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Release International show

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Video and audio reports about persecuted Christians from Release International http://www.releaseinternational.org

By Release International

Charity Champions Podcast show

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Charity Champions are nonprofit organizations working to make a positive impact in our community. Each fall, our employees chose six nonprofits from nominations that are made on our website. Anyone can submit a nomination, and nominations are carried forward each year. The benefits selection as a Charity Champions are leadership development training and increased awareness, both of which are usually cost-prohibitive for these organizations. It's TFNB Your Bank For Life's way of giving back to the community that has treated us so well for more than 125 years.

By TFNB Charity Champions

Living Humane show

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On Living Humane we explore the nuances of living in harmony with animals and the environment. Each week, we discuss topics from pet adoption and wildlife protection to animal law and veganism. This interview-based program hosts guests from rescue groups and animal advocates to local chefs and business owners. Living Humane is Seattle and the Pacific Northwest’s local animal welfare and compassionate lifestyle program and aims to connect our broad community of advocates, conscientious consumers, pet owners, community leaders, and the humane business community. Living Humane begins each week with a short calendar of events for animal groups and businesses and an expression of gratitude to our sponsors. The hour includes two or three in-depth interviews with local community members plus three or four pauses for sponsorship spots and public service announcements. Host Christie Lagally is also an animal welfare and pet columnist for City Living Seattle newspapers and a contributing writer to Northwest Primetime and Northwest Pet Magazine, as well as former pet columnist for the Richmond News in British Columbia.

By Christie Lagally

TopNonprofits show

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Top Nonprofits podcasts are about all things nonprofit marketing, social media, and fundraising. Visit us at TopNonprofits.com

By Top Nonprofits

IDG Presents: Behind The Wheel show

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Uber and Lyft slashed pay for drivers and exploited them at every turn. Now, more than 60,000 drivers in New York City are fighting back and organizing for a fair for-hire industry. They are the Independent Drivers Guild, a Non-Profit Machinists Union Affiliate. Leave your stories, comments, and questions for us at (844) 554-4015. Contact the guild directly at info@drivingguild.org or IDG Legal Helpline: (800) 576-7806. Become a member at IDG.ms/Join

By Independent Drivers Guild

501Crossroads show

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Hosts Marjorie Moore and Natalie Jablonski explore nonprofits at the place where mission and people meet. Why does the Program Department hate the fundraisers? What's that foundation thinking with those requirements? How can we get the board working again? Breaking down silos, electrifying buzzwords, we're all working toward the same outcome.

By 501Crossroads

Local Bites show

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Local Bites is a podcast that tracks ideas and initiatives that resist corporate power, renew place-based economies, and preserve human and ecological well-being. Our goal is to feature the voices of activists and visionaries from all around the world who are driving creative grassroots initiatives that demonstrate the power of 'going local'. Produced by Local Futures, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the renewal of community, ecological health and local economies worldwide.

By Local Futures

The Paperless Federalists show

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Join Justin and Cary as they informally discuss each of the 85 Federalist Papers by ripping away the complex language to Monday morning quarterback Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. A podcast for American history buffs and armchair constitutional scholars. New episodes released every other Sunday.

By The Paperless Federalists

Young Farmers Podcast show

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Podcast by National Young Farmers Coalition

By National Young Farmers Coalition

The ICCF Group show

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The ICCF Group serves a congressional caucus model to build political will around unifying topics of natural resource management. Our programs engage political decision makers in the United States and partner nations, and deploy top conservation professionals from U.S. and Canadian governments. In this capacity we work to ensure the sustained buy-in of governments for the efficacy of projects to conserve ecosystems vital to our global economy.

By The ICCF Group - Advancing conservation governance by building political support, providing on-the-ground solutions.