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New Books in Philosophy show

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Discussions with Philosophers about their New Books

By New Books Network

Scientific Atheism show

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Veteran podcaster Iblis rages against phony christians, socialized medicine, michael moore, bad science and general bs in all its forms. This Podcast was created using

By Iblis

Healing Place Church: Audio Sermons show

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Healing Place Church has been built on the vision to be a healing place for a hurting world. The staff at HPC have a passion to express Christ through creative means. God has brought together an incredible team to express his love in practical ways. Community outreaches and missions' projects of every kind are just a couple of the ways that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with countless individuals. HPC is reaching out to the lost and hurting of this world. Filled with compassion and offering hope to the poor, oppressed, and forgotten, HPC is a healing place for a hurting world. For more information visit our website at

By Healing Place Church

Morning Devotions with Chris Witts show

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Morning Devotions is for those curious about the Christian faith who want to explore Christian issues that relate to their daily life. This program is designed to offer solutions and ideas to help you get more out of life.

By Hope Media Ltd

Kong Hee Audio Podcast show

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Kong Hee is known throughout Singapore and Asia as a dynamic teacher on faith, preaching an uncompromising message on godly character and holiness. He is also the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), which is Singapore's largest and fastest growing church. Through his visionary leadership, CHC has become widely known as one of the most dynamic and innovative churches in the Far East. The keys to the remarkable growth experienced by City Harvest Church are vision, faith, commitment, a desire for excellence and effective discipleship. Today, not only is he an anointed church builder, he is also an effective humanitarian, a prolific conference speaker and a successful businessman. For more information, visit

By Kong Hee

Open House Interviews with Dwayne Jeffries show

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Open House with Dwayne Jeffries explores life, faith and culture from a Christian perspective. Aiming to catalyse spiritual growth and motivate Christian action, each week's show includes compelling interviews, engaging talkback, film and media reviews, and expert opinion on the issues of the day. You'll hear inspiring stories of faith, grapple with the big questions of life, have a laugh, and catch the odd live music performance along the way.

By Hope Media Ltd

Maximus Mark Podcast » Podcast show

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Direct from 'Mr. No BS Health and Nutrition', Maximus Mark gives you the real deal on diets, supplements and training. Its Down-To-Earth Advice and information for natural Bodybuilders, Serious Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts with a political spin. No topics off limits.

By Maximus Mark, \'Mr. No BS Health and Nutrition

The de Bono Society Monthly Podcast show

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Edward de Bono is regarded by many to be the leading authority in the world, in the field of creative and conceptual thinking. Edward is noted by Forbs to be one of the top 20 business thinkers in the world today, and one of 200 people who have contributed most in the World to date. Dr. de Bono believes in the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He has written 70 or more books with translations into 40 or more, languages and has been invited to lecture in over 50 countries. He is the originator of lateral thinking, which treats creativity as the behaviour of information in a self-organising information system - such as the neural networks in the brain. From such a consideration arise the deliberate and formal tools of lateral thinking, parallel thinking etc.

By The de Bono Society

GleeCast show

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Gleecast provides a unique insight into the world of comedy. Gleecast is an enhanced Podcast

By Glee Club

Business Analyst Mastery:  Business Analysis Information and Techniques show

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Listen in to the premiere Business Analyst podcast to learn Business Analysis tips, skills and techniques to help you master the Business Analyst role, faster. If you want to learn to be a better Business Analyst, join the BA Master as he provides the information you need to improve your Business Analysis skills, and help you in your Business Analyst career.

By The BA Master | Brad Botz