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Up Front [KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley CA - kpfa.org] show

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KPFA.org commercial-free podcasts are completely listener sponsored! Please make a contribution at kpfa.org! An hour-long news magazine with a strong focus on state and local issues, featuring hard-hitting interviews, debates, and in-depth reporting from journalists working everywhere from Los Angeles to Oakland to Sacramento.Up Front is produced by KPFA's award-winning News Department. Listeners can look forward to challenging interviews with political and community leaders, civil but heated debates, and frequent breaking news updates. About the host:Brian Edwards-Tiekert is a radio journalist who has won multiple awards for his feature reporting and radio documentary work on environmental issues. He's the former co-host of The Morning Show, at the time KPFA's top-rated local program. - KPFA Radio Berkeley CA, the first listener sponsored radio station in the USA.>

IS Cast show

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IS Cast brings you the latest news from Intersection Studios and our thoughts on current movies, video games, and indie filmmaking

By Intersection Studios

Old Fort Baptist Church show

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Every Sunday morning, Pastor Eric Lethco opens the Word of God and shares an insightful, Biblical response about issues facing people today. Pastor Eric desires to lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus and encourage believers to a more fervant relatonship with our Lord. These podcasts come straight from the worship services at Old Fort Baptist Church in Summerville, SC where for decades the truth of God's Word has been preached for all to hear. For more info visit oldfortbaptist.org .

By Dr. Eric Lethco

Librivox: Two Treatises of Civil Government by Locke, John show

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The Two Treatises of Civil Government is a work of political philosophy published anonymously in 1689 by John Locke. The First Treatise is an extended attack on Sir Robert Filmer's Patriarcha , which argued for a divinely-ordained, hereditary, absolute monarchy. The more influential Second Treatise outlines a theory of civil society based on natural rights and contract theory. Locke begins by describing the "state of nature," and goes on to explain the hypothetical rise of property and civilization, asserting that the only legitimate governments are those which have the consent of the people. Locke's ideas heavily influenced both the American and French Revolutions. His notions of people's rights and the role of civil government provided strong support for the intellectual movements of both revolutions. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

Italian Cook Book, The by GENTILE, Maria show

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<p>One of the beneficial results of the Great War has been the teaching of thrift to the American housewife. For patriotic reasons and for reasons of economy, more attention has been bestowed upon the preparing and cooking of food that is to be at once palatable, nourishing and economical.<br><br>In the Italian cuisine we find in the highest degree these three qualities. That it is palatable, all those who have partaken of food in an Italian trattoria or at the home of an Italian family can testify, that it is healthy the splendid manhood and womanhood of Italy is a proof more than sufficient. And who could deny, knowing the thriftiness of the Italian race, that it is economical?<br><br>It has therefore been thought that a book of practical recipes of the Italian cuisine could be offered to the American public with hope of success. It is not a pretentious book, and the recipes have been made as clear and simple as possible. Some of the dishes described are not peculiar to Italy. All, however, are representative of the Cucina Casalinga of the peninsular Kingdom, which is not the least product of a lovable and simple people, among whom the art of living well and getting the most out of life at a moderate expense has been attained to a very high degree. (Preface of the book)</p>

By LibriVox

IBM Rational software podcast series show

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Join other busy IT professionals and keep up to date on the latest trends in technology by taking advantage of this new IBM Rational resource on ibm.com. Focused on driving skills to help govern the business process of software and systems delivery, the IBM Rational software podcast series will podcast video and audio interviews with IBM thought leaders and technical experts, talking to you about adapting the unique needs of business and IT for delivering software and software-based systems, whether on a distributed or mainframe platform. Tune in regularly as Rational Talks to You about managing IT and Business value alignment, developing flexible resources to leverage anytime, anywhere, and controlling risk and change to continuously measure and assess performance. And, keep talking to Rational by attending the followup Rational Talks To You web events for more interactive discussions.


World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh: KQV Global Press Conference show

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Pittsburgh KQV Global Press Conference is the Council's weekly radio show, airing on KQV News Radio AM 1410 on Saturdays at 7:00 a.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Times may vary from week to week, so please check the KQV website for updates. The half-hour program reaches over 26,000 listeners per week. Program topics and/or times are subject to change.

By World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

Trackstar the DJ show

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no show description found

By The Educated Villains: Killer Mike &amp; Trackstar the DJ

Leanness Lifestyle Weight Loss Podcast show

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Certified Wellness Coach David Greenwalt shares success stories from real clients, expert interviews and anything on his mind relating to weight-loss and body-transformation.

By David Greenwalt

Gemma Furbank's Podcast show

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•PLEASE VOTE FOR GEMMA ON THE DJ LIST - THANK YOU http://thedjlist.com/djs/GEMMA_FURBANK/ • OFFICIAL VESTAX EUROPE PRO ARTIST alongside Carl Cox, PVD, Jeff Mills, Grooverider &amp; more. • FOR TECHNO: SIGNED TO WWW.UNIONLABEL.IT alongside Alex Di Stefano, Alex D'Elia, Norbert Davenport, Nihil Young, Loco &amp; Jam,Phuture Traxx, Citizen Kain, Worakls, D-Unity,Miniminds,Antoni Bios,Dualitik &amp; more • TECHNO NORTH AMERICA: WWW.RE-KONSTRUKT.COM alongside Sasha Carassi, Alex Bau, Sam Paganini, Gayle San, Loco &amp; Jam, Sutter Cane, Spektre, DJ Emerson, Tomy DeClerque Angel Costa, Tom Hades, Phunk Investigation, Dandi &amp; Ugo, GoIDiva, A-Brothers, Mike Väth, Frank Sonic, Nihil Young, Hugo Paixao, Andres Gil, Hackler &amp; Kuch, Submerge, Ricardo Garduno, Repressor, Erphun, Measure Divide, Yan Cook. ✪ BOOKING: • TECHNO WORLDWIDE : anna@unionlabel.it • MEXICO email: Hipnotik_productions@hotmail.com • NORTH AMERICA: www.re-konstrukt.com/#!bookings/c61v • DEEP HOUSE/ELECTRONICA/TECH email: Rob at gemmafurbank.bookings@gmail.com Gemma Furbank is a hot Techno &amp; House music rising star! As a DJ, she is well-known for bringing truly sublime tracks together with flawless precision... Inspired by a whole range of Artist's from her many year's of being an avid club dweller, but in particular - Paul Oakenfold where it all started for Gemma, and currently James Zabiela and his mind blowing technique. •August 2009 ESSTIGE DJ OF THE MONTH •January 2010 MANCHESTER’S BEST DJ finalist (as chosen for by online vote's) •August 2011 Gemma’s Ranking on www.thedjlist.com rocketed seeing her placed at No.139 In The World’s Best DJ’s No.4 Female DJ, becoming the UK’s No.1 female DJ sitting at No.22 overall in the UK’s Best DJ’s, No.1 Female Techno DJ in the world and No.20 overall in the World’s Best Techno DJ’s and again in The World’s Best House DJ’s ranked as No.1 Female and Number 46 overall. •September 2010 - Gemma is signed to www.unionlabel.it - a wicked techno label joining Alex D'Elia,Nihil Young,Norbert Davenport,Alex Di Stefano,Loco &amp; Jam,Phuture Traxx, Citizen Kain, Worakls, D-Unity,Miniminds,Antoni Bios,Dualitik and more - a label that partner's Binary 404, Ready 2 Rock, Frequenza, CODE,Voodoo Records,Blending Rival Records and more. •January 2012 - VESTAX EUROPE - Test driving the amazing new, top of the range VCI-400 Software Controller! •January 2012 - SWISS SOUNDSYSTEM ARTISTS' ROSTA 2012 - With some of the Industries leading Artists and DJs! •GIG’S/INTERNATIONAL TOUR’S: 2009 saw a meteoric rise to the forefront of the Manchester and UK scene for Gemma. Regularly clocking up high profile gig’s throughout the UK, including regular slot’s at the DJ Mag’s World No.1 club SANKEYS, and it’s sister club SPEKTRUM, gig's at GOODGREEF 53 Degrees Preston , GOODGREEF Sankeys Mcr, HOUSEJUNKI &amp; SCREWBALL Mcr, THE VENUE Dumfries, UBER Carlisle, TRUTH Preston, VERTU Birmingham, AVICI WHITE Mcr, LABEL Mcr, AREA 51 Mcr, PLUSH Mcr, FULL MOON PROMOTIONS Boat parties Mcr, LE CLUB Long Eaton, also playing UK Festival’s including REVIVAL SUMMER SOUNDSYSTEM Blackburn, RAVENTSTONEDALE Cumbria, MOZFEST Lancs, with many other gig’s beside’s. Gig’s from all over the world have been flowing nicely, Gemma is taking the International Circuit by storm! Seeing in the year 2010, headlining in Pune, India. With bookings for Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon, and headlining the world’s biggest brand MINISTRY OF SOUND’s world tour’s, including Hurghada Egypt, tour’s of India, Dubai, Montpelier, Mauritius and France. Gemma made her Irish debut at one of Europe’s biggest festival’s in 2010. OXEGEN FESTIVAL, an event that attract’s over 90,000 reveller’s daily, being interviewed for IMTV - with her co-produced track "Sub-Sonic" opening up the festival! December 2011, saw Gemma make her long awaited German debut, something that Gemma had always wanted to do being a Techno dj - it's safe to say she definitely put her stamp on thing's and Germany lapped her up. More German gig's are to follow in 2012 including Gemma debuting at Ruhr In Love Open Air Festival! 2012 is already shaping up well, with VESTAX Europe asking Gemma to test drive their new Top Of The Range Software Controller - VCI 400! Gemma also has booking's lined up throughout Europe, starting with Zurich SWITZERLAND in Feb, and Zagreb CROATIA, Playing alongside Gemma's DJ idol JAMES ZABIELA on Easter Sunday for UBER CARLISLE, A new Residency starting in INDIA seeing Gemma out there every month, Fresh India Tour including also headlining again with one of her Idol's ! "I play a very eclectic mix, and basically think genres can be very stifling! If it sounds shit hot..it sounds shit hot! I play it! haha Genres create rules, and i love to break rules!" She plays Prog house/Prog Breaks/Deep House/Electronica/Tech-House/Techno - she likes to call it 'Eclectronic music'! ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫ •RADIO SHOW FRIDAYS FROM 7-8pm GMT / 2-3pm EST: GEMMA FURBANK PRESENTS MELOMANIAC http://danceradio.ca/ • EVERY 2ND WEEK,THURS 10PM - 12AM RADIO SHOW WITH SPECIAL GUEST MIXERS: http://manchesterglobal.co.uk/ PREVIOUS GUESTS: •KAISERDISCO •ALAN FITZPATRICK •UMEK •SUBFRACTAL •PHUNK INVESTIGATION •DAVE SENAN (SENATOR) •LOCO AND JAM •TOMY DECLERQUE •MISTRESS DE FUNK •M.O.D.E •ANTONI BIOS •MATT SMALLWOOD •ALEX D'ELIA &amp; NIHIL YOUNG •REBEKAH •ALEX NEMEC &amp; FILIP •PHUTURE TRAXX •BUGGED •DUB WAY •LUCCA •STEVE MURREL •LOGIZTIK SOUNDS •ERPHUN •MR HENRY VON •PETRAE FOY •CARI LEKEBUSCH •SASHA CARASSI •TOM HADES •CARLO LIO •ALEX DIS TEFANO •STEPHAN BODZIN STILL TO COME: •OLIVER HUNTEMANN - JAN 26TH •MAX COOPER - FEB 9TH •SIAN - FEB 23RD •FERGIE •SPEKTRE •PSYCATRON •MATT COOPER •SPEKTRE + MANY MORE ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫ QUOTES ABOUT GEMMA ; •CHRIS MASSEY (UBERCHIC): "Top girl, top dj and all round nice gal! A real original sound in your sets of which i have heard 3 now and been mightly impressed each &amp; everytime, big things ahead i dare say!!! ;-)" •PHIL CAINE : "STEFF SMITH &amp; GEMMA FURBANK ABSOLUTE GENIUS IN THE STUDIO !!! WATCH OUT FOR THESE 2 !!! " •PETRAE FOY: "Gemma is one of mine to watch mate! "

By Gemma Furbank