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Summary: Ring Time Pro Wrestling is a show that features the best Brother and Sister tag team breaking down whats going on in and around pro wrestling.

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 Rise of The League of Nations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2322

Keith goes at this one alone. Show Notes Open ShowOverview we are 2 weeks away from TLC and 3 weeks from NXT in London. How are the set ups going? RAW Recap -Slow opening Segment with New Day / Roman takes a page out of the Dean Ambrose playbook -Dolph and Tyler Breeze continue their issue \ Zigs guts out a win-Ryback and Rusev will now have an issue with Lana back-Triple H putting the screws to Dean and Roman with the title match tonight / Steph adds the Usos to the mix-The Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer introduce the Wyatts to ECW -The rebirth of Jack Swagger with Del Rio feud -Sasha Banks def Brie Bella -Sheamus introduces his squad the League of Nations which better than my European Union idea.. -Charlotte steals a win against Becky Lynch -7 on 4 handicapped match to close the show Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -TNA postpones India Tour -WWE NXT – Catching Up-Samoa Joe wants to be the champ and Finn Balor is in his way-Eva Marie took on Bayley for the Title but the real story is Nia Jax -Apollo Crews and Baron Corbon have an issue-I saw Jesse Sorenson last week-Emma has gotten better as a mean girl-James Storm is steady building. Good guy for young bucks to work with-NXT Tag Team division -Samoa Joe and Tommaso Ciampia put on good show \ Joe looks readyFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 Survivor Series Recap 2015 Celtic Cash In | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4649

Ring Time Thanksgiving Edition. We are joined by special guest Marcus Holt to help recap the annual holiday classic Survivor Series Show NotesOpen Show ISIS planned an attack on the event according to Anonymous Survivor Series Recap-Kickoff Show Match \ The Dudleys, Titus O’Neal, Neville and Goldust def Stardust, The Ascension-Roman Reigns def Alberto Del Rio \ Semifinals WWE Title Match-Dean Ambrose def Kevin Owens\ Semifinals WWE Title Match-The New Day, King Barrett and Sheamus vs Usos, Lucha Dragons and Ryback \ Awesome New Day promo – Xavier hair was laid.. Ryback, Calisto and Jey Uso win the match -Charlotte (Champ) def Paige \ Diva’s Championship -Tyler Breeze def Dolph Ziggler \ Clean win.. -Undertaker and Kane def The Wyatts -Roman Reigns def Dean Ambrose \ Roman wins WWE Title Tournament – Sheamus cashes in MITB and wins title Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Survivor Series was threatened by ISIS, maybe -Cesaro is out 4-6 months with Shoulder Surgery. Rotator cuff injury -TNA is moving to Pop TV \ Company Taping Again in Penn-Awesome Kong retires from professional wrestling / No not really -Bret Hart has surgery on his hand-Mick Foley pissed at the WWE and airing out his thoughtsRAW Recap -The Authority open the show as per usual \ Intro to Sheamus – the guy has heat \ Rusev joins the guard -The Dudleyz are sacrificed to the Wyatts -Sasha def Becky Lynch \ Sasha wins heel style -Paige contest last night’s results -The New Day shares their Country Music hate -Sheamus has a squad with Rusev and King BarrettFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 Survivor Series 2015 Preview Taker 25 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5391

Show Notes 11/18/15Open ShowRing Time Remembers the Great Nick Bockwinkel – Greatest AWA Champion of All Time RAW Recap-Brothers of Destruction have pre Survivor Series Convo with Wyatts -Kevin Owens advances to Survivor Series after a hell of a match against Neville -Tyler Breeze defeat R-Truth not compelling-Dean Ambrose heads to the Semis with a good match against Ziggler -Roman Reigns def Cesaro in a hard fought match to move to Semis-Paige goes way over the line in promo for contract signing with Charlotte. Blame Vince, Writers and everybody involved…The Legacy of The Undertaker Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Billy Gunn fired as Trainer by WWE due to PED use-ROH will find a new TV home on December 2nd – COMET TV-Survivor Series Preview History of The Event Breakdown the Card-Ambrose vs Kevin Owens \ WWE Title Semi-Finals Match-Charlotte (Champ) vs Paige \ Divas Championship Match-Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio\ WWE Title Semi-Finals Match-Undertaker and Kane vs The Wyatt Family -The Finals of WWE Title Tourney Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 No Rollins Big Problem for WWE | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3879

Show Notes 11/11/15Open Show Seth Rollins in out 6-9 months with and injury-How does this change the WWE landscape? What’s Next RAW Recap-Triple H offers Roman Reigns the world. -Roman def Big Show 1st Round \ Like there was doubt-Kevin Owens moves on against Titus O’Neal-Cesaro advances to face Roman Reigns in 2nd round by beating Sheamus -Ziggler advances in the tourney \ What are his chances-Ambrose defs Breeze in the Tourney -The Brothers of Destruction are back and want some WyattWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Bill Simmons producing Andre the Giant doc for HBO-5 Star Wrestling Setting Up Big Matches-Possible Wrestlemania 32 line upWinners from SmackDown World Title Matches-How does the QuarterfinalsFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo – Seth Rollins \ The Gza Provided by The Cold Slither Podcasthttp://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 Rise of The Roman Empire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5092

Ring Time returns after an unexpected week off. Keith and Keshia are live in almost an hour and a half of good show. We discuss the current state of us purchasing Survivor Series ticket.Hell In A Cell Recap-Ziggler, Neville and Cesaro def Rusev, Sheamus and Wade Barrett-Alberto Del Rio in a surprise return answers John Cena’s open challenge. \Wins US Title -Roman Reigns def Bray Wyatt in Hell In A Cell -The New Day (Champ) def The Dudleyz \ Tag Team Titles -Charlotte (Champ) def Nikki Bella \ Retains Divas Title-Seth Rollins (Champ) def Kane \ Retains WWE Title -Kevin Owens (Champ) def Ryback \ Retains IC Title-Brock def Undertaker \ Brutal Match – Wyatts show up afterWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -The WWE Network expands to India – huge win-Ric Flair named in British terrorism trial -WWE returns to India for live RAW Recap / Last Week -The Authority open the show announce matches to determine new #1 Contender-Roman Reigns def Kofi Kingston\w Big E… New Day made Roman look good. -Kevin Owens def Cesaro\ hell of a match- Team PCB reunion vs Team Bella \ The Paige turns again-Zeb explains Meximerica and his relationship with Del Rio-Del Rio looks polished in his return-Bray explains his actions and delivers great promo -Roman Reigns wins fatal 4 way. Rise of the EmpireThis Week-Roman and Seth field their teams for 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match Main Event-Kevin Owens def Ziggler \ Tyler Breeze makes his presence felt. -Cesaro def Miz \ Miz taps out after being swung 25 times-Bray Wyatt says that he is in control-Del Rio, Zeb and Jack Swagger meet back stageFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo – Dean Ambrose \ Lil Scrappy Provided by The Cold Slither Podcasthttp://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 Hell In A Cell 2015 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3697

Show NotesOpen ShowRAW Recap-Stone Cold opens RAW in Dallas\Taker and Brock Standoff-The New Day takes on Cena and Dudleyz in 6 Man Tag-Team Bad vs Team Bella\ Crowd wants more Sasha and so do I -2nd 6 man Tag Rusev,Sheamus and Wade Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville -Damn Kevin Owens hit the pop up powerbomb on Mark Henry-The Shield reunites for 1 night only vs The WyattsWrestling Birthday Wrestling News -TNA reinstates Bram after Domestic Violence Charges dropped -Randy Orton out with dislocated shoulder Hell In A Cell Preview -Opening Match \ Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Rusev-The New Day (Champs) vs The Dudley Boyz \ Tag Team Championship-Kevin Owens (Champ) vs Ryback \ IC Title -Charlotte (Champ) vs Nikki Bella \ Divas Title -Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt\Hell In A Cell -John Cena defends US Title in Open Challenge -Seth Rollins (Champ) vs Kane \ WWE Heavyweight Championship-Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker \ Hell In A Cell Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 NJPW King of Pro Wrestling Recap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2714

Show Notes Open Show New Japan King of Wrestling \ English BroadcastKevin Kelly and Matt Striker doing the broadcast -10 Man Tag - Young Lions vs Legends\ David Finlay (Son of Fit Finlay), Jay White, Juice Robinson, Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu vs. Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, Kushida, Mascara Dorada(Golden Mask), Ryusuke Taguchi – Legends win-Tomoaki Honma vs Yoshi-Hashi \ Honma wins\ Trying to get to WK10-8 Man Tag – Captain New Japan, Hirooki Goto, Katsuyori Shibata and Kota Ibuishi vs Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Manabu Nakanishi, Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata-IWGP Jr Tag Titles - reDragon (Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish) (Champs) vs Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Barretta) – reDragon retains -IWGP Jr Title – Kenny Omega (Champ) vs Matt Sydal \ Kenny Omega retains -Six Man Tag – Bullet Club (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Bad Luck Fale) vs Toru Yano, Shinsuke Nakamura and Kazushi Sakuraba\ Yano has slick move to win match-Tomohiro Ishii vs -Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Tetsuya Naito \ IWGP Golden Ticket Match – Tanahashi wins-RainMaker Okada vs AJ Styles Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News- Sami Zayn in Evolve- Rusev and Lana get engaged RAW -New Day gets the show popping with Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose. Some Trillville reference-Naomi vs Nikki Bella \ Crowd wants Sasha Banks -US Title Open Challenge \ Dolph Ziggler steps up \ why this matters- FYI Cena will kick out of death-Dudley Boyz take on Ascension \ Poor Connor and Victor didn’t have a chance-Roman takes on Braun and wins by count out -Rusev drops match to Ryback clean. Wonder if the engagement has anything to do with it -Demon Kane defeats Seth Rollins in Lumberjack match Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo Provided Courtesy of The Cold Slither Podcasthttp://coldslitherpodcast.com/Kevin Owens \ Canibus

 Bound to RAW to NXT Recapping The Week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4005

Show NotesOpen Show Bound For Glory Recap -Ultimate X Match – Tigre Uno retains. Back and forth action. -Tyrus Wins Number 1 Contenders Match - Bobby Roode (Champ) def Bobby Lashley \ KOTM Title \ Really good match-Earl Hebner gets his shine-Gail Kim (Champ) def Awesome Kong \ Robert Irvine at the match -Kurt Angle def Eric Young \ No DQ Match -Matt Hardy (Champ) def Drew Galloway and ECIII \ TNA World Title RAW Recap-Roman Reigns, Dean and Orton def Wyatt Family-Kane vs Rollins official for Hell In A Cell\ Nice character work by Kane-Natty throws that sharpshooter on Paige for the win-Rusev makes demand of Summer Rae after she makes an offer -The New Day takes out Dolph Ziggler before the Open Cena Challenge -Big E accepts the call to action and gives Cena a scare. \ After Match Mayhem.Wrestling Birthdays Wrestling News -Matt Hardy relinquishes the TNA Heavyweight Title-Bill Apter offers his theory on Chris Benoit death-Gunner in talks the WWE -Triple H talks about Evolve NXT Takeover Respect Recap-Samoa Joe and Finn Balor def The Mechanics -Baron Corbin and Rhyno def Jason Jordan and Chad Gable -Asuka def Dana Brooke \ Asuka has a strong style -Apollo Crew def Tyler Breeze -Samoa Joe and Finn Balor win Dusty Classic-Bayley (Champ) def Sasha Banks \ Women’s Title Iron Man 3-2Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo – Outkast Provided by The Cold Slither Podcasthttp://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 NXT Takeover Respect Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3271

Show NotesOpen Show WWE MSG-Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler def Sheamus and Rusev \ RKO to Beaker -Neville def Stardust \ Pin with Red Arrow -Team Bella def Team PCB \ Charlotte and Becky leave Paige hanging-Kevin Owens(Champ) def Chris Jericho \ IC Title -The Dudleyz def The New Day(Champs) \ DQ again-Brock defeats Big Show in a quick one.\ Big Show finds Suplex City -John Cena (Champ) def Seth Rollins \ Kane shows upWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -John Cena taking an absence after Hell In A Cell -NXT TakeOver Preview 10/7/15-Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs The Mechanics\Semi Final Dusty Tourn-Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin and Rhyno |Semi Final Dusty Tourn-Winners Match 1 vs Winners Match 2 -Apollo Crew vs Tyler Breeze-Asuka vs Dana Brooke-Bayley (Champ) vs Sasha Banks \ 30 Minute Iron Man Match – Women’s Title Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo – Slick Rick \ Ric Flair Provided by The Cold Slither Podcasthttp://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 Brock Live from MSG Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5403

Opening Promo: Arn Anderson "We are the best, we are The Horsemen."Show Notes Open ShowKeith addresses male fans and how we act on the internet with our female counterparts. While Table for 3 is the Best Thing on the WWE NetworkRAW Recap -Cena Open Challenge kicks off the show / The New Day accepts Cena’s challenge.-Turns into 6 man Tag with New Day vs Cena and Dudleyz -Kane has a meeting with Human Resources. -Mark Henry sent out to put over the Big Show. Doesn’t really make the desired effect. -Divas faceoff. Team PCB short reunion vs The Bellas -King Barrett returns after disrupting the 1000th Stardust vs Neville Match- Finally interested in Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt Break Promo: Paul Heyman and Big Show talk Saturday at MSG Wrestling Birthdays Wrestling News -Hornswoggle suspended for Wellness Policy Violation. First Time offender / Was it HGH lol NXT Catch up-How is Eva Marie doing, can she capture some of that Bella Heat -The Women’s Division is hot down there. Nia Jax, Asuka(Kana) both getting hot -The Women’s Title in a 30 Minute Iron Man MatchBound For Glory Overview WWE MSG Brock Lesnar PPV-The New Day (Champs) vs The Dudley Boyz \ Tag Team Titles-Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler -Sheamus vs Randy Orton -John Cena (Champ) vs Seth Rollins \ US Title Cage Match -Kevin Owens (Champ) vs Chris Jericho \ IC Title Match-Brock Lesnar vs Big Show Parting Promo / Provided by Cold Slither Podcast http://coldslitherpodcast.com/Paul Heyman and Saliva Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 WWE NOC Recap - As The Paige Turns | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5214

Show Notes 9/22/15Open Show Business WWE Night of Champions Recap -Stardust and The Ascension def Neville and Lucha Dragons -Kevin Owens (Champ) def Ryback\ New Intercontinental Title -We learn about Brock vs Taker III will be Hell In A Cell-Dolph Zigger def Rusev\ Summer Rae messed up-The Dudleyz def New Day (Champs) \ Dudleyz win by DQ -Charlotte (Champ) def Nikki Bella \ New Divas Champ-Jericho is the 3rd partner. Some crazy guy tried to jump and get involved -Wyatt Family def Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho- Nnn1-Seth Rollins (Champ) def Sting \ Retains World Title – Sheamus and Kane show upWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Lucha Underground is coming back for season 2 in 2016-Kurt Angle’s brother charged in wife’s murder \ Angle issues statement-What happens when you jump the rail at a WWE event-Sting’s post NOC condition -RAW Recap -Wyatts opening the show and fight breaks out with Roman, Dean and Randy Orton-Corporate Kane is in the office \ Seth Rollins to face John Cena-Neville and Lucha Dragons def Stardust and Ascension in NOC rematch-Owens killing it on commentary during Ryback and Bo Dallas match-Paige finally makes that heel turn\ Pipe bomb 3.0 -Mark Henry out here taking Brogue Kicks-Cesaro used like Mark Henry / why this has diminishing returns-JBL Legends Premiere-Sit Down with Eric Bischoff Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting PromoProvided by the Cold Slither Podcast http://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3388

Show Notes 9/16/15Open Show BusinessRAW Recap-The Authority open the Season Premiere -The Bosses get down with The New Day\ New Day vs Prime Time Players -A look back at Sting’s career-Sasha Banks vs Paige on RAW -Who will be Roman and Dean’s 3rd partner -Ryback still in that getting to know phase with the fans. Owens ain’t playing again-Neville and and Stardust have a weird match-Nikki Bella video package -Nikki defend title against Charlotte / Charlotte knocks off Nikki or so we thought-Are we headed towards some type of possible Rusev face turn -Sting takes on Big Show / Turns into Cena and Sting vs Show and RollinsThe New Day Special\ Table for 3 -Good look at the brothers behind the scenes-Kofi clowning towns who cheer the bad guysWrestling Birthday Wrestling News -WWE issues statement on Lawsuit between Doctor and CM Punk-Referee Earl Hebner to be inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame-There is an idea of Jeff Hardy coming back to the WWE -Night of Champions PreviewHistory of EventBreak Down Card -Neville and Lucha Dragons vs Stardust and The Ascension \ Pre-Show Match -Ryback (Champ) vs Kevin Owens \ IC Title -Seth Rollins (Champ) vs John Cena \ United States Title-The New Day (Champs) vs The Dudley Boyz \ Tag Team Titles -The Wyatts vs Dean, Roman and Secret Partner -Nikki Bella (Champ) vs Charlotte \ Divas Title -Seth Rollins (Champ) vs Sting \ WWE World Heavyweight Title Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo- Red, White and Blue Funk \ Dusty Rhodes and Heavy DProvided by the Cold Slither Podcast http://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 Getting Over The Attitude Era | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3150

Today the Ring Time Crew has a short show. Talking everything wrestling and the main topic of discussion how fans can start moving on from the Attitude Era Open ShowBusiness / AudibleRAW-Seth Opens Show with the Promo/ Sting pops in-Seth has 2 matches tonight to prepare for Night of Champions -Sasha Banks vs Paige /-Seth Rollins vs Ryback/ Champ vs Champ/ Sting distraction-The New Day back stage with Seth , Edge and Christian and The Dudleyz-Randy Orton takes on Sheams -Dudleyz vs Los Matadores \ Matadores abuse El Torito \ Dudleyz make em pay--Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Kurt Angle not resigning with TNA -How Bret Hart feels about the Owen Hart DVD-Hogan goes to UK for Day-Another NXT Diva has some racist Social Media Getting Over The Attitude Era and Putting Today OverLegacies Of Wrestlers who Damaged their brandFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 Snuka and Bad News in Wrestling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5238

In this show we cover 2 weeks of wrestling action. Breaking down the weekend in Brooklyn and the following RAW shows afterwards. Open ShowBusiness for Show NXT TakeOver Brooklyn-Jushin Liger defeats Tyler Breeze wins with Liger Bomb.. awesome match-Gotta peak at new Diva Nia Jax (Anoa’i family member) -The Vaudevillians (Champs) vs Blake and Murphy \ New Tag Team Champs \ Blue Pants X-Factor-Apollo Crews defeats Tye Dillinger -Regal Announces Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tourney-Samoa Joe defeats Baron Corbin-Bayley (Champ) defeats Sasha Banks \ New NXT Women’s Champion \Match of the Night -Finn Balor (Champ) defeats Kevin Owens \ Retains NXT Championship SummerSlam Recap-Sheamus defeats Randy Orton \ 2 Brogue Kicks -The New Day(Champs) def Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores/ high energy match -Stephen Amell and Neville defeat Stardust and Wade Barrett-Seth Rollins(Champ) defeats John Cena \ Seth now US and World Champ\ Seth gets some help from Jon Stewart -Kevin Owens defeats Cesaro \ Better matches on the card.-Undertaker defeats Brock Lesnar \ Weird finish \ Time Keeper rings bell earlyTough Enough-The Final \ They have to work a match-Josh and Sara take home the Tough Enough Titles RAW -Sting opens up RAW -Ziggler takes on Rusev and wins in DQ\ Summer and Lana may have a Mixed match or something-I hate when a Bella gets to talk\ PCB does a beat the clock challenge. -Big Show vs Ryback for IC Title \ Crowd chants for Show to retire-Cesaro and Kevin Owens in SummerSlam Rematch-Strowman makes his in ring debut against Ambrose \ Wyatts have the upper hand-Paige faces Sasha in Beat The Clock, disrespectful to the opponent -Dudley Boyz take on New Day -Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Man shot outside the WWE Performance Center / WWE had restraining order against man shot by deputies -Hulk Hogan on Good Morning America \ trying to make his way back.-Seth Rollins girlfriend and NXT Diva gone from Roster \ Pro-Nazi propaganda... When being ignorant goes wrong -TNA’s Bram arrested on Domestic Violence charges. \ Not Charlotte Divorced 2 weeks -SuperFly Snuka indicted on Murder Charges from 1983/ Start removing images and taken out of Hall of Fame WWE NXTDusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic-Baron Corbin and Rhyno def The Ascension -Johnny Gargano and former Ring of Honor star Tommaso Ciampa to compete at NXT in Dusty Rhodes Classic-Apollo Crews looks good in match-Eva Marie not that terrible but fans hate her gutsFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestlingParting Promo by Cold Slither Podcast http://coldslitherpodcast.com/

 SummerSlam Preview - Welcome to Brooklyn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5290

Show Notes 8/19/15Open Show Business – Audible Drop and Amazon InfoRAW Show -The Authority Opens the Show / ESPN will cover SummerSlam / Jon Stewart Hosting -Randy and Cesaro take on Sheamus and Owens -Tired of Mark Henry taking this beat down / Dolph Ziggler returns-Ryack takes on Miz \ Show on the Mic-Contract Signing for Title Match \ Cena must have been late and addressing the possibility of being 16 time Champ-Nikki Bella taps to Sasha Banks in one on one match -Brock Lesnar comes home / Heel Undertaker shows up Tough Enough-Competition down to the final 5-One of the guys has to go home.-Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Chyna rolls up on HHH at Roddy Piper’s Funeral -Former ROH star Tommaso Ciampa addresses injury rumors. -Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly ends up on E! Network reality show-NXT Takeover Preview -Jushin Liger vs Tyler Breeze -Eva Marie vs Carmella-Charlotte vs Emma vs Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke-Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin -Blake and Murphy (Champs) vs The Vaudevillains \ NXT Tag Titles Match-Sasha Banks (Champ) vs Bayley \ NXT Women’s Title -Finn Balor (Champ) vs Kevin Owens \ NXT Title MatchSummerSlam Preview -Kevin Owens vs Cesaro-Ryack (Champ) vs Miz vs Big Show \ IC Title Match -Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev-Prime Time Players (Champs) vs Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons vs The New Day \ Tag Team Title Match -Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose -Stephen Amell and Neville vs Stardust vs Wade Barrett -Sheamus vs Randy Orton -Team Bella vs BAD vs PCB \ Divas Revolution Triple Threat -Seth Rollins (Champ) vs John Cena (Champ) \ World Title and US Title both on the line-Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKesh-www.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.com-Audible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling


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