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CiTR -- Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents show

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Join Nardwuar, the Human Serviette for an hour and a half of Manhattan Clam Chowder flavoured entertainment. Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver

 Fiddle Hangout Newest 100 Songs show

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Newest 100 Songs fiddle songs which Fiddle Hangout members have uploaded to the website.

By Fiddle Hangout Members

The Hitched Podcast: Perfecting Your Marriage show

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Hitched Podcast is a show about marriage and is published every other week. The editors of Hitched and expert columnists discuss issues relating to marriage, from money and sex to entertainment and family. If it happens in marriage, we'll discuss it.

By Hitched Media, Inc.

Chicago Fellowship show

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Chicago Fellowship is committed to helping men experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ and work together to extend that grace to others through acts of compassion and justice in the broken places of our world. When we gather, we challenge and encourage one another through God's Word and the sharing of our lives. We laugh together, pray together, worship together, and serve others together. We commit ourselves to speaking and hearing truth from one another so that together we might pursue God's unique purpose for our lives with greater humility, integrity, and courage. In making this commitment, we seek not only our own good as men but also the well-being of our families and communities. We desire to be a community of men who embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ and answer the call of Micah 6:8 to "…act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God." This podcast covers keynote messages from our weekly meetings, covering a range of topics including urban ministry, development, spiritual growth, leadership and more.

By Chicago Fellowship

Brutal Divorce Tactics show

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When you have things that are important to you that would devastate you if you lost them in a divorce; custody of your kids, your business, your house, even your pet. You need information that can make a difference in a hot and ugly legal battle. The Brutal Divorce Tactics Mastermind Summit gathers experienced attorneys in the round to strategize and share their methods for battling back against dirty divorce tactics. Captured professionaly to DVD, our Mastermind Summits reveal almost a century of legal experience. Now you can hear the bluntness, the clarity, and the cunning, legal brilliance from the attorneys involved in the Brutal Divorce Tactics Mastermind Summit Series.

By BrutalDivorceTactics.com Lawyer Podcast Series

Main Feed – morning radio show

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morning radio is a for-fans, by-fans project for anybody who enjoys any sort of Asian culture and entertainment, including: movies, music, video games, anime, manga, fashion, street culture, cooking, travel, and so on. PLEASE NOTE: This feed will get you every show produced by morning radio as one large feed. You may also subscribe to each individual show on their own.

By morning project

The 2 Half-Squads: Advanced Squad Leader Podcast show

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The 2 Half-Squads is the only podcast dedicated 100% to Advanced Squad Leader. Join Dave and Jeff for an informative, frolicking hour of ASL talk. It's tactics and antics, tips and quips, guns and puns, strategy and comedy. It's ASL like you've never heard before!

By The 2 Half-Squads

Student Nurse News show

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Insights, tips and advice to get you through nursing school!

By NurseZone.com

Civil War and Digital Storytelling show

Civil War and Digital StorytellingJoin Now to Follow

This podcast was developed as part of an elementary-level Clark County School District Teaching American History Grant. The three-year grant will fund six modules per year with each module focusing on a different era of American history and a different pedagogical theme. This podcast focuses on the the Civil War Era and Digital Storytelling. Participants in the grant are third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers in Clark County (the greater Las Vegas area), Nevada. Teaching scholars include Drs. Michael Green and Deanna Beachley of the College of Southern Nevada and Dr. Christy Keeler of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As part of this five week module, teachers meet on campus on two occasions and the remainder of their work is completed online. The culminating experience for the module is participant development of digital stories developed using video iPods with digital voice recorders and edited using Audacity.

By Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.

The Wealth Standard – Finance, Investment, Economics, & Building Wealth show

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Join us for Season 2 of The Wealth Standard as we dig deep into a theme about bringing ideas to life - Entrepreneurship. Identifying market needs and creating valuable solutions is how entrepreneurs grow and build their wealth. So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Is it someone who focuses on innovation? Someone who commits to an idea at all costs? Is it someone who starts something from scratch, improves an existing solution, or disrupts an entire industry? Do all entrepreneurs have a grand mix of ingenuity, persistence, and talent that allows them to be successful? Entrepreneurs emerge from all different environments. Great ideas are born out of circumstance and challenge. Oftentimes, businesses are created by people who are just trying to find a solution to a problem in their own life. Through the many differences among the entrepreneurial community, one thing holds true: all successful entrepreneurs share common characteristics of creativity, drive, a posture of embracing hard work, and the pursuit of reward. Entrepreneurship will be our episode theme from May to August 2019. Our guests, topics, and dialogue will shed light on the practices entrepreneurs are embracing to create ideas and value that grow their wealth. Let’s get to work.

By Patrick Donohoe