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Responsive Design Podcast show

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Responsive Design Podcast brings together the leading minds in our industry for a casual chat about life, the web, and most importantly, responsive design. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store

By Justin Avery

The Mental Mastery Moment | Productivity, Self-Discipline, Success Mindset and the Creative Power of Thought.  show

The Mental Mastery Moment | Productivity, Self-Discipline, Success Mindset and the Creative Power of Thought. Join Now to Follow

The Mental Mastery Moment is a short, less than 10 minutes, daily podcast intended to provide you with a quick “Mindset Reset” to help you stay focused on achieving purposeful and abundant success. Hosted by P. Desmond Adams, a teacher and life-long student of the human mind, who understands, through the power of passion-filled intentional thought, we can live in a world of infinite creativity with truly unlimited potential. Desmond's training is founded on knowing your Core Desires, exercising self-discipline and using your mind to tap into infinite creativity through Universal Mind. These foundations of the Mental Mastery Method came out of Desmond’s frustration with the vague teachings found in most training on the Law of Attraction. It’s based on almost 30 years of studying the New Thought leaders in history such as Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy, Thomas Troward, Ralph Waldo Emerson and in particular Charles F. Haanel, the creator of the Master Key System, originally written as a correspondence course in 1912. The Master Key System was the breakthrough work which helped Desmond finally put the Law of Attraction and the power of the subconscious mind to work in his own life. Today Desmond joins other great Mind Science teachers and mentors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), Michael Beckwith, Greg Braden, Jack Canfield, Byron Katie, Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch, T. Harv Ecker and the one who brought the Law of Attraction into the mainstream world, Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret.

By P. Desmond Adams

Activate Your Hustle & Faith with Kachelle Kelly show

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Welcome to the weekly podcast with Kachelle Kelly, a Small Business & Empowerment Coach from Houston, Texas. Enjoy life and business tips plus empowerment to increase your success and spirit. Encouraging you to go after your dreams by eliminating distractions and adopting healthy hustle and unwavering faith to be successful!

By Kachelle Kelly

Dragnet - Old Time Radio show

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Dragnet, the brainchild of Jack Webb, may very well be the most well-remembered, and the best, radio police drama series. From September, 1949 through February 1957, Dragnet's 30 minute shows, broadcast on NBC, brought to radio true police stories in a low-key, documentary style.

By Gary D.

Converge Podcast show

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Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast, hosted by Dane Sanders, explores the concentric circles of creating great things and finding innovative ways to profit from those creations.

By Dane Sanders and The Bui Brothers

Book Garden Radio show

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SHOWS: It's Story Time, The Authors' Words, & Halo Kids Tales ~ Book Garden Radio brings you It's Story Time: an International Children's Reading Radio Shows; The Authors' Words: where you will hear authors read their favorite part from their book. Q & A to follow, AND HALO KIDS TALES, A READING RADIO SHOW FEATURING CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH STORIES TO CHILDREN. Host is author and illustrator JD Holiday ~ http://jdholiday.blogspot.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK GARDEN RADIO shows are on at: Red River Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio ~ & are INDEX HERE at: www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INDEX OF ALL Book Garden Radio Shows are listed at: http://jdholiday.blogspot.com/p/book-garden-radios-show-index.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALL books that appear on BGR shows are copyrighted by the author.

By BookGardenRadioOnRedRiverRadio

First Contact The Next Generation Introcast show

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Film and TV reviews, features and podcasts

By A Star Trek Podcast from TheSpoilist.com

Founders Baptist Church show

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The latest feed from Founders Baptist Church on SermonAudio.com.

By Richard Caldwell Jr.

장하준 교수의 그들이 말하지 않는 23가지 part 1 show

장하준 교수의 그들이 말하지 않는 23가지 part 1Join Now to Follow

전문 지식 없이도 경제 시민으로서의 권리를 행사할 수 있다! 세계적인 경제학자이자 로 주목을 받았던 장하준 교수가 들려주는 자본주의 이야기그들이 말하지 않는 23가지. 저자는 자본주의가 수많은 문제점과 제약에도 불구하고 인류가 만들어낸 가장 좋은 경제 시스템이라고 말한다. 다만 문제는 지난 30여 년간 세계를 지배해온 특정 자본주의 시스템, 즉 자유 시장 자본주의라는 것이다. 이 책은 자본주의가 실제로 어떻게 돌아가고, 어떻게 하면 더 잘 돌아가게 할 수 있는지를 이해하도록 돕는다. \'경제 시민으로서의 권리\'를 행사해서 의사 결정권을 가진 사람들에게 올바른 길을 선택하도록 요구하기 위해서 전문 지식이 꼭 필요한 것은 아님을 보여준다. 주요 원칙과 기본적인 사실만 알고 있어도 경제 문제에 대해 말할 수 있음을 강조한다. 경제 지식 부족으로 제대로 말을 못하는 평범한 사람들에게 알짜배기 지식을 전해주는 책이자, 지금의 잘못된 자본주의가 아닌 \'진짜 자본주의\'에 대해 알려주는 책이며, 사람들이 \'경제 시민으로서의 권리\'를 적극적으로 행사하는 데 필요한 경제 원리를 설명하는 책이다. 경제학적 원칙을 배우는 가장 좋은 방법은 사람들이 관심 있어 할 문제들에 그 원칙을 적용해서 설명하는 것이라고 생각하는 저자는 이 책에서 토론하고자 하는 주제와 관계가 있을 때에만 기술적인 부분을 설명했다. 경제와 경제학에 대해 마음을 열어 주는 23가지 이야기를 만날 수 있다.

By 점보지우개

Detective - Old Time Radio show

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Detective Stories Old Time Radio from the golden days of network broadcasting before television.

By Gary D.