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Cindy Pate - Spiritual Medium and Consultant

Summary: This is a wellness and self help podcast, a place to chat about energy, spiritual truths and all things uplifting as we navigate this world of business and personal growth and expansion. Hosted by @cindypate.soulful

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 014- New Moon Intentions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:46

New Moon in Scorpio and all that it means. Join host Cindy Pate as she shares her thoughts and experience on the new moon intentions Follow on Social media. Instagram : @cindypate.soulful

 013- Love Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:30

What does self-love even mean? Is loving yourself, just another way of saying being selfish? Join host Cindy Pate as she shares her thoughts and experience on loving yourself. Diving into what it looks like and what it means to love yourself and embrace who you are. Follow on Social media. Instagram : @cindypate.soulful

 012- Holiday Talk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:34

What are your plans for the holiday season coming up. Can you believe the holiday season is nearly upon us? Join host Cindy Pate as she shares her thoughts and experience on the holiday season. Follow on Social media. Instagram : @cindypate.soulful

 011-Thinking Abundantly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:09

Wondering how you can attract more abundance in your life? What is an abundant life anyway? Join host Cindy Pate as she shares her thoughts and experience on thinking abundantly. Follow on Social media. Instagram : @cindypate.soulful

 009 – Negative Thought Patterns | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:59

009 – Negative Thought Patterns

 010 – Clearing the Energy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:45

Do you ever feel that the energy feels heavy in certain locations? Do you sometimes feel when you walk into your house what have you just walked into as things just feel off and you can’t place your finger on it, well then you don’t want to miss this episode. Join host Cindy Pate as she shares her experience on clearing the energy in your environment and space. Follow on Social media. Instagram : @cindypate.soulful

 006 – Let Love In | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:32

. Hi Guys, Cindy, Spiritual Medium here. And today I’m going to talk about love and letting love in. What does it mean to let love and what does it look like? What should it look like? So let me just, I’m gonna just gonna jump right in there and I’m going to ask you a question. How often do you give love with condition and, it sounds I was like, “hmm, I don’t need love as conditions”, but actually just think about it. How often is the way we love somebody based on what they can do for us or how mutually beneficial the relationship is. That is what I call a love, with condition. And that is not actually truly letting love in because you’re letting love in on your terms and that is not how it should be, what it’s about and how it works. What I mean by letting love in is actually just unconditionally allowing love into your life in any way, shape or form. That could be finding the beauty in nature or the way a stranger smiled at you or a little kid giggled when you looked at them. That is just freely and openly letting love in, and love doesn’t need to be, anything, you know, sort of, doesn’t necessarily just have to stop with the one, the love you have for your partner or for your children or for your siblings. Love is all-encompassing. It is everything. Love is omnipresent. It is just so around us, and in order to have a more fulfilled life, a blessed life, an abundant life, we need to let love in. We need to have just this overwhelming joy regardless of who you’re with or what it is that you’re doing. And it’s often times we get so wrapped up in our own life and everything that’s going on that we forget to actually let love in and, and just go, you know today I’m just happy and just feel the love that’s around us and enjoy it and don’t put any conditions on it or ‘I can be happy’ or ‘I can feel love and joy in my heart because the bills aren’t paid’ That’s just … don’t even go to that discussion. You need to actually just always think of coming from a place of love and joy. And when you start looking that living that, embracing that in your life, you will letting love in, and you will be seeing things from a different perspective, from a different viewpoint, from a different, completely just a different way. And love will just be your all. You will find a love in the littlest of things and it will have no conditions. You won’t feel that you, you owe somebody something because of what they did for you, that is not love. That is a contract, a commitment, a trust, a bond, a word. And as you know, I have previously spoken about, let your, that you convictions be your convictions, and your word be your word, so if you want to listen to that, that’s in the other post, this post is all about giving without expecting in return, giving from a place of love, not with any conditions, not with any strings, not with anything else that you want from it. And that I know because of the way society has become lately. It is. It is a little bit different to see yourself as in “Aah, but I did this for them and they’ve done nothing for me”. Who Cares? It’s like Christmas. Think about Christmas. You give a present and you don’t always expect anything in return. Your kids, certainly are not going to give you a present and yet you still lovingly give them those presents because you want to see the joy in their faces. You want to see them light up. You want to see the love light up in them, and that’s what you need to do in everything in your life. You’ve got to take life like Christmas every day, and it could be, and I know topping on about this,

 008 – Unable To Meditate | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8:56

. Hi Guys. I’m Cindy and I’m a Spiritual Medium. And today I wanted to just talk to you guys a little bit about what meditation is. There’s a lot of questions about being unable to meditate. So what does meditation look like? What happens when you have all these thoughts in your heads? I just want to dive a little bit and talk about meditation. So firstly, what exactly is meditation and for each person that answers, it’s really different and really unique. For some people meditation is just a way of calming the mind, getting, gaining better clarity, getting focused. For the others, meditation could be taking a stroll on the beach and just getting sort of a different perspective. It’s a way just to quiet everything, go into a deeper level of thought or deeper understanding of things. And I, you know, one thing I keep stressing is that there is no one size fits all type of meditation. For some people, it is doing a very zen-like meditation where you could, calm on a pillow, you know, hands together, very focused on the breath. For others. It’s taking a hike and just getting into nature and just completely getting away from all the distractions. And that is actually also going into meditat… , meditative states. For others, it’s the sound of water – going to the beach. For some people, they need a guided meditation. So if you don’t, not sure what a guided meditation is, that is where you listen to somebody’s voice and they give you instructions, like stepping stones. For example: “breathe in, breathe calm. We are going to now follow certain steps or imagine yourself walking in the park” and that is what a guided meditation is. Guided Meditations are usually accompanied by some music as well, so that in order to get you in a sort of trance-like state, and I do like guided meditations because they’re really good at actually getting you to switch off any thoughts that you have. So it’s a good way, if you’re a beginner, and you want to get into meditation a guided meditation is a very good start and it gets you going. So for the, for the big question of being unable to meditate and what should it look like? Meditation – as I said, there is no one size fits all. It looks different for every person. But I’m going to, you know, tackle three main topics. So firstly what happens with all the thoughts in your head? Two, your body moving during meditation. Is that, is that fine? Is it not? And thirdly, what does actual meditation look like? What should, what could you expect? So firstly when it comes to thoughts, having thoughts in your head while you’re meditating is not a bad thing. It is actually your body’s way of clearing any lingering questions, any thoughts or any things you don’t have quite answers to? Because a lot of time I find when I meditate, things that I did think about a while ago will come through to me. Those questions will come through to me while I’m meditating. So those are the thoughts coming in and it’s just your mind’s way of answering any unanswered questions. And it’s also a way for you to start focusing on those questions. So if you think about those questions you can like, okay, is this relevant for now? Is there something that I need to look at, address or focus on? So it’s actually going in meditation. Having those thoughts is actually a good thing because it gives you a chance to actually just prioritize what’s important, where you’re going and what you’re doing. So don’t worry if you stop meditating and you’re like, I have all these thoughts in my head, what am I doing? That’s fine. Go with it.

 007 – Be Silent | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:18

. Hi guys, it’s Cindy, Spiritual Medium. And today I just want to talk about being silent and what actually being silent means and involves. You know, I don’t know … everyone grew up pretty differently, but the way I grew up, Mom used, my mother always used to tell me that God gave you two ears and one month, one month, so be quiet and listen more than you talk. And that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about today because I’ve seen a growing trend of confusion and miscommunication happening and that happens purely because the other party is not listening. We’ve spent so much time just talking and, and focusing on getting our point across that we’ve lost that of actually listening to someone else’s point and the point that they are trying to make, and I know it’s kind of sucky to say you need to listen more, but that’s exactly what we need to do. We actually need to take time to stop and actually be silent and actually listen to what the people around you are saying. What are they needing from you and what are they judging? And when you actually be silent and actually listen to the feedback that they are giving you, it is only then that you can actually learn how to accept that feedback, how to accept constructive feedback and not take it as an attack and actually learn and grow from it. Because it’s so easy to, when somebody says, oh, I don’t like what you’re doing to just automatically get on the back foot, but when you actually take the time to find out, “hey, what is it that you want from me? What is it that you need from me? What is, what is it that I can do to improve? What am I doing well and what am I improving on? “ And when you take the time to be silent, you can actually have those open and honest discussions without anybody feeling bad, feeling hurt. Because in order also to be an effective leader, you need to be able to take feedback effectively. And the first way to start in building a very good relationship with yourself and with everyone around you is to actually, in all honesty, be silent. And it’s sometimes so hard to just sit there and listen and not jump in and want to say something. And if you’ve got kids, you know how hard that is to just sit there and let them talk and not jump in and correct. Firstly what they’ve said because they’ve said it incorrectly. But to actually just sit there and listen because half the time it sounds like garbage that they’re saying and the other, but in that other half that you, that you miss, you actually hear the true essence of what they’re saying. And I know a lot, a lot of times, and I’ve been guilty of this before, where we switch off too soon and when I say we switch off, we start listening and we think, okay, today I’m going to be listening. I’m going to be fully present. And you start listening and then you get to the point where you like, I don’t like what I’m hearing. So you switch off and in the moment that you switch off, you are not opening yourself up to the rest of what they’re saying. And in the rest of it, you may have missed a gem, a nugget, it may be that 90% of what they spoke about is crap, but that 10% is the 10% that you needed to hear. But if you were not open the whole time, all you got was the crap. So this is why actually listening and being fully present, fully opening yourself up to that person, fully letting love in, as I spoke about in a previous episode about letting love, when you let love in and just open and listen and you are silent, you are opening up so much more opportunities to grow, so much more opportunities to take back, to take on feedback,

 005 – Stand by your convictions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:24

. Hi Guys. Cindy, Spiritual Medium, and I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about your convictions, your beliefs, your word, and that sounds a whole lot in a mouthful. But what it is, is, do you speak your truth? Do you honest. Can you word be trusted and can it be respected? What do you actually stand, what do you actually believe in? This comes from putting yourself first and then you know, it sounds a little bit crazy, like what do you mean by putting yourself first? What I mean is do not over commit yourself. If you can’t do something, then don’t do it, because your convictions and what you believe in stands for so much. And if people cannot believe in you, then your word is nothing, means nothing to them. And the way I like to phrase it when I’m coaching clients and doing workshops is let your ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no’ be no. Because when you stand by your convictions and your beliefs, your word means so much. In order to do that, your ‘yeses’ have to be yes, and your ‘nos’ have to be no. And what I mean, let me give you an example, do not offer to meet somebody for coffee or to do something for them when you know your schedule is so busy that you, that like you can’t be there or, one you either you cancel or two you are there but you’re not actually there because your brain is going, “okay, I’m having this coffee but I’ve got to do 10 other things on my list”. So it’s a rushed event and you’re not giving that person your true self? Because you shouldn’t have said yes in the first place. And I know it may sound like I’m going, “but I have to say yes if I’m, but I don’t say yes, they’re going to think I’m a really bad person and I need to be everything, everything to everyone” and NO YOU DON’T. You don’t. You need to be everything for yourself. When you can say yes to yourself first, everything else just falls into place because you do not need to be there for everybody. You need to just be there for yourself. Okay? And the reason I say that is because I see so many, so many people out there. This is where they start getting stuck because you’re so caught up in everything around you and nobody believes in your belief or your convictions or your word because it’s been broken so many times. And that is why it’s become like, oh yeah, whatever. She’s always going to be, she’s always late. Because guess what your word doesn’t mean anything. If you say you’re going to be somewhere at 10 o’clock, you always there at quarter past 10 kind of a thing and that’s because you’ve stopped putting yourself first and you have overextended and tried to be the for everybody, which means you’re not there for yourself. You haven’t taken time to go, hey, what do I need right now? Do I actually need to go have coffee? Do I actually want to bake that cake for, for somebody? And it may be a no and it’s okay to say no. The only person you don’t say no to is yourself. And I, you know, with the, we, we preach about taking self-care, self-love, relaxing, but how many of us actually do it? Take the time to just be there, for yourself, switch off to everybody else and be present and say, you know what, “Today I’m going to do nothing. I’m just going to veg on the couch”. And the kids, the dogs, the animals are fed. Now I’m going to take like two hours and just veg and play a game or something. And that is where you start putting yourself first. You start realizing how you, how much you extending yourself and you start learning that you can’t keep doing that.

 004 – Legacy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6:40

. Hi, guys, I’m Cindy and I’m a Spiritual Medium. Today I want to talk to you about legacy and a lot of time that gets confused with thinking, “what am I leaving behind?” in you know, financial terms. I want you to think about legacy in terms of what are you leaving behind for your loved ones, your friends and your family in terms of your image. And that sounds a little bit strange to say ‘your image’ but what, what I mean by that is we all remember, we all remember certain things from loved ones that have past. I mean it could be, ‘I remember drunk uncle so-and-so, he’d always blah, blah, blah.’ ‘I remember my granny, she used to make the best biscuits.’ Everyone has a legacy that they leave behind, whether it’s a good one or bad one. And this is what I’m going to talk to you about. You have a choice to decide what your legacy is going to be. What are you, what do you want to be remembered by? And not just financial because financial goes out the way. If you leave your kids a stack load of money, they’re going to be like, “Woo-hoo. Money”. And when the money’s dried up, they’re not going to be like, “Whoa. Okay”. So we’re not talking financial, we’re talking about lessons, life lessons, beliefs, ethics, foundations of good structure. What are you, what is your legacy that you want to leave behind to your loved ones? What is it that you want to, them to remember you by? Do you want them to remember you as somebody that was always determined, always stood by their beliefs? Somebody that knew that by doing the hard work you can achieve greatness. Or you know, like being a marathon runner, leaving behind the legacy that if you train hard, you can achieve what you thought was impossible. And this is why, you know, I find that a lot of times I’ve seen parents where they’ve let their dream go and they’re like, oh, I’ll do it when the kids are older or not now, maybe next year or year two, what is the legacy that you’re leaving behind? What are you showing your kids? You’re showing them that, that it’s okay to actually not dream, not believe, even though you turning around and saying to them, “oh, you’ve got to believe in your dreams”, “Dream as big as the stars”, but you’re not doing the same. And you know, it sounds crazy. It’s like, oh, but I’m telling them. Kids follow your example. They are your mini-me. What you do is what they do. And what you do is a pattern that’s going to repeat down the generational line. So I want you to think about that legacy. What is it that you are leaving behind for your kids? And not just your kids, your family members, your brothers, your sisters, what are you showing them? Because they will learn from that. And they will, they will absorb it, but especially when they see greatness, when they see, you did not let adversity get you down. That is one of the best, biggest lessons I’ve seen that for people take home from as adversity. I’ve got, I’ve got something that I’ve, I am so honoured to call her my friend and she is a tetraplegic. And I think it’s about 15 years ago now. She was in a freak accident and she lost, she’s lost mobility. And you know what, through adversity, she came up the other side and she could have just gone, ‘you know want this is my life. I am just done with it.’ And basically just for the rest of the days being waited on hand and foot by the people but instead, no she rose up above that and she has got a level of independence that most people that were in her situation do not ha...

 003 – Who am I? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:17

. Hi Guys. I’m Cindy and I’m a Spiritual Medium. So today I thought I’d just change things up a little bit because I get asked quite a lot of times who am I and in also who am I, where have I been, what do I come from, how does that evolve? So first and foremost as my title would say, I am a Spiritual Medium. And what that means is that I am the connection, the bridge, what I like to call it, between the spiritual realm and the human realm. Most of my clients have probably come to me when they’re feeling stuck, and they’re not sure where the next step is that they need to do in business, career-wise, life-wise and I use my abilities, my connection with Spirit in order to give them what they need right now, to help them to heal any wounds or blocks that they have as well as how to empower them to actually get to the next stage, the next step in life. So, roughly, I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I have been, really, doing it since I was a really young girl. I’ve just… It’s something that’s just, again, come naturally to me and I’ve always been intuitive and over the years I’ve learned how to grow and fine-tune my gift and actually listen, listen to what Spirit is saying more and actually get clear or concise messages from Spirit. And that obviously, as has got over the years, that obviously has developed to the stage where I am now, where I can pinpoint blocks in people’s lives very quickly without having to beat around the bush, to say it so much. I’m originally not from; I’m originally from South Africa and I have lived in many countries and in doing so have actually, was able to, I’ve been able to learn a lot of the dynamics of like people work learning psychology of that. And it’s been really good because there’s been different cultural perspectives to Mediumship and actually being able to learn and grasp from them has actually helped me tremendously. So now I’m going to turn it a little bit on its head and going to go. You guys know who I am and what I stand for and what I believe and what I hold true. Now I’m going to ask you. Who are you and can you answer that question on: “Who am I?” A lot of times people, I find when I talk to people, I’m like, “Who are you?” And then we’re like, ah, and they’ll just give their name and “I do x, y, z” and they’ll talk about their career, and that’s not “Who are you?” I want to know what defines you, what brings you joy, what makes you happy? What is your purpose? And your purpose doesn’t need to be something major like ending, you know, ending, peace, ending having world peace and ending suffering or whatever, which is a good goal to have. But your purpose could be also in organization that doing organizing or doing event planning is your passion and that it’s just who you are. You just naturally a person that just loves doing that. So this is what I want you to think about. Have that conversation with yourself and ask yourself, “Who am I?” And for most of us, if you actually go back to yourself as a child, now I’m talking around about between the ages of about three and five, six, you’ll actually find that what you used to do then is so in line with who you are today and what your true purpose is. For me, if you had to look at me at that stage, I was free. I was always the teacher, always giving lessons. I’d have my teddy bears all in a row and they’d have to listen to me, and my Mum, and everyone, thought I was going to be a school teacher. Well, I’m teaching in a different sense now,

 002 – Life is not static | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:34

. Hi Guys, I’m Cindy, and I’m a Spiritual medium. Today I want to talk to you about living life in the present and not living a static life because, let’s be honest, life is not static. It’s always evolving. It’s always changing. It’s dynamic and it’s fluid and it just moves. So the reason I say it’s always fluid, it’s always moving, is that we are always learning, growing, evolving, changing. Sometimes it can get easy to be static and by static I mean stuck in the past. Having your past behaviours dictate your current life. And yes, what happened to you in the past does affect, in essence, who you are and who you’ve become because that was part of your evolving process. But that’s the key. It’s part of your evolving process. That is not where you stop, you keep growing. You keep building on those layers, adding those layers to your life, adding that evolution, that awakening, that understanding, that insight, that growth. That is what it’s all about. That is what a fluid, moving, life is about, and nothing is designed to be static. Life is not designed to be static. We’re designed to evolve and grow and learn, just like animals that over time adapt to their surroundings, that’s what we need to do as well. We need to adapt and I’ve seen it time and time again where something bad happens to, you know, let’s say for example something bad happened to you and that’s all that you focus on. You focus on this incident for example, you know, being injured or let’s see, you know, look, use my hand for example. I have the choice to just focus on the fact that hey, I don’t have, at the moment I don’t have a thumb, my thumb, it’s, it’s up in the air. If it’s actually ever going to be functional and I’ve got the choice to sit with that and go, you know, I don’t, I don’t know if I’m going to have a thumb, I’m not going to be able to write again, and just keep replaying those loss words in my mindset where that’s all that I know, where I don’t actually start thinking about my thumb actually being healed or my thumb actually being fine. I just focus on it just like – I don’t have a thumb, and that is living my life in static. Not thinking past it, not going, hey, that was an event that happened to you, now let’s move forward. What can we do instead? Let’s pick, let’s use, let’s start using the left hand to how to write. So when, so when this hand comes back, cool, we’ve got both options. That is, that is what living a fluid life is all about. Taking a situation and looking at it from a different perspective, seeing the lessons that can be learnt, what can you learn from this moment? Yes. Sometimes things like divorce crop up or sickness or death or financial ruin. These things happen. These are part of life but they do not define you. They do not. They do not cripple you unless you let them. It’s your choice to stay static. And because, the reason I say it’s your choice is because we are designed to flow, we’re designed to evolve and you make the choice to jump off the stream and actually stay at that point and not actually continue down the road and see what else is in store for you. So I guess what I’m, what I’m trying to get at today is that I don’t want you to stay static. I want you to acknowledge what happened and say, “Hey, what was the lesson in that? What can I take away from this? What can I learn from this? How can I grow? How can I be better?” For example, in a divorce, there are two sides, it’s never a one sided thing that both parties are at fault and y...

 001 – Find Your Voice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4:12

. Hi Guys, I’m Cindy Pate and I’m a Spiritual Medium. And today I want to just talk to you a little bit about finding your voice in the silence, and that sounds a little bit crazy, you’re saying: “I’ve got a voice, I can talk, I know who I am.”, and I’m going to ask you the question – Do you really know who you are? Is the voice that you’re currently presenting the one that you think society wants to hear? The reason I’m asking this is because right now there is so much going on. You’ve got social media influence, you’ve got family influence, friends, jobs, society, everything. Voices are starting to get lost in the noise. The voices that we’re starting to hear are all sounding the same and we’re losing our identity. This is the reason that I so often hear people asking “How do I find my purpose?”, “How do I find who I am?”, “What is it that makes me, me?”, and my answer to that is that: In the silence, we find our voice. It is not until we take a step back, take stock, that we find our voice and find out who we truly are. It can feel like a very scary experience, but it’s not. It’s the most freeing, joyous, experience – finding your voice. This does not need to be complicated or scary. The simplest, easiest, way is to literally take time for yourself and just being quiet. Take your phone and throw it away – not too far away, you’ll need it, let’s be honest – that’s just the life we live. Take your phone and switch it off, switch off from your family, your friends and your loved ones. This is not an eternity. I’m talking about 10 – 15 minutes a day, or even once a week. Just sit in silence. At first, you’re going to have all these thoughts going through your head like a to-do list, thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting here for 10 minutes, I’ve got this, this, this, this, this to do’. What I want you to do say to yourself that for just these 10 minutes you have nothing to do but focus on being. Say ‘I am just letting my inner voice come out, my inner voice talk, my inner voice say what it wants to say.’. When you start doing that, when you start practising that, you’ll start finding your voice. You’ll start stepping into your voice and you’ll start knowing what is aligned with you, what truly makes you happy, where is it that you want to be in your life, in your career. What do you want for your family? What does that look like? You’ll only find that when you find your voice. And, as I said, You’ll only find your voice in the silence, and when you’re not afraid to be silent and listen. I know a lot of us are afraid of the silence and what the silence may tell you, but is that not a sign to you, That you are so scared of the silence because you’re not being true to yourself. That you are letting fear dictate your voice, and stopping your inner voice from coming through. So, I’d like to encourage you to take 5, 10, even 15 minutes a day and find your voice. It will be the most freeing, special thing you can do for yourself. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye.


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