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Summary: Ring Time Pro Wrestling is a show that features the best Brother and Sister tag team breaking down whats going on in and around pro wrestling.

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 The Reign of Kevin Owens Begins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5674

Show NotesOpen Show RAW Recap-Fatal 4-Way Participants meet in the ring for scheduled chaos -Jericho takes on Neville; Neville falls victim to the walls of Jericho -RAW does profiles of championship competitors. Good look -The New Day and Bayley take on The Club with Dana Brooke \ Bayley seals victory with a Bayley to belly-Cesaro goes down 2-0 to Sheamus -Braun Strowman squash match -Paul Heyman comes to address Brock’s actions -Creative still has nothing for Titus and Darren Young - Fatal 4 Way is Elimination match \ Big Cass 1st man out by Owens Frog Splash \Roman Reigns eliminated by Rollins after HHH beat down \Triple H then screws Rollins and hands the belt to Kevin Owens. . chants of You deserve it Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Mr Fuji passes away at the age of 82 -Kevin Owens deletes Instagram due to hackers-News outlets reporting Goldberg coming back to WWE looking real good.-Vince Russo bashes Kevin Owens and for some reason people pay attention. -ESPN reporter goes at KO’s 8 year son.. -Chavo Guerrero signs on as trainer with GLOW-Alberto Del Rio done with WWE againSmackDown RecapCruiserweight ClassicFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 SummerSlam 16 Recap Miz Goes Off | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6747

Show Notes 08/24/16Open Show NXT Takeover Brooklyn II Recap-Austin Aries def No Way Jose \ Hideo Itami returns and GTS to Aries-Ember Moon def Billy Kay \ Strong debut, bright future-Bobby Roode def Andrade Almas-The Revival (Champs) def Gargano and Ciampa \ Retains Tag Team Titles -Asuka (Champ) def Bayley \ Retains Womans Title -Shinsuke Nakamura (Champ) def Samoa Joe \ New NXT ChampSummerSlam 2016 Recap-Sheamus def Cesaro to win 1 of best of 7-Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho def Enzo and Cass-Charlotte (Champ) def Sasha Banks \ New Women’s Champion – good match -The Miz (Champ) def Apollo Crews for IC Title-AJ Styles def John Cena \ Clean win \match of the night potential -The Club def The New Day (Champs) \ New Day keeps belts, Jon Stewart and Big E are there-Dean Ambrose (Champ) def Dolph Zigger \ WWE Title Match-Natty, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella def Naomi, Becky Lynch and Carmella \ return of Bella -Finn Balor (Champ) def Seth Rollins \ First Ever Universal WWE Champ-Roman Reigns and Rusev(Champ) match cancelled due to prematch brawl-Brock Lesnar def Randy Orton via TKO Wrestling Birthdays Wrestling News-Why did Joey Styles get released from WWE -Jericho and Brock Lesnar get into after SummerSlam backstage-Sasha Banks injured won’t require back surgery -RAW Recap-Finn Balor forced to relinquish the WWE Universal Title due to injury \ every superstar wants a shot-Seth Rollins def Sami Zayn in 1st round of title qualifying matches-Kevin Owens def Neville in 1st round of qualifying matches. Has help from Jericho and still tough time-New Day Celebrate 365 days as champs. Big E def Karl Anderson -Big Cass def Rusev in 1st round of Title qualifying match. Rusev counted out. Hurt ribs-Bayley comes to the main roster. Bayley def Dana Brooke in debut -The Dudleyz retire. -Roman Reigns def Christ Jericho to take final spot in Fatal Four WaySmackDown Recap-Becky Lynch def Alexa Bliss -Smackdown gets 2 new Titles. We getting a Women’s Champ and Tag Team Champions-The Usos def The Ascension \ 1st round of Tag Team Titles-AJ Styles will face Dolph Ziggler with WWE World Title Implications -Carmella bum rushes Nikki Bella on her return-American Alpha def Breezdango to advance in Tag Title Tourney -AJ Styles def Dolph Ziggler to became sole number #1 contenderFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 SummerSlam 2016 Prev Back to Brooklyn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3962

Show Notes – 2016 Summer Slam Preview Open ShowGet Caught Up – Where we beenKenny Omega wins G1 Climax RAW Recap-Rusev wants an apology from Roman Reigns for last week’s disrespect-Sami Zayn def Sheamus -The New Day def The Dudleys-`-The Demon shows up at RAW per Seth Rollins request -Roman Reigns def Rusev SmackDown Recap-Miz TV opens show with Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler-American Alpha showcases their skills-Eva Marie has another false start-Dean Ambrose def Eric Rowan-John Cena def Alberto Del RioWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -WWE Suspends Eva Marie, Paige and Alberto Del Rio-Billy Corgan takes over as President of TNA-Goldberg will be at SummerSlam events-Gawker is shutting down -ROH partners with CMLL NXT Takeover Brooklyn II -Ember Moon vs TBA -The Revival (Champs) vs Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano -Bobby Roode vs Andrade Almas-Austin Aries vs No Way Jose -Asuka (Champ) vs Bayley \ NXT Womens Title -Samoa Joe (Champ) vs Shinsuke Nakamura \ NXT Title SummerSlam Preview History of EventCard Breakdown -Cesaro vs Sheamus \ Best of 7 -Enzo and Cass vs Jericho and Kevin Owens-Rusev (Champ) vs Roman Reigns\ US Title -Miz (Champ) vs Apollo Crews \ IC Title-The New Day (Champs) vs The Club\ Tag Team Title -Sasha Banks (Champ) vs Charlotte \ Womens Title -Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar \ Crossover -John Cena vs AJ Styles \ Smackdown -Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins \ RAW\ WWE Universal Heavyweight Title-Dean Ambrose (Champ) vs Dolph Ziggler Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 WWE BattleGround 2016 Recap New Era Begins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5556

Keshia is back in the studio to record. We recap the official kick off to the New Era in the WWE. WWE BattleGround Recap-Bayley and Sasha Banks def Charlotte and Dana Brooke -The Wyatts def The New Day \ Xavier Woods coming out party -Rusev (Champ) def Zack Ryder \ Retains US Title \ Mojo debuts on main roster for Ryder save-Sami Zayn def Kevin Owens \ Potential match of the night-Natalya def Becky Lynch \ Natty by Submission-Miz (Champ) vs Darren Young \ Ends in double DQ-John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass def The Club-Dean Ambrose (Champ) def Seth Rollins and Roman ReignsWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News-Shelton Benjamin returning to Smackdown -Abdullah The Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food has closed-Vince McMahon congratulates Trump on his RNC entrance. -Could Roman be in the dog house RAW Recap-We got a new Title. WWE Universal Champion -Finn Balor def Rusev, Kevin Owens and Cesaro to advance to #1 Contender finals \ Best debut ever. Hell of a match-Roman Reigns def Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn and Sheamus to got to #1 Contender Main event -Braun Stroman and Nia Jax both destroy jobbers -Sasha Banks def Charlotte \ New Womens Champ\ Finally the Boss gets her due – Main event level match -Finn Balor def Roman Reigns \ Clean win and will face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for new title. Smackdown-Becky Lynch defeats Natty – Payback for WWE Battleground match \ Alexa Bliss debuts on Smackdown \ Carmella shows up along with Eva Marie-Randy Orton is a guest on Miz TV \ Orton def Miz in one on one match-Dolph Ziggler def Bray Wyatt, John Cena, AJ Styles, Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin \ 6 pack challenge for #1 Contender at SummerSlamFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 WWE BattleGround 2016 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3935

This maybe one of the most loaded shows we have ever done. We recap the opening round of the Cruiserweight Classic, RAW, Smackdown and the Draft are all covered. Then on top of that we preview WWE BattleGroundShow Notes 7/19/16Open Show Cruiserweight Classic opening round -Gran Metalik def Alejandro Saez – Big Showcase for Metalik -HoHo Lun def Davari – WWE really working on Asian expansion -Cedric Alexander def Clement Petiot – Gutsy win, left ROH for the shot. Will have a future with WWE-Kota Ibushi def Sean Maluta – Great showcase for Maluta would have liked him to have a different draw. Ibushi doesn’t disappoint as one of the tourney favorites \match of the nightRAW Recap-RAW and Smackdown name General Managers-Sami and Cesaro def Kevin and Jericho -Darren Young def Alberto Del Rio \ The push continues -Big 12 man tag team match \ New Day, Cena, Enzo and Cass vs The Club and Wyatts -Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins finish world Title Match with double pin fallWrestling Birthday’s Wrestling News-1980s Wrestlers suing WWE over concussion issues. Why they will have a hard time. -There is a rumored fight between Sin Cara and Simon Gotch backstage at SmackDown-Brock Lesnar reported has 2nd positive test by USADA prior to UFC Fight -SmackDown Live Recap-Draft Notes-John Cena vs Luke Gallows / Cena wins – Both camps were at the match-Draft Picks 2nd Round-Zack Ryder and Darren Young vs Miz and Rusev – Zack and Darren get the win both are on rolls -Xavier Woods vs Bray Wyatt \ Bray wins one on one match- up. Bray got mind control over Woods -Kane Chokeslams Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens-Draft resumes -Sasha Banks takes on Brooke and Charlotte in handicapped match\ Sasha loses-Draft resumes-Jericho takes on Cesaro \ Jericho wins -Becky Lynch attacks Natty-Draft -Dean Ambrose def Seth Rollins\ Retains title..WWE BattleGround Preview -Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens -Becky Lynch vs Natalya -John Cena, Enzo and Cass vs The Club (AJ, Gallows and Anderson)-The Miz (Champ) vs Darren Young \ IC Title Match -Rusev (Champ) vs Zack Ryder \ US Title Match -The Wyatt Family vs The New Day-Sasha Banks and TBD vs Charlotte (Champ) and Dana Brooke-Dean Ambrose (Champ) vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns \ WWE Title Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 The Hardys Awful Videos and NWO 20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2041

Show Notes Open Show RAW Recap-WWE gets all American -Lilian Garcia killed the National Anthem-Titus O’Neal looks all Apollo Creed Rocky IV-Charlotte gets confronted by Sasha Banks-John Cena faces off with The Club, Enzo and Big Cass will be Cena’s back up / How will Cena effect their rise-Xavier Woods is scared of them Wyatts-Team USA def Team InternationalWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Randy Orton will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam-Cody Rhodes to write book about the life of the great Dusty Rhodes-TNA moving to Thursday nights -WWE to launch Graphic Novel and Comicbook series / Finally - NWO Turns 20 Cruiserweight Tourney OverviewWWE NXT RecapFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 Still 3 For BattleGround and WCW 1998 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2463

Show Notes 06/30/16Open Show RAW Recap-Seth Rollins opens show shooting the elephant in the room. Roman is discussed. AJ Styles and John Cena also want to interject themselves into the match. Stephanie McMahon sets some stipulations-Paige and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke /Sasha scores win with Bank Statement -Titus O’Neal def Rusev (Champ) \ Count out -Seth Rollins def John Cena \ Bullet Club thwarts Cena’s effort to become part of World Title Match-Enzo and Cass win squash and then beat up Social Outcast -Becky Lynch and -Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens visit the Highlight Reel-Miz (Champ) defends title against demon Kane -Wrestling Birthdays Wrestling News -Brock Lesnar gets WWE 2K17 Cover -WWE develops partnership with Special Olympics-Cody Rhodes announces an 8 city UK tour-Hideo Itami returns to action What I am Watching-1998 WCW Gl Climax Tournament Preview-What to look out for WWE Cruiserweight Tourney TalkFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 MITB Recap 2016 The Ambrose Reign | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3817

Show Notes Open Show Money in The Bank Recap-Tag Team Title match opens show – The New Day (Champs) retain def Bullet Club, Vaudvillians and Enzo and Cass \ Good false finishes and lots of action. Perfect opening match -Baron Corbin def Ziggler \ okay match hopefully the last one for these 2-Charlotte (Champ) and Dana Brooke def Becky Lynch and Natalya \ Natty turns heel -Apollo Crews def Sheamus \ Solid match and athletic showing by Crews -AJ Styles def John Cena -Dean Ambrose wins MITB briefcase -Rusev (Champ) def Titus O’Neal \ US Title -Seth Rollins (Champ) new def Roman Reigns \ Clean win with a Spear- Pedigree counter / Dean Ambrose cashed in MITB new ChampWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -The Jerry Lawler domestic violence incident. Wrestling fans making some of the same mistakes others do -Rumors of who the WWE is trying to sign prior to brand extension-Roman Reigns suspended for Wellness policy violation -Daniel Bryan will work as commentator for Cruiserweight Classic-PPV Schedule leaked RAW Recap-Dean Ambrose (New Champ) opens up the show \ Roman and Seth show up – Number 1 contender match set-Sami Zayn takes on Kevin Owens and wins. The brawl after the match-Enzo and Cass take on Vaudvillians \ Enzo and Shane have a moment before the match – Enzo and Cass win the match -Baron Corbin def Zack Ryder in squash -WWE announces China signing -Charlotte (Champ) def Paige \ Assistance from Dana Brooke \ Sasha Banks returns about time -Bray Wyatt and Family returns \ New Day interrupts -Reigns vs Rollins number 1 contender match has a double count out. \ Shane O’Mac comes out and makes match a triple threat for BattleGround - Dean has Dirty Deeds for everybody Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 MITB 2016 Preview Who is Cashing In | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5610

With Money in the Bank upon us we drop our preview show. Keith rides solo for the 1st segment then Keshia joins in to help finish things off. Opening Promo Ric Flair \ Golden Spoon Open Show 06/15/16 Business for ShowNXT Takeover Recap-Andrade “Cien” Almas def Tye Dillinger -The Revival (Champs) def American Alpha \ New NXT Tag Team Champs/ 2 time champs -Shinsuke Nakamura def Austin Aries / Good match.. Hope to see more of this-Asuka (Champ) def Nia Jax \ Womens NXT Title -Samoa Joe (Champ) def Finn Balor \ Steel Cage Match for NXT TitleMid Promo – John Cena does Hulk Hogan for Fox TV RAW Recap -The New Day open up show and clown Kofi wearing new Steph Curry’s / Enzo and Cass show up -Bullet Club and Vaudvillians def The New Day and Enzo and Cass-Shield Reunion – Ambrose Asylum / fight breaks out - Sami Zayn def Cesaro -Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio def Lucha Dragons \ Retain right to stay in MITB-Dean Ambrose def Chris Jericho \ MITB participants all ringside for all out brawl Wrestling Birthday’s Wrestling News-The WWE officially announces all 32 members of the Cruiserweight Tournament-DX Singer Chris Warren passes away -Gail Kim to be inducted in TNA Hall of Fame -Slammiversay almost didn’t happenFinal Promo – Seth, Dean and Roman all talk MITBMoney In The Bank Preview History of EventBreakdown of Card -AJ Styles vs John Cena -Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler \ Pre Show match-Apollo Crews vs Sheamus -Charlotte (Champ) and Dana Brooke vs Natalya and Becky Lynch -The New Day (Champs) vs The Vaudvillians vs Enzo and Cass vs Bullet Club -Rusev (Champ) vs Titus ONeal \ US Title Match -Roman Reigns (Champ) vs Seth Rollins \ WWE Heavyweight Championship Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 NXT Takeover The End Prev RIP Ali | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4236

Show Notes 6/5/16Open Show RIP Muhammad Ali-Ali’s influence on the world-His involvement and influence in the world of professional wrestling -Overall cultural impact Keshia’s Corner-Keshia catches you up on things and what she thought about the week in Wrestling Wrestling News and stuff from the week-Brock Lesnar will compete at UFC 200, still under WWE contract -Edge and Beth Phoenix welcome 2nd child. Girl named Ruby Ever-A NXT show happened in Atlanta and I knew nothing of it -WWE Network adding AWA content – Supershows -Keith’s Money In The Bank IdeaNXT Takeover Preview -American Alpha(champs) vs The Revival - Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Tye Dillinger- Austin Aries vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Asuka (Champ) vs Nia Jax \ NXT Womens Title - Samoa Joe (Champ) vs Finn Balor \ Steel Cage Match \NXT TitleFollow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 AJ Turns and NJPW Super Jr Standings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2753

Show Notes Open Show RAW Recap -The New Day opens RAW with Shane and Stephanie talking brand Extension-Vaudvillians ruin the Steph dance party. Anderson and Gallows take out New Day making their claim for Tag Title picture-The Golden Truth on RAW -Rusev bad mouths America and faces off with Titus ONeal -Enzo and Big Cass beat the Dudleyz -AJ Styles meets John Cena / Crowd goes crazy – AJ heel turn take down Cena -Dana Brooke def Natty in RAW debut. Charlotte ringside -Dolph Ziggler wants to face Corbin again and claims to be man of 1005 holds / Ziggler is out here kicking people in the kids. -Money In The Bank Tag MatchWrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -WWE and Ticketmaster sites no longer listing Takeover Brooklyn -Cody Rhodes announces his freedom date and people he wants to face-Hideo Itami set to return in the coming weeks-Pabst Blue Ribbon hustles backwards and stops WWE and Cena new shirt. New Japan Super Jr Standings Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 Extreme Rules Recap 16 SmackDown Live | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3464

Keith flies alone again to recap Extreme Rules and give you the latest news in the wrestling worldShow Notes Open Show Extreme Rules Recap -Baron Corbin def Dolph Ziggler \ Preshow Match-The Club def Usos \ Tornado Tag Team Match-Rusev (Champ) def Kalisto \ United States Title Match-The New Day (Champs) def Vaudvillians \ Tag Team Titles-Miz (Champ) def Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens\ Fatal Four Way for IC Title. \ Match of the Night-Dean Ambrose def Chris Jericho \ 1st ever Asylum Match – Keith hates thumbtacks-Charlotte (Champ) def Natalya \ Womens WWE Title Match \ Dana Brooke plays distraction-Roman Reigns (Champ) def AJ Styles \ WWE Title Match\ AJ Looked strong \ Crowd hated Reigns and Usos – Seth Rollins is back Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -Cody Rhodes asks for his release / WWE grants release / Cody pisses off WWE-Ryback flirting with TNA opening during Extreme Rules -George The Animal Steel Health issues -WWE releases Adam Rose -Smackdown going live in July and running its own roster. RAW Recap-Seth Rollins will take on Roman Reigns at Money In The Bank-Sami Zayn def Sheamus in MITB Qualifier Match -Sheamus attacks Apollo Crews backstage-Social Outcast attack New Day before match as if they are supposed to be serious / They lose to New Day -Cesaro def Miz in MITB Qualifier Match- Chris Jericho def Apollo Crews for MIT Qua;lifer-Charlotte goes heel on Ric Flair Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 2016 Extreme Rules Prev The Asylum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3328

Keith is at alone this week. Ready to break down Extreme Rules and who is leaving with what belts. Show Notes Opening Show RAW Recap-Roman faces off with AJ Styles and Uso and The Club show up-Owens, Miz, Zayn and Cesaro all go at it over the IC Title-Rusev teaches little guys a lesson-Dana Brooke gets impressive debut win on RAW over Lynch-Charlotte and Natty Contract Signing closes the show Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -The personal lives of wrestlers. Are Paige and Alberto Del Rio dating?-There is a planned Andre The Giant bio pic. This is an important movie-Extreme Rules Preview History of EventBreak Down Card-Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler / No DQ-New Day (Champs) vs Vaudvillians \ Tag Team Title Match-Kalisto (Champ) vs Rusev \ US Title Match-Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose \ First Ever Asylum Match - Charlotte (Champ) vs Natalya \ WWE Womens Title \ Submission Match-Miz (Champ) vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn \ IC Title Match – Fatal Four Way-Roman Reigns (Champ) vs AJ Styles \ WWE Championship – Extreme Rules Match Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 The Future Endeavors List 2016 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4863

Show Notes – Future Endeavors 05/13/16Open Show RAW Recap -Chris Jericho opens up RAW with a Highlight Reel and is interrupted by Big Cass-Stephanie puts Jericho in his place-Baron Corbin def Dolph Ziggler on RAW -The McMahons not letting anybody come between them. -Paige def Charlotte – Non Title Match-Sami Zayn def Miz to make IC Title match Fatal 4 Way at Extreme Rules-Becky Lynch gets bum rushed by Dana Brooke and Emma-We are Making Darren Young great again with Bob Backlund as life coach.-Sin Cara steals one from Rusev.. He will fall into that Ryback spot-6 man elimination match comes down to AJ and Roman, one on one / Chaos ensues-The New Day are attacked by Vaudvillians -Dean Ambrose attacks Jericho prior to his match with Big Cass -Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -The WWE performs its annual releases, who got let go and what does it mean?-Wrestlers were actually fired in TNA’s “Feast or Fired” matches-Bobby Heenan is at home after recovering from a fall, Bootleg website reported the Brain was dead-WWE Network to add 6000 hours of additional content-Stephanie says she is sure that Chyna will be inducted in the Hall of FameBrief Recap of ROH Global Wars WWE NXT Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling

 WWE Payback 2016 Recap Ryback Out | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5515

Show Notes Open Show WWE Payback Recap-Kalisto (Champ) def Ryback \Retains US Title. Really good match -Enzo Amore injured in match against Vaudvillians, match was stopped-Kevin Owens def Sami Zayn \ Possible match of the night -Miz (Champ) def Cesaro \ Chaos erupts ringside with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens -Dean Ambrose def Chris Jericho \ Hard fought match-Charlotte(Champ) def Natalya \ Screwjob finish. Original WWE Writers -Vince comes out to CM Punk chants \ The Stephanie and Shane faceoff for control – The McMahon kids will run things together -AJ Styles def Roman Reigns (Champ) \ Count out victory – Shane restarts the match\ Low blow DQ with AJ winning. \ Steph restarts the match. \There were Usos and Bullet Club. Roman eventually wins Wrestling BirthdaysWrestling News -TNA Signing new talent -Jimmy Superfly Snuka update trial-Paul Heyman new reality show -Ryback and WWE having Contract issues -RAW Recap-New Day and Big Cass def Dudleyz and Vaudvillians \ Big Cass shines -Ric Flair is banned from ringside for the Charlotte vs Natty rematch at Extreme Rules-Rusev wins US Title #1 Contender battle royal.. -Roman Reigns and Usos take on Bullet Club-Follow on Twitter @RingTimePodcast @Kholtjr @ReallyNoKeshwww.ringtimeprowrestling.com www.kindoflikesports.comAudible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial http://www.audibletrial.com/RingTimeProWrestling


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