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The French Podcast show

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Natural French conversations to bridge the gap to fluency.

By Paul and Marie Bradley

Habla Bien Inglés » Habla Bien Inglés » Category » Podcast show

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Si aprendiste inglés como adulto tal vez aprendiste inglés con los sonidos del español, si eso es cierto, no aprendiste inglés. Descubre y aprende la fonética correcta del inglés, para que el inglés no sea una barrera en tu vida. If you learn English as a second language, you might have learned but still pronounce it with the Spanish sounds, if that is true, you don't speak English yet. Learn the English Phonetics and train your mind so you can move to the next step in your life

By Diana Estrada

[서버이전] 프랙티쿠스 영어책 해설 show

[서버이전] 프랙티쿠스 영어책 해설Join Now to Follow

### 팟캐스트가 이전되었습니다 ### *아이폰, 아이패드, iTunes나 안드로이드용 팟캐스트 앱으로 들으시는 분은: '프랙티쿠스'로 검색해서 새로운 팟캐스트를 구독해 주세요 *팟빵으로 들으시는 분은: 기존의 사이트나( ) 애플리케이션을 통해 그대로 들으시면 됩니다.

By Practicus (프랙티쿠스)

Brazilsays show

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Join Miss Claudia as she discovers and shares hidden mysteries about Brazilian Portuguese. Caution! This Podcast May Promote: * Fluency in Brazilian Portuguese; * Increased Levels of Happiness; * Historical Awareness; * Wanderlust Inspiration. ENJOY!

By Brazilsays

Inglês Online » Podcast Inglesonline show

Inglês Online » Podcast InglesonlineJoin Now to Follow

Dicas de idioms e gírias em inglês fácil de entender, pela Ana Luiza do (nível de compreensão recomendado: intermediário)

By Ana Luiza Bergamini

영어 중상급자를 위한 방송  - Key Word Speaking Practicasts show

영어 중상급자를 위한 방송 - Key Word Speaking PracticastsJoin Now to Follow 영어 중상급자를 위한 출판사 프랙티쿠스의 팟캐스트. 시사이슈를 영어로 말하는 키워드 스피킹, 하루 한 개 써먹는 영단어,

By Practicus (프랙티쿠스)

Teaching English At KAIST show

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The Teaching English at KAIST (TEAK) podcast is a weekly EFL show hosted by Visiting Professors Tim Thompson and Don Rikley. It was created to help both teachers and students. Season 1 focused on academic writing. Season 2 focuses on academic speaking.

By Tim Thompson

ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations for EFL and ESL show

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Theme-based conversations and language practice for students of English (EFL, ESL, ESOL). The dialogs have two or more speakers. Read transcripts and listen to mp3 files.

By Robert Chartrand and Bill Pellowe

The Balanced Dog Podcast™ show

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Three trainers. One podcast. Come listen to us unleash real talk on the State of Dog Training, and knowledge bombs on all things dog training. From the co-owner, and Sr. Trainers of Koru K9 Dog Training

By The Balanced Dog Podcast™

Madd Hatta Morning Show Podcast show

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From 5am to 10am weekdays on 97.9 the Box in Houston, Texas, The Madd Hatta Morning Show is a full-service Hip-Hop morning show. Hip Hop music, trending topics, games, bits, entertainment news and parodies are all featured weekdays from 5-10am. The main players include: The Madd Hatta (Host), J-Mac (Freestyle King), Jimbo (News, Goofy stuff), Kooper (Producer), Young Jas (Entertainment News), DJ Rob G. The General (Mixer Extraordinaire)

By Madd Hatta