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David Vineis aka Sub88 is a french digital artist and designer. Very inspired by electronic music, he started to create some abstract and organic digital artworks in 2000. Some music labels chosen him for art director. He has found his influences in modern architecture and contemporary art. A large part of his art vision is mixing elements, forms and structures. Dreaming and thinking are the base of his creations. He builds athmosperes whit his vision of an oniric future.

By Sub88

MindPowers Die Macht der Gedanken! show

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MindPowers, die Macht der Gedanken. Deine Gedanken bestimmen Dein Leben! Lerne die Macht der Gedanken für deinen Erfolg, deine Freiheit, dein Glück,deine Gelassenheit und deinen Reichtum einzusetzen. Viele Inputs, wie du Mindpowers für dich nutzen kannst. Interviews mit erfolgreichen Menschen, die erfolgreich mit MindPowers arbeiten. Wenn du bereit bist, deine Gedanken zu ändern, dann wird sich auch dein Leben ändern! Starte JETZT! Das WIE findest du in den Podcasts. Viel Spass und Freude am TUN!

By Gabriela Bortis

Our Timeless Secrets with Mahri  show

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The show is called “Our Timeless Secrets”. Our mission is to inspire heartfelt conversations, through music and dialogue that ignite our passion and wisdom and empower us to move in the direction of our dreams. This is an opportunity for the community and others, outside of our community, to share those secrets that have helped them to turn their lives around. The thrust of the show is powerful, positive input to allow the listener a “leg up”, if you will, and to honor those who are already making a difference in our world. This is an opportunity to learn how we can “pay it forward” and help to enhance the lives of others. Although we may be discussing some difficult, life, situations the energy of the show will be positive and fun like, using music, significant to the guests, and those topics of our conversation. Harry Blum, as in “HelpMeHarry.com“, will be my engineer and Co-Host and we will be inviting guests, who have significant life stories and secrets to tell. Follow along on KSVY – 91.3 FM or, on the web, at ksvy.com My name is Mahri Best. I am a woman who is dedicated to living life from a place of conscious choice. That is about taking responsibility and being accountable for the entire positive and negative in my life. I am passionate about teaching, through sharing my own experiences, how powerful we can be in affecting positive change; positive change that I and so many of us choose to see in the world. I am a total believer in the words, “If it is to be it is up to me.” I have the ability to garner the perfect words to suit any of life’s situations. I am a healing writer and I am intent on seeing all those people in our world come together and understand the “One-ness” that is all of us. My desire is to see and experience an inter-weaving of all beings in our world, that reflects an honoring and tolerance that has never before been recognized. I would be honored to have you as my friend. Oooooodles of LOVE , Mahri

By Mahri Best

AndiOnAir - DER Motivations-Podcast show

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Denkst auch Du, dass in Deinem Leben noch etwas Gravierendes geschehen muss? Hast Du den Willen zur Veränderung, befindest Dich aber in einer Tretmühle oder hast nicht genug Zeit um "dran zu bleiben"? Fehlen Dir Anerkennung und Wertschätzung im Leben? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig! Hier lernst Du von Menschen, die es geschafft haben! Ab sofort verfügst Du über ein immenses Praxiswissen das direkt umsetzbar ist! Du erfährst, wie Du Deine aktuellen Ziele endlich erreichst, wie Du auf Dauer Motivation - Kraft - Energie gewinnst und wie Du selbst nach einem Burnout wieder aufstehst! Ab jetzt hast Du mit Deinem eigenen Motivationscoach den entscheidenden Erfolgsvorsprung! Mach´ JETZT den ersten Schritt und abonniere diesen Podcast - denn: "Entweder man fliegt mit den Adlern oder man scharrt mit den Hühnern." (Robert Halver) Contact: info@richtermanagementconsult.de Jingle / Permission & Attribution: "fixing my Brain ( Joshua Hults )" by Joshua Hults http://ccmixter.org/files/j2theoshgosh/21323 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/

By André M. Richter



Comedy podcasts should not just be for a certain demographic. ROAR:ECHO PODCAST is a podcast that the whole family can listen too. Finally, a podcast with all the funny and life stories, without the language. Comedy with depth.

By shawn mathenia

Reality Sandwich Podcast show

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no show description found

By RealitySandwich

DJ Costa- Say What! show

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Boston native, DJ Costa, has made a name for himself by sharing the stage with some of the biggest celebrities and DJing some of the biggest parties. You can catch Costa every Friday on Evolution 101.7 Boston from 4p-7p and bi-weekly Saturday on Kiss 108 from 11p-1a. For upcoming events follow him on Twitter: @DJCosta.

By DJ Costa

DA SYLVA podcast (www.dasylva.fr) show

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Booking: dasylvadj@gmail.com / Info: www.dasylva.fr

By DA SYLVA (www.dasylva.fr)

Fast Life Podcast show

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Fast Life Podcast featuring EDM from all over the world including exclusive remixes, bootlegs, and new talent.

By Dj Seth Lowery

Alex Ramos(AJFTL)Podcast show

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By Alex Ramos