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Family Health

Summary: Welcome to a podcast to support families and leaders in LAUNCHING their children well! Hosted by Dr. Corey Gilbert from - Learn how to strengthen your intentionality with your Health, Relationships, Work, & Purpose.

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  • Artist: Corey Gilbert
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 Episode 2 - Taking Inventory | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 06:59

TAKING INVENTORY  Deut 6:6-7Again and again - Continually Micro-Conversations - planting seedsEthic vs ethos Your Work.             Are you enjoying it, owning it, making a difference?  Or in transitionYour Relationships.             Are you enjoying it, making a difference?  Or seeking (or shut down)Your Purpose.             Are you living for something great than yourself? Your Health            Are you taking care of yourself?  Physically, mentally, emotionally? 

 Episode 1 - "I Can't Say That!" Book Outline | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:03

Dr. Gilbert outlines his new book for parents and leaders that want to learn and instill in others a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  Going into "The Talk" is one thing - a big thing... but having hundreds of micro-conversations can be life changing.  

 Intro - Family Health Podcast with Dr G | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:59

BackstoryI’m an Licensed Professional Counselor and college professor talking to young adults who are away from home for the first time As I spoke with college students I saw…. (what is going to connect to the heart of parents)Basically let us hear something about how they are hurting, lost, making bad choices. (Make us think this could be our kid)Desire ExternalI wanted to see these students making choices that honored God and treated themselves and others as God’s beloved creaturesExternal struggle - too much pain and only one of me - time constraintsmoney…..Desire InternalInternal struggles - the realization that for most the sexual ethic was set long ago and it was a done deal - unless God ….but we have hope because God does often….These conversations need to be had when youngerWallmoney is most often the barrier that kept students and their families from getting the help they needstill time Epiphanymembership site& mastermind - provide theseresources, trainings, help to parents in one place at a price families can afford before their kids are grownPlancreate resources parents, pastors, individuals can get training videos, links to helpful resources, and be a place to ask questions and get answers from a Christian professional for acute needs - counseling and coaching available Coach, Counsel, Community - to meet individual’s needs at a price they can afford and at level of need Conflictpeople not wanting to talk about these issues:-we’re putting ideas in their heads-too young-parents too uncomfortable -too controversial subject matter


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