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Beyond Bizarre True Crime show

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A podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood -- or if Hollywood took it from them. Visit

By Beyond Bizarre True Crime

Ketaabkhaan . Audiobook Podcast show

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کشف لذتِ شـنیدن گوش سپردن به صـدای متن کتاب‌خوان؛ پادکستِ ادبیات شنیداری

By Ketaabkhaan

Sure, Babe Podcast show

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Hello, I’m Chrissy! I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist, blogger, photographer, and mother of 2 boys with a little girl on the way! Sure, Babe is all about relationships, accepting who you are and living the life you are meant to live. You find me talking about own life experiences on here as well as fantastic interview with industry leading people.

By Chrissy Powers

Filling the Gap show

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Welcome to Filling the Gap. An audio podcast that tells the stories of the gaps we see in the world, within ourselves and inside of our church. Filling the Gap explores the topics and issues we face every day, but don’t always address or talk about. Through the power of storytelling, we hope to fill the gaps in the communities we find ourselves in. Filling the Gap is produced by North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

By North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Is That the Time? show

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Join Maiy and Anna for a fortnightly chat about movies, music and books - what they mean to us, and what they mean to our society and culture.

By Is That the Time? podcast

So You Want to Change the World show

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Pursuing careers and lives that create meaningful change isn’t easy. We feature interviews of Millennials succeeding at the front lines of equity and social justice work. They authentically share the stories of the challenges, successes, and setbacks they face professionally and personally. You’ll find hope, insights, and inspiration in the questions they ask of themselves, the world, and how they can create change. These young professionals share the bond of being alumni of the Thinking Beyond Borders programs, where they developed their capacities for empathy, humility, and passionate pursuit of purpose. Visit our show page at:

By Thinking Beyond Borders

Green Crush With Alan Park show

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Royal Canadian Air Farce Alum, former Sirius XM radio host of "Conspiracy Queries" and one of Canada's top stand-up comedians, Alan Park is back from a Stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis to talk openly about the link between Cannabis and Cancer that saved his life. Twice dragging himself off of a guaranteed deathbed, Alan has learned the big 3 doors into the cancer journey are not always available or effective. Alan will help to reveal the well hidden, 4th Door. With no options for conventional medical treatment, Alan was presented with the sole option of getting his personal affairs in order. Seeing Cannabis all over the news and media, Alan researched every aspect of the famous leaf. Why the hate? Why the love? Alan insists it’s very much worth looking at with fresh eyes - that are occasionally bloodshot. GREEN CRUSH is a one hour LIVE STREAMING truth blast on the grassy parameters – showcasing in-studio and call-in experts from both sides of the fence. Alan’s personal experience with the healthcare system - his triumphs, losses and tips will prove valuable to anyone that has interest in Cannabis culture. Unravelling Conspiracies, both proven and speculated, with a powerful journey through the tales of fighting cancer by way of irreverent, funny and empowering dialogue.

By Green Crush

What We Gone Do show

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I'm just here to connect the dots. You do what you want with the picture. Politics,Education, Relationships,Music and More! Subscribe,Rate and Review but most importantly Share. IG & Twitter: WhatWeGoneDoPod

By What We Gone Do

The Shane Godliman Show show

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Join international Coach, Athlete and Speaker Shane Godliman as talks in depth with some of the most passionate and interesting people from all around the world, from the circus to the science lab, to talk about their journeys, the work they do, their philosophies and opinions on current topics/issues in their industries, what they've learned, and what we can learn from them!

By Shane Godliman

Женщина. Руководство по эксплуатации show

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Каждую неделю в шоу «Утром» на радиостанции «Маяк» разговаривают о женщинах. Сергей Стиллавин и Рустам Вахидов обсуждают всё. От женщин-бизнесвумен до женщин-любовниц.

By Радио Маяк