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Gray Matters Brain Podcast show

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Gray Matters Brain Podcast invites you to explore how the latest brain research can make us smarter, healthier, and happier. Hosted by Liel Leibovitz, and developed by The Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

By Ohio State Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance

Stay Grounded with Raj Jana show

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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at www.javapresse.com/podcast

By JavaPresse Coffee Company

Startup Gym show

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Startup Gym is a show about the hard work, coaches, and community that go in to building a company. Our startup gym is Science Inc., an incubator and venture studio in Los Angeles, CA. On any given day, people meet, challenge each other, and work on making their dreams a reality. Join us as we capture some of those conversations.

By Science Inc.

Not Just A Bikini Girl show

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Weekly podcast featuring female athletes discussing mindset and fitness.

By Jasmin Anderson

OnEducation show

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Teachers, we need to talk. We want to have honest conversations about teachers, teaching, and everything in between.

By OnEducation

Hangin With Web Show show

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New Webisodes: WEEKDAYS at 2 p.m. EST #Subscribe to the channel. Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE! The Hangin With Web Show is the internet's best web talk show. In this web series we interview celebrities, authors, filmmakers, artists and even cosplayers. While attending a writers conference, we noticed that many of the independent authors had never received any media attention. After many conversations, he discovered this was true of artists, indie filmmakers, and event YouTube creators. As a former newspaper reporter, G.W. Pomichter had conducted hundreds of professional interviews and decided at the event to interview these terrific, talented creators. Our mission is to provide comfortable, professional and informative media coverage to members of the arts and entertainment community and distribute these to the world wide web to assist in sharing new creative works with a global internet audience.

By G.W. Pomichter

Movies Before & After show

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Do you get excited for a movie by its trailer only to be disappointed by it in the theater...or does it live up to hype and then some? Movies Before & After host Jimmy Holt talks about a movie before it is viewed and then after, obviously.

By Scruffy Audio Network

Moya show

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The people's republic of Moya. The PRM. The land is hard, cold. The fields are barren for nine months of the year and knee deep in snow for three. During summer we sweat and our skin sticks in the humid air. In winter the ice hangs from the rooftops, 15 inches long. And yet here we all are. Agent Nevin has been assigned to the outer sectors to help investigate a double homicide, however, things are rarely as simple as they may first seem in Moya. First is the bodies and the nature of the killings, then the strange tales that surround the place. A Nation is nothing without its people and the citizens of sector i42 hold the "spirit of self-reliance and self-development" that the nation was founded upon deep in their hearts.

By Ben Cutmore

飯田浩司のOK! Cozy up! show

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忙しい現代人の朝に最適な情報をお送りするニュース情報番組。多彩なコメンテーターと朝から熱いディスカッション!神奈川県横須賀市出身、飯田浩司があなたにCozy up!

By ニッポン放送

The Wes Talbert Show show

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The Wes Talbert Show is a podcast delivering quality information on a variety of pertinent topics, seeking to expand the minds of our listeners, challenge the status quo, and present other perspectives. In each episode, the host, the purveyor of perspectives, Wes Talbert, will open your mind with a thoughtful approach to both guests and topics. Follow on Facebook at https://facebook.com/WESTALBERTpage, subscribe to the YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/WesTalbert, and visit the website at https://westalbert.com for more information.

By Wes Talbert