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F.A. Davis's Fundamentals of Nursing Stress Busters show

F.A. Davis's Fundamentals of Nursing Stress BustersJoin Now to Follow

Co-Author Karen Van Leuwen provides helpful tips and techniques for controlling stress inherent in nursing school.

By F.A. Davis

F.A. Davis's NCLEX-PN Audio Prep: Test-Taking Tips and Tactics to Help You Pass show

F.A. Davis's NCLEX-PN Audio Prep: Test-Taking Tips and Tactics to Help You PassJoin Now to Follow

F.A. Davis's NCLEX-PN Audio Prep: Test-Taking Tips and Tactics to Help You Pass

By F.A. Davis

Debt and Tax Solutions' Podcast show

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Our podcast aims to educate consumers about debt relief. There are many debt relief programs available for people who are in huge amounts of debt. Some people may think there's no hope for their situation only to find out that they're not alone - millions of Americans are currently suffering from debt. The good news is, there's light at the end of the tunnel. You can continue waiting for your debt to pile up or, you can talk to a reputable debt counselor to find a solution to your debt problem and finally put an end to it for good. Our podcast will help you learn about debt relief and its related topic. Listen and stay tuned for weekly updates for info about debt settlement, debt consolidation and how to ultimately get out of debt for good.

By DebandTaxSolutions

SpeechScience show

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A collaborative effort of a group of Speech-Language Pathologists to provide the most recent evidence, tools, and ideas - all in language that anyone can understand.

By Lucas Steuber

wiredON Development Interviews show

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A collection of knowledge and insights from brilliant clinicians in the field of neuromotor development and childhood disability to inspire, motivate and provide you with the tools to help the amazing kids you treat develop their potential www.wiredondevelopment.com

By wiredON Development

Credit Repair Radio show

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Rondi exposes what the banks, credit bureaus and collection companies don’t want you to know about your credit report, and how important your credit score actually is, on his radio show "Your Credit Matters" - Rondi Lambeth is a Certified FICO Credit Professional, Speaker and Author. He is one of the most sought after speakers because of his depth of experience and knowledge in financial and credit matters. In addition to the daily talk show, Rondi also can be heard on multiple stations across the US. Rondi has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, heard and seen on Fox News, ESPN, NBC, and ABC. Rondi is a serial entrepreneur and a retired firefighter. Rondi’s passion is to provide education & resources to families who seek financial literacy & self-sufficiency. Do yourself and your family a favor, and call Rondi at 800.475.7267 to schedule a FREE credit consultation or visit his website at BadCreditIsAChoice.com. -

By Rondi Lambeth

The Ohio State University show

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A resource to be used by current and future members of the OSU Livestock Judging Team

By College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science

Encounter Messages show

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Encounter is a friendly and lively church that loves the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost. Listen to our challenging and inspirational sermons and messages.

By Encounter Christian Centre

Colonial Williamsburg History Podcasts show

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Colonial Williamsburg: Past & Present introduces a different view of the restored 18th-century capital of Williamsburg, Virginia. Behind the Scenes explores what life is like for the people who live in the 21st century but work in the 18th century. As the series expands, we will offer special interviews and presentations. The interviews are conducted by Lloyd Dobyns.

By The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Jazz Piano School show

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Have you tried learning jazz piano before and felt frustrated? I created Jazz Piano School to provide a roadmap that would enable to learn jazz piano with ease and success. Learning jazz piano can be like navigating through a dark forest without light. In this podcast I will educate you using Jazz Piano School's learning category system of, Technique, Theory, Repertoire, and Improvisation. I also include interviews from well known jazz pianists such as Eric Reed, and provide analysis to solo's. Jazz Piano School is dedicated to bringing you the highest and most structured jazz piano education so that you may learn and progress with ease. Feel free to visit our website at jazzpianoschool.com for more!

By Brenden Lowe : Professional Jazz Pianist and Jazz Piano Educator