Real It In - 10 Podcasts from the week, in under an hour. - The MetaPodcast -  show

Real It In - 10 Podcasts from the week, in under an hour. - The MetaPodcast -

Summary: Here on real it in, I take close a look at the week in the podcasting world, meta-analyze it, pull out the juiciest nuggets of data from the week, and recap the distilled information. Real it in is a weekly podcast which provides a 3-5 minute recap, of ten different podcasts in each episode. These podcasts are chosen very specifically and intentionally, from an ever-changing list of over 30 podcasts. These 30 podcasts are ones which provide relevant information, to help with one's personal journey of growth, learning, and expansion. Most of them are also some of the most popular podcasts today. The episodes chosen each week, will be ones which help us to empower ourselves, and become better people. The goal of this show, is to be a part of the collective evolution that this age of the internet has fostered us into. There is so much awesome content, and so many amazing conversations, just passing us by very day. It can be frustrating that we have no way to sort through all of this data, and no way to prioritize which shows to check out. As a result of this growing issue, I decided to make it my JOB to sort through over 30 podcasts a week. Now I do it, so you don't have to! These podcasts aren't just good. They are great. All of them! They are making history. I created this show, to help share these messages, and inspire others to listen to these podcasts too. This show is not designed to take the place of these shows, for that would be impossible. A distinct change is taking place. Now that we have access to the internet, we are collectively meta-analyzing all of the information. It is now time for us all, to do a meta-analysis of ourselves. Of what we are, where we are, and where we are going. As we enter, what I call "The Meta Age." This is the age of podcasts. A time when anyone can broadcast what they know, to the world. Now we all can take in infinite data, spanning across all of recorded human history, and create our own, personally decided upon, "meta-mind set." This show is a distillation of the amazing work that these podcasters do for us, and should hopefully be a powerful part of your Meta-Mind Set. This is, the world's first MetaPodcast. Welcome, to Real it in!

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  • Artist: Jesse Garbus
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 Episode 002 - How to Take Back Control of Your Future | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2798

Distilled and valuable life information, pulled from 10 hand selected podcasts from this week, to help you to have a better future!

  Episode 001 - Know thy self, control thy self, grow thy self. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2690

Joe Rogan talk to Bernie Sanders, Duncan Trussel talks with Dan Harmon, on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, she discusses data security, Open Source with Christopher Lydon gets into spiritualism and love, in politics. Lifehacker's Upgrade discusses presence and stillness, Hidden Brain explains the scarcity trap, on TED radio hour Guy Raz advises on how to be a better person, James Corbett warns about propaganda against conspiracy theorists, Lifecoach Brook Castillo tells us about failure tolerance, And Stuff to Blow Your Mind discuss Jaron Laniers book about why we should quit social media.


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