Roll, Volume 1: 1920-1963. Ward was the official rock and roll historian for NPR’s Fresh Air for 30 years, and is a former editor of Rolling Stone, writer for Crawdaddy, and Cream. The interviews in "Let it Roll," showcase Ed's encyclopedic knowledge of rock history and offer a detailed -- and hopefully fun -- glimpse into how some of the greatest American music was created.

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باسم الكربلائي

By saleh

Two People Discuss An Album They've Never Heard Before show

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Two People Discuss An Album They've Never Heard Before is a podcast where two people discuss an album they've never heard before.

By Two Peeps

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Northwave EC are one of the best housing solutions that people go for today. In most cases, they are affordable and they can house a lot of people at the same time. There are various criteria to meet so as to be able to own an Executive condominium. Understanding the whole process can be of great help as it makes it much easier. The best thing to do is to make sure that all the income statements are checked by the HR so as to ensure they are exactly what the HBD need.

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Delusions Of Grandeur Podcast. show

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Delusions Of Grandeur is a London based label responsible for releasing some of the best deep, raw and underground house since its inception 5 years ago. With releases from the likes of Uffe, 6th Borough Project, Recloose, Session Victim, Tornado Wallace, Soul 223, Toby Tobias, Ben Sun, Trickski, Manuel Tur, Franc Spangler and Thatmanmonkz it's easy to see why they've become such an influential imprint to so many.

By Delusions Of Grandeur

The Cosmic Barrio with Betto Arcos show

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A weekly program featuring music from all over the world, with an emphasis on new releases and classic sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean, USA, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and all points in between. The program will include every musical genre: traditional and roots music, popular music, jazz, classical, avant-garde and vintage classic.

By Betto Arcos

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Experience The Underground

By Techno Loft


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Chris Bresemann's Podcast show

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Bringing you a monthly podcast of vocal house, circuit, tech house, and anything you can sing and dance your butt off to of my favorite DJs from around the globe. Enjoy the beats!

By DJ Chris Bresemann