The Roadmap to Wealth Show with Elena Maurel show

The Roadmap to Wealth Show with Elena Maurel

Summary: Have you always wanted to invest in real estate but don't know where to start? Do you need passive income to fill in financial gaps, save for retirement, or get out of debt? This podcast teaches you how. No gimmicky sales pitches, no fluff. Just real help. Hosted by Elena Maurel, international real estate investor, coach, and author of Make Millions, Retire Young: The Ultimate Global Real Estate Investor's Guide. Road Map to Wealth is a weekly podcast focused on acquiring your first investment property and creating passive income fast.

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 Investing and Speculating with Paul Moore | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1572

Have you ever fallen for shiny objects? What have you done to stay focused with your goals and not let that slip away? These are just some of the questions that our guest tackles today. In this podcast, Elena talks to Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wellings Capital, Paul Moore. Paul is a successful real estate entrepreneur and leads Wellings Capital in helping clients to passively invest in commercial real estate. In this episode, Paul talks about why he became an entrepreneur and how he co-founded Wellings Capital. Also, Paul discusses some of the trouble he had when he transitioned to investing. Lastly, Paul shares the importance of having a big WHY and how it helps him during great moments of discouragement and success. What You Will Learn From This Episode: - Paul talks about being semi-retired at a young age of 34. - The importance of knowing the difference between investing and speculating. - Why the wealthiest Americans invest and perpetuate their fortunes through commercial real estate. - How they manage to become debt free for 2.5 million dollars in 13 months. - He shares why high risk does not always equal to high return. Enjoy! Connect with Paul Moore Paul Moore on LinkedIn Listen to his podcast, How to Lose Money. Wellings Capital

 Don't Save For Retirement with Daniel Ameduri | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2103

Over the years, a lot of people have adopted a cookie cutter life approach when it comes to saving for retirement. It is not a successful story to the Baby Boomers era. This is a topic, among many others, discuss today with Daniel Ameduri. Daniel is a self-made millionaire. He is the Co-founder of the Future Money Trends newsletter and and a proud father of 3. Daniel talks about his book, “Don’t Save for Retirement: A Millennial’s Guide to Financial Freedom.” Also, he shares some of his insights about saving for retirement in not so conventional way. Lastly, find out what are the important money lessons he teaches his children. Enjoy! What You Will Learn From This Episode - Why he wrote the book, “Don’t Save for Retirement” - The reason why baby-boomers are not having a successful retirement - Discover the importance of having multiple streams of income into your life - Daniel's extreme way to save money - Why making short term sacrifices will have a big impact for the rest of your life - How to monetize your hobby by doing freelancing - Why it is important to teach your children about money while they are still young Connect With Daniel Daniel Ameduri's Website Connect With Elena Facebook Twitter

 How to Have Endless Determination with Jeff Pulvino | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2402

Learning what works and what fails is an essential part of being an entrepreneur. Failing can be fearsome for new entrepreneurs but it can also serve as a learning opportunity. Our guest today talks about the value of not giving up and learning from your failures. In this podcast, Elena talks to Boost Media Group’s  CEO and co-founder, Jeff Pulvino. Jeff is a successful serial entrepreneur and leads Boost Media Group in helping their client’s businesses grow through diverse digital marketing strategies. In this episode, Jeff talks about why he became an entrepreneur and how he started Boost Media Group. Also, Jeff discusses the challenges of launching their business and learning the competition. Lastly, Jeff shares great advice about putting yourself out there and not giving up . What You Will Learn From This Episode - Jeff talks about starting Boost Media Group during the market collapse during 2007 to 2008. - How he draws passion from helping small to midsize business achieve growth. - The challenges of starting their business and learning the landscape of their own market. - Jeff discusses why entrepreneurs should not be afraid of failure and the significance of learning what’s going to fail and what’s going to work. - He shares how he recovers from failures and how an aspiring entrepreneur could start without any capital. - Why having a professional mentor can be game changing. - The importance of having a daily routine and finding purpose in the things that you do. Enjoy! Connect With Jeff Jeff Pulvino on LinkedIn Boost Media Group Connect With Elena Maurel Facebook Twitter

 Being Your Authentic Self with Judy Liebman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2503

Judy Liebman is an advisor at Engel & Volkers Brownstone Brooklyn. She has been investing in NYC real estate for over 20 years. In 2018 she became a licensed real estate salesperson and is enjoying working with clients and guiding them through the buying, selling and renting process. She welcomes residential and commercial inquiries. Also, under her belt are 25 years of hard goods product development experience with a focus on private label, a 10 plus years of experience designing showrooms and trade-show booths and creating collateral material and packaging, and 10 plus years of sales and marketing experience with a focus on new business development including dotcom, incentives, awards and corporate gifts. Let’s join Judy in this episode as she shares her life in the world of real estate. Coming from a place of serving others, she is passionate about helping other people, and guiding them, especially when it’s about real estate matters. Learn to know her closely, too, as she unleashes what’s in her heart and mind about her family, her business and the world in general. Also, find out who she models her life from, the people she adores and  why because her successful life as it is now is a testament to everything she adheres to in all areas of her life. What You Will Learn From This Episode - Working for a commission as opposed to bringing in a fixed income - The perks of being an entrepreneur - How to manage your property when you are living in a faraway country - A thing or two and a lot more on dealing with property investments in other countries - People who impacted Judy's life immeasurably - Why do some people get scared to start a business - Important skills and habits to acquire to be successful in business - The superpower she wants to have and why and the weaknesses she has and how she overcome them - Her contribution to making the world a better place to live in, and the next agenda for her business  People Mentioned Bruce Springsteen Melissa Hartwig Urban Desmond Tutu Connect With Judy Liebman Phone no.: 646-298-8775 Instagram LinkedIn Connect With Elena Maurel Facebook Twitter

 Never Run out of Cash with Josh Patrick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1669

Personal responsibility is a value that entrepreneurs needs to possess. Taking ownership and responsibility for what is happening in your business is very important in running a successful business. In this podcast, Elena talks to the founder of Cracking The Cash Flow Code, Josh Patrick. Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur, a writer, reader and thinker.  He contributes to The New York Times’  You’re the Boss blog  and is also the author of Stage 2 blog, Creating Value.  He also writes for American Express Open as well as Inc dot com and The Huffington Post. In this episode, Josh shares about his first business and how he started as an entrepreneur. Also, Josh goes into detail about Cracking the Cash Flow Code. Lastly, Josh talks about his new book, Sustainable: A Fable About Creating A Personally and Economically Sustainable Business What You Will Learn From This Episode - Josh shares how he started entrepreneurship by growing a business that was supposed to close down. - He talks about the challenges he faced, being on the brink of bankruptcy, and how he recovered from this. - Josh talks about Cracking the Cash Flow Code and how it can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. - Josh talks about taking responsibility for failures in businesses and discusses one of his core values, personal responsibility. - The people that mentored Josh and how they made a huge impact in his life. Enjoy! Links Josh Patrick on LinkedIn Cracking the Cash Flow Code

 Master The Art Of Surrounding Yourself With Smart People with Scott Smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1728

 Legal problems are not an uncommon thing with investors. This makes an asset protection plan a must-have for businesses and investors alike. And that is why Royal Legal Solutions was founded. In this podcast, Elena talks to Royal Legal Solutions’ CEO, Scott Royal Smith. Scott Royal Smith is a real estate investor and asset protection attorney in Austin, Texas. Becoming an entrepreneur while still in law school, he is now the Founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. In this episode, Scott talks about how he became an entrepreneur to pay for law school and the challenges he faced when he was starting. Also, Scott talks about how Royal Legal works and how they help their clients’ assets and investments. Lastly, Scott shares his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Enjoy! What You Will Learn From This Episode - Scott talks about how he became an entrepreneur while still in law school and where he draws his passion for the work that they are doing at Royal Legal Solutions. - How Royal Legal Solutions helps their clients and why Scott considers this as his  greatest experience in being an entrepreneur. - How to start with being an entrepreneur and how investing is the easiest way to get there. - Scott explains why most businesses fail and how this can be avoided. - Why listening is a very important skill to have for success. - Scott shares advice about enjoying what you are doing in life and keeping the passion. - Scott talks about his future plans and his upcoming projects. Connect with Scott Scott Royal Smith on LinkedIn Royal Legal Solutions

 Control Your Life by Thinking Deliberately with Pasquale Nocito | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2002

 Pasquale Nocito is an accomplished CEO, entrepreneur, sales manager, and business consultant with expertise in all facets of sales, marketing, and management.  He is also adept in providing leadership and direction to all areas of sales, business development, and strategic positioning. Pasquale has proven success in maximizing revenue potential, increasing client retention, surpassing sales objectives, and improving client satisfaction in highly competitive markets. His areas of consulting expertise are in the fields of energy, marketing, website development, PR, media buying, merchant services, and leadership. Get to listen to this man as he unleashes his business acumen in this episode. Learn a thing or two about mindset, discipline, and strategies in running a business. There’s a lot to feed your mind with food for thought that he shares along the conversation. Everything he shares and every word he utters shows  a mark of a man who is successful in his own field of expertise.  Watch out for that.  Timestamps: - His thoughts on prioritizing and getting focused - Tips on prioritizing yourself amidst all the busyness - How to experience freedom in being an entrepreneur, and spending quality time with family  - The need to read more of the right stuff and to have coaches and mentors early on in his business - His game plan in starting over again - Positive habits to develop to win big in business - Pasquale’s take on self-discipline and temperance - What does he have in mind if he receives $10,000.00 right this very minute, what makes a better world for him   Resources / People Mentioned Michael Hyatt Bob Safford Mark Hyman “Death By Meeting” byPatrick Lencioni Albert Einstein Connect with Pasquale Nocito: Twitter Email: LinkedIn Connect With Elena Maurel Facebook

 The Key Factors in Getting Things Done with Brianna Rooney | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2151

Brianna Rooney is the founder of Techees, a tech recruitment agency which she successfully founded over ten years ago in the Bay Area. In a nutshell, she brings talented engineers together with companies of all sizes. But she does much more than that. She solves the tough vacancy issues at some of the biggest tech firms in the industry. She solves employment problems for tech start-ups that don’t even know what they need yet. She’s a problem solver. And if you know anything about California, you know it’s one of the most competitive business markets in the country. Yet, during the past decade, she’s become a leader in the tech recruitment field. Clients call her the “ultimate matchmaker.” why not? She’s generated millions of dollars for her and her company. As she would claim it “One of the secrets to my success is hard work and being an expert listener, negotiator and mediator. Objectivity is key.” Indeed she has come a long way from being a bartender to a millionaire recruiter. Listen in to this episode as she unpacks value to the world of entrepreneurship. Find out what makes this passionate lady thrives and becomes a leader in the recruitment industry. Her unique but nonetheless effective way of doing business will get you to admire this empowered woman and draw inspiration from.   Timestamps: - How she started in the business, what came in between, getting back at it in full force  - The hardest part of transitioning, single-handedly managing your business - What keeps her going in her business after all these years - One good thing about looking after her employees' welfare  - The challenges of being an entrepreneur - On living by her stepdad's motto - Why having a happy disposition gets you far in getting things done   Connect With Brianna Rooney: The Millionaire Recruiter LinkedIn Connect With Elena Maurel: Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram

 Interview with Folasade Ayegbusi - Don't Give Up! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1233

 Folasade Ayegbusi is an Enrolled Agent, Accountant, Speaker, and Small Business Growth Strategist. She has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners save over $25 million in lost revenue, tax assessments, penalties, and interest. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of District of Columbia and a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance Management from the University of Maryland.  Folasade has a powerful financial technique that helps grow businesses and increase their profitability. As a child growing up in an impoverished area of Washington, D.C., Folasade knew there was a way to be more financially stable and there was a better way to live life. With a laser-like focus on creating awareness for financial freedom and more diverse methods for entrepreneurial success, she strives to ensure that generational wealth is created. Today, she owns and operates Suncrest Financials. She is equipping businesses with the expertise they need to save money and expand guaranteed. Listen in to this episode as Folasade narrates how she was able to scale up her business single-handedly to what it is now. Snippets of her life story and the challenges she went through are also factors to what she has achieved today. Join her as she dishes countless wisdom in pursuing entrepreneurship. What you will discover in this episode: - How she got started in her career, how young she was and the many challenges she had to put up with to thrive in it - The biggest challenge she's had to face  - Making her life's mission manifested in her chosen career - The idea of getting mentors to keep you relevant  - What it's like to be a CEO and Sales Manager at the same time  - Sharing nuggets of wisdom from her mentors and her advice to would-be entrepreneurs:  persevere, keep going, but also take account of everything that you're doing. Key Takeaways “And I'm like these people aren't working. They're making money. There’s no businesses in the community. The only thing that they want to do just go file the taxes so they can get a refund. I know it's something else that we're missing. So from that point on, I set it to be my mission to basically inform African Americans or not just African American women or men, but any underserved community about their finances. So my goal is, and what keeps me going is knowing that I'm making change in underserved communities about their finances.” - Fosalade Ayegbusi “One advice that I would actually give them is to say, just don't give up. There's no security in the job at all. And the only security that you have is what you are actually committed to do. So many newbie entrepreneurs when they come in, they get shook up so fast or things didn't work out or project fell through. Don't give up because the same way that that project fell through, you go back to that job, you can do that job quickly.” - Fosalade Ayegbusi Connect With Folasade Ayegbusi Accounting With Folasade LinkedIn- Facebook Connect With Elena Maurel Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram

 Welcome The Roadmap to Wealth Show with Elena Maurel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 131

Hey, this is Elena. I am super excited to present The Roadmap to Wealth podcast. This show is going to be ultimately guide towards steady passive income creation and financial security. Have you always wanted to invest in real estate but don't know where to start? Do we need passive income to fill on find national gas and save for retirement or get out of debt? This podcast teaches you how. No gimmicky sales pitches, no fluff. Just real help.  I'm your host, Elena Maurel. I am an entrepreneur, international real estate investor, speaker, and author of Make Millions, Retire Young: The Ultimate Global Real Estate Investor's Guide. I started with $40,000 debt 15 years ago and in five years I create six figures, passive income invest in the international real estate. Now, I own residential and commercial properties in 16 countries and I've been involved in all a thousand real estate transaction, totally in over a hundred million dollars.  I have traveled and worked in over 57 countries on six continents. I have taught hundreds of people the exact exact step-by-step methods I use for acquiring real estate in the best markets, closing deals, building networks and gaining financial freedom. This podcast features "masterclass level" interviews as well as success stories from experts, and also my own tips and methods for achieving passive income from multiple sources, much faster and bigger than you can ever expect. If you want to learn about international real estate investing, business development, the stock market, cryptocurrency, as well as get time management and personal growth hacks, then you're going to love this podcast. I am going to help you to build passive income and legacy roles for you and your family. If making millions and retiring young is something that interests you, then subscribe to The Roadmap to Wealth Show  today.    Plus, I'm doing a massive giveaway contest where I will be giving away over $5,000 worth of prizes. I'll be sharing more details over on my Instagram, elena_maurel. Until then subscribe here, so you don't miss anything when we go live.


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