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Podcasts - SWI swissinfo.ch show

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A weekly programme of news and features from Switzerland, from the English service at swissinfo.ch.

By swissinfo.ch

Central Christian Church, NV : Weekend Messages : Video show

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Central Christian Church is a pioneering and creative community of faith. Located in Las Vegas, aka Sin City, Central is a place for new beginnings and life change for thousands. Central's Podcasts feature Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite and other guest speakers. Visit www.centralonline.tv for more information.

By Central Christian Church

The Let Us Be Great Show show

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The Let Us Be Great Show started its journey to being the most dominant force in the entertainment industry way way back in time...circa August 2012. We aren't just an average entertainment show! We are... well... sure, I guess you can say just an average entertainment show, but with WAY more Punky Brewster references! Join your hosts Glenn Springfield and Tom Magnum as they fumble their way through past and present TV shows, movies, video games and, of course, Wrestlemanias. Yeah...we're THAT good. You're welcome.

By Let Us Be Great

Irish Impact | SPNT.tv Network | Nick Seuberling | Kevin Wernert | Patrick Fineran | Notre Dame | Irish | NCAA | Football show

Irish Impact | SPNT.tv Network | Nick Seuberling | Kevin Wernert | Patrick Fineran | Notre Dame | Irish | NCAA | FootballJoin Now to Follow

Irish Impact is a Notre Dame football podcast hosted by diehard fans Nick Seuberling, Kevin Wernert and Patrick Fineran. Join them each and every week as they either drink with joy, or drown their sorrows as they follow each and every Notre Dame football season. Irish Impact is an SPNT Production.

By SPNT.tv

CVC. Blog de En sintonía con el español. » Podcast de en sintonía con el español show

CVC. Blog de En sintonía con el español. » Podcast de en sintonía con el españolJoin Now to Follow

En sintonía con el español (ESE) es un podcast para el aprendizaje y la enseñanza de ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera). Los objetivos de ESE son: escuchar para aprender y escuchar para comprender. En ESE prestamos atención a aspectos formales de la lengua que suelen ser fuente de errores para los aprendientes de ELE y pretendemos contribuir al desarrollo de su comprensión auditiva. ESE ofrece a los estudiantes actividades interactivas basadas en un podcast descargable, un espacio para el profesor con otras propuestas y este blog donde todos, alumnos y profesores, estáis invitados a participar. ese.cvc@cervantes.es

By Instituto Cervantes

Financial Planning Perspectives Audio Series show

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Hear from the industry’s top experts who share their opinions on where the economy and markets are headed, helping you to better plan for the financial well-being of your clients. By subscribing to this podcast you will receive the most up-to-date information to provide you with the competitive edge needed to succeed in the financial planning industry.

By College for Financial Planning

MBA670 Operations Management - Graduate show

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Support items, such as lecture videos, for the graduate Operations Management course. Note: This podcast is refreshed each semester. The course begins in January 2016 and runs for 8 weeks.

By Dr. Richard Jerz

That Movie Show show

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A Weekly Movie Review and News Podcast hosted by two guys who are slightly crazy about movies (OK, maybe intensely crazy about movies)

By That Movie Show

Story of Electricity, The by MUNRO, John show

Story of Electricity, The by MUNRO, JohnJoin Now to Follow

<br>In the book's preface, the author writes: "Let anyone stop to consider how he individually would be affected if all electrical service were suddenly to cease, and he cannot fail to appreciate the claims of electricity to attentive study."<br><br>In these days when we take for granted all kinds of technology - communications, entertainment, medical, military, industrial and domestic - it is interesting to learn what progress had been made in the fields of electricity and technology by the beginning of the 20th century.<br><br>Including the dawn of hydro-electric power, the x-ray, the phonograph, the telephone and the wireless telegraph, this book explains the pioneering work of the men who made our modern world possible, and sets us wondering what the next century may bring - providing that we do not manage to destroy our planet in the meantime. <br><br>The Gutenberg text of the 1915 edition (as recorded) does not have the benefit of the book's many diagrams. Also available, however, is an <a href="http://www.archive.org/stream/storyofelectrici00munriala#page/n5/mode/2up" target="_blank">online book scan</a> of the 1912 edition which includes the illustrations and coincides largely with the text recorded. (Summary by Ruth Golding)<br><br>

By LibriVox

La Mano Peluda show

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Los relatos más escalofriantes llegan a usted a través de La Mano Peluda.

By Radio Fórmula