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Sacred Abundance show

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We live in a society where the belief in scarcity has created the experiences of competition, poverty and lack. How do we walk the walk and experience vibrant health, profound love, limitless wealth and overflowing joy in the midst of a world consciousness of lack and separation? Sacred Abundance will look at how to apply essential spiritual principles in the REAL world. It is our sacred and joyous responsibility to wake up from the illusions created by error thinking and live truly abundant lives. This is NOT your grandmother's prosperity teaching! Join Rev. Robin along with an incredible lineup of authors, artists, visionaries and gurus to learn practical and useful tools and techniques to truly live a life of abundance in every form. Sacred Abundance is sponsored by Sacred Abundance Ministries. Become a fan of Sacred Abundance on Facebook.

By Unity.fm

認識聖經 @ ttb.twr.org/cantonese show

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By Thru the Bible Cantonese

Librivox: Sailing Alone Around The World by Slocum, Joshua show

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Joshua Slocum was the first man to sail around the world alone in a small boat. He personally rebuilt an 11.2 metre sloop-rigged fishing boat that he named the Spray. On April 24, 1895, he set sail from Boston, Massachusetts. More than three years later, he returned to Newport, Rhode Island, on June 27, 1898 having circumnavigated the world, a distance of 46,000 miles (74,000 km). In 1899 he described the voyage in Sailing Alone Around the World now considered a classic of travel literature. It is a wonderful adventure story from the Age of Sail and a book of which Arthur Ransome declared, "boys who do not like this book ought to be drowned at once". (Summary by Alan Chant and Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

My Appventure: iOS App Design, Development and Business Stories show

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The My Appventure podcast brings you short, personal interviews with everyday app designers, developers and entrepreneurs. Listen in as each guest shares the trials and triumphs of their own unique appventure, and see if you aren't immediately encouraged, inspired and informed by their experiences. Hosted by Scotty Ruth, a Jesus freak, family man, UI designer and iOS app developer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

By Scotty Ruth: App Designer and Developer

Summit Church Podcast show

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For more information about Summit Church, please visit: http://www.summitupstate.org

By Summit Church

新闻音频 - 美国之音 show

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By 美国之音

BoltsCast: San Diego Chargers Audio Podcast show

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Download and subscribe to the official podcast produced by and about the San Diego Chargers. For more information about the Chargers official podcast, visit: http://www.chargers.com

By San Diego Chargers

Middle School Memories show

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Two degenerate authors recollect their youth, give their take on pop culture, and share embarrassing stories.

By Jayme K. & Kenney Dorcely

Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla  show

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How is life working for you? Would it be okay with you if life got easier, simpler, yet more meaningful and vibrant? Join certified life coach Carla McClellan Tuesday afternoons for Vibrant Living: Life Coaching with Carla. Each week Coach Carla and her guests will share strategies and solutions designed to make your life more vibrant. Is there something in your life you'd like help with? A dream you'd like to achieve, a relationship you'd like to improve? Call in to the show, toll-free, for coaching with as she creates a safe space to help you move past the obstacles in your life and turn your dreams into realities. A more vibrant life is just a phone call away! 888-55-UNITY (888-558-6489) The theme song for this program is "If I Were Brave" by Jana Stanfield. To learn more about Jana and her music, go to janastanfield.com. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

By Unity.fm

P3 show

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A weekly podcast from Pirates Prospects, breaking down the latest news on the Pittsburgh baseball team and their minor league system.

By Pirates Prospects