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Summary: The Fly Guy Podcast is Practical Consciousness for the Black Conscious Community and OUR Conscious allies. Featuring #DjSekoVarner) with a host of special guests, our podcast gives you stuff you need to know with an underlying focus on Melaninated Economics and politics. Join us as we discuss Uplift, Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, Social progress, and Community activism with fellow investors, educators, business people, authors, content creators, and community activists. # 4yearsoffocus. As well, Seko shares content derived from the various community events that he supports, or attends.

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 Single mothers with sons & male privilege - @DanTresOmi on the #FlyGuysPodcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1781

WARNING ! The views expressed in this podcast are solely those of the person expressing those views.The #FlyGuysPodcast featuring educator @DanTresOmi and @GrandpaCrunk the Edutainer (Education & Entertainment) discuss views on "How a single mother can assist her son who is beginning to underachieve in the school system." This episode resulted from comments left on the YouTube page: from a listener of the Fly Guys Podcast who stated " I tend to overcompensate sometimes by trying to make sure he gets what he wants because I feel guilty (for lack of a better word) that his dad is not willing to play a role in his life." The Fly Guys begin with the single mother's concerns which morph into a short-lived discourse on male privilege.@DanTresOmi has a great socially progressive podcast:Instagram: @DanTresOmiTwitter: @DanTresOmi Tres Omi is a T-shirt model, Afro-Latino, B-boy, podcaster, Pro-Feminist, Hip Hop Diplomat, writer, and Capoeirista. He and Dj Seko have been friends for over two decades and they often land on close-yet-distant positions on matters impacting the Conscious Community.#DjSekoVarner The Edutainer can be found here:Instagram: @GrandpaCrunkTwitter: @GrandpaCrunk#DjSekoVarner is a lecturer, educator, middle-aged-b-boy, and an entertainer.

 From #Dope to #Hope - Apostle Burnell Williams talks #transformation ( #FlyGuysPodcast ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2240

From a gun toting drug dealer to a man leading leaders. The Fly Guys try to get a word in edgewise while chatting Personal-Transformation-Stuff with Apostle Burnell Williams of Kingdom reign Church and the Global about his early New Orleans days in organized crime and his change to a righteous direction. This is part 1 of a three part series which will explore sources of change, sources of finance, and practical uses of faith and faith organizations. Contact Apostle Burnell: - The views expressed on this episode are those of the guests and are not necessarily those of the hosts or entities associated with the hosts. Focused on community improvement The Fly Guys do things on the fly in a fly manner ! Stay tuned for talk about work-in-progress ! Fly Guy Community Activists, FOREX Traders, & Party with a Purpose Brothers Bert Bergan (from & Seko "DJ Seko" Varner (from @grandpacrunk) discuss Conscious Consumerism, Change, Uplift, and community activism with fellow investors, educators, and activists. #4yearsoffocus .

 What are you going to do to KEEP my business ??? with Dr. Karen Pruden ( #FlyGuysPodcast BRANDED) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2189

"What are you going to do to KEEP my business ?" asks Dr. Karen Hills Pruden​. In this episode The Fly Guys (Sheena Boston & Seko "DJ Seko" Varner) chop it up with Dr. Pruden of PGBSC about her business, her mission, and diversity.Pruden Global Business Solutions Consulting, LLC (PGBSC) is a consulting firm specializing in partnering with entrepreneurs and organizations in devising business and strategic plans to reach the next level of success. Areas of specialization are: Business Plans, Operations Troubleshooting, Human Resources Management, Process Auditing, Executive Coaching, Talent Development, Financial Education, and Ministry Education. - Prudenglobalbusinesssolutions.comFocused on community improvement, Sheena Boston (from & Seko "DJ Seko" Varner (from @grandpacrunk) discuss Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, and community activism with fellow investors, educators, and activists. #4yearsoffocus .

 #Suprememathematics (Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding) - @sekoBEvarner at Green Run's Equus Week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 770

The Day One talk! Seko Varner (@sekoBEvarner) talks with a room of male high school students at Green Run High School for the school's Equss week Men of Tomorrow luncheon. Varner talks about three things that have impacted his manhood, the 5%ers numerology concept of Knowledge-Wisdom-Understanding along with the concept of life having a Pre-season-Season-Post Season experience, and that adversity is present to teach-train-test a person.

 #intersectionality - #Regular folk & them Mother F#ck@rs w/ @DanTresOmi & @Samscorner2018 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1644

Profanity Warning - #nsfw@DanTresOmi & @samscorner2018 & @GrandpaCrunk & talk Kimberlé Crenshaw's (@Sandlylocks) concept of intersectionality politics on the #FlyGuysPodcast using the ZOOM platform. Stay tuned for deep conversation and Sam's comical-conscious-crazy talk. Prime ya' pump by reading @bimadew 's article: Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw (@sandylocks) is an American civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory. She is a full-time professor at the UCLA School of Law and Columbia Law School, where she specializes in race and gender issues."In recent times, intersectionality theory – the study of how different power structures interact in the lives of minorities, specifically black women, a theory she named in the 1980s – has enjoyed a resurgence in popular and academic feminism. Her name and her work has become an introductory point for feminists of all stripes."

 Parent on Purpose & Be a legacy maker !!! says @bk2vabrina Sabrina Bailey ( #FlyGuysPodcast ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2211

Sabrina Bailey says Parent on Purpose and Be a legacy maker ! Fly Guys Sheena Boston and DJ Seko Varner speak "parenting on purpose", the loss of unborn children, and being a legacy creator with insurance agent and Vida Divina distributor Sabrina Bailey. Along the way the trio discusses being valuable and moving on when one's dreams are repeatedly unmet. Life Insurance / Vida Divina (757) 362-1723 on community improvement The Fly Guys do things on the fly in a fly manner ! Stay tuned for talk about work-in-progress !Fly Guy Community Activists, FOREX Traders, & Party with a Purpose Brothers and Sisters Sheena Boston, Bert Bergan (from & Seko "DJ Seko" Varner (from @grandpacrunk) discuss Conscious Consumerism and community activism with fellow investors, educators, and activists. #4yearsoffocus .

 #GoRedForWomen ! @teamdreamgivers Says "You're The #Cure" @ #TheSANKOFAnetwork - #FlyGuysPodcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 654

#GoRedForWomen !!!! Live @ #TheSANKOFAnetwork monthly #survivor Tamika Quinn (@teamdreamgivers) shares her #testimony and #living #healthier lives with @IamJazmineSmith & #DjSekoVarner .

 @new.andguide 's @BrendaAndrews speaks #BlackPress & #BlackPanther @ #TheSANKOFAnetwork | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 956

#NewJournalAndGuide 's publisher and owner Brenda Andrews speaks about the #BlackPress and #BlackPanther @ #TheSANKOFAnetwork 's February Edition with #DjSekoVarner and @IamJazmineSmith .The New Journal and Guide is a regional weekly newspaper based in Norfolk, Virginia, and serving the Hampton Roads area. The weekly focuses on local and national African-American news, sports, and issues and has been in circulation since 1900.The Norfolk Journal and Guide evolved from a fraternal order publication known as The Lodge Journal and Guide to become one of the leading black southern newspapers. When P.B. Young Sr. purchased it in 1910, it was a four-page weekly with a circulation of 500. By the mid-1940s it had been expanded to 32 pages and circulation was over 80,000. Young served as The Guide's editor and publisher until his retirement in 1946. Family members assisted him with the paper during this period. In 1929 his eldest son P. B. Young Jr. joined the staff, and in 1932, his youngest son, Thomas White Young, began working as an assistant in the business office. Both sons would later serve as war correspondents for The Guide during World War II.Under the Youngs' management, the paper became one of the nation's top selling black newspapers. Critics lauded it as one of the best edited, best written, well researched, and organized papers of its era. Many well known journalists including T. Thomas Fortune contributed articles to the paper.The Guide was considered a moderate paper because its position on interracial issues was often presented less militantly than many other black papers. The Guide did not have the same freedoms as did black papers published in the North, and had to rely more on quiet, factual journalism than on sensational "yellow journalism" techniques to improve conditions for African Americans. It often could not denounce social injustice outright since it was so firmly entrenched in the South.

 #BlackPanther & #NakiaWasRight & #KilmongerWasRight with @DanTresOmi & @Starr__Armstrong | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2363

@Starr__Armstrong from @ccia_org guest-girls on the #FlyGuysPodcast with #DjSekoVarner a.k.a. @GrandpaCrunk & @DanTresOmi to discuss the #BlackPantherMovie & The #BlackPanther movie's #Twitter & #BlackTwitter fest regarding #KilmongerWasRight rather than #NakiaWasRight & Folk who need to get a #NEXT ! #BlackCardRevoked

 A #stillborn baby returns..... as a business model - #KennedysAngelGowns ( #FlyGuysPodcast ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2313

Kennedy's Angel Gowns provides FREE Angel Gowns to families that experience Stillborn Births. Fly Guys Sheena Boston and DJ Seko Varner speak with Heather and Demitri, business owners that does work that matters in the aftermath of a still-born birth. Kennedy's Angel Gowns mission is to Help, Heal, and Give Back to bereaved families. We provide hand crafted burial gowns for baby girls and vests & ties for baby boys for families who have suffered the loss of a child before, during, or shortly after birth at no cost. These beautiful garments are hand crafted and sewn from some of the finest materials, as they are made from donated wedding gowns. ​In addition Kennedy's Angel Gowns also helps families to access other resources for bereaved families and helps to raise awareness to the silence that often surrounds infertility, miscarriage, early neo-natal loss, still birth, and infant loss. Many people who experience this tragedy often feel very alone and isolated. Our mission is to bring awareness and break the silence. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is a licensed 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

 Be Bold, be brilliant, be Gone - Al Hutchinson at the #NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet ( #FlyGuysPodcast ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1294

Keynote speaker Al Hutchinson, President and CEO of Baltimore Convention & Visitor's Bureau speaks at the Virginia Beach, Virginia branch of the NAACP's Freedom Fund Banquet. He begins his message of social involvement and leading towards excellence by stating that he will focus on Being Bold, Being Brilliant, and finally Being Gone.Al Hutchinson, 57, became Visit Baltimore’s new president and CEO in November 2016. Hutchinson brings more than 24 years of experience in the hospitality and destination marketing industry to Baltimore, most recently serving as president and CEO of Visit Mobile, where he was recognized as the 2016 Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance’s ‘Tourism Promoter of the Year.’ Under Hutchinson’s leadership, Visit Mobile launched a new brand campaign, ‘Born to Celebrate;’ saw record visitor attendance; a large increase in visitor inquiries; and an increase in the city’s hotel occupancy rate and revenue collection.As president and CEO of Visit Baltimore, Hutchinson will be responsible for leading the growth of the convention and tourism industry in Baltimore, overseeing the day-to-day management of all sales and marketing programs and serving as the hospitality industry’s liaison to the business, civic and local community, while demonstrating the impact of tourism on the City and State.“Visit Baltimore is a strong bureau well positioned for growth and I have great confidence that Al is the right leader to build upon recent successes of the organization,” said Frisch. “From hosting a record 30 citywide conventions in 2015 coupled with multiple years of record visitation numbers, to the creation of a separate Visit Baltimore Education & Training Foundation, he is taking over the helm of a very strong organization. I know that the organization, and in turn the City, the region and the State, will benefit from his sales and marketing experience and strong reputation as a collaborative, transparent leader and effective communicator.”Hutchinson takes over from Ron Melton who stepped in to serve as interim president and CEO at Visit Baltimore beginning May 6, 2016. Melton returns to his full time role as chief operating officer. “I would like to extend my gratitude to Ron for stepping into the interim role during this search process and thank him for his leadership during this time of transition,” said Frisch.Prior to joining Visit Mobile, Hutchinson served as the vice president of convention sales and services at the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau where, for more than 11 years, he led the convention sales and service team, directed the advertising agency and worked closely with community leaders, industry decision makers, elected officials and tourism partners.Hutchinson has spent a good portion of his professional career in the hospitality industry also serving in leadership positions with the Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Charlotte Convention Center, the Park Hotel in Charlotte and the Richmond Metropolitan CVB.“I look forward to leading Baltimore’s tourism efforts and to working with the Visit Baltimore team, Convention and Tourism Board of Directors, the city’s elected officials and the citizens of Baltimore to lead the City to new heights,” said Hutchinson. “I’m excited by the opportunity to take the helm of such a strong organization.”

 They don't wear what they earn - Dr. Kyleah Parson of CLP Financial ( #FlyGuyPodcast BRANDED ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2203

"A lot of people live and die by their Tax Return....They need to hold their coin....... because they may not get it for the next 4 years (Under President Trump). The Fly Guys (D.J. Seko Varner handled the wheels) discuss Personal Financial stuff with Dr. Kyleah Parson of CLP Financial ( in this BRANDED episode of The Fly Guys. Photo credit: (New Journal & Guide) - The views expressed on this episode are those of the guests and are not necessarily those of the hosts or entities associated with the hosts.Focused on community improvement, Fly Guy Community Activists, IML FOREX Traders, & Party with a Purpose Brothers Bert Bergan ( & Seko "DJ Seko" Varner (from @grandpacrunk) discuss Conscious Consumerism and community activism with fellow investors, educators, and activists. #4yearsoffocus .

 @ashlan_rae says You Need Structure @ #TheSankofa (#FlyGuysPodcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 475

The Brown Girls in Business Traphouse Queen @ashlan_rae says "You Need Structure" at the monthly event called #TheSankofa in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Sankofa is produced by #DjSekoVarner and a host of other talented business-community activists.Ashlan Rae (@ashlan_rae) helps #blackcreative women find their voice in a world not made for them. She says "Permission Granted to #GetSh#tDone + give exactly zero f*#ks about societal f*#kery". She leads the Brown Girls Billionaires Gang and reminds women that somestimes "When you’re broke, ready to give up, and think it’s not worth it...remember your friends have 9-5s & they’re still broke AF...

 Take care of YOUR #economy - Tiniki Riddick speaks @ #TheSANKOFA (#FlyGuysPodcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 357

01 26 2017 @ Montego Island Grill in Va. Beach, Virginia #MyEcon associate Tiniki Riddick says "You have to TAKE care of YOUR economy" & talks #incomeshifting @ THE SANKOFA network produced by DJ Seko of The Fly Guys Podcast. THE SANKOFA is held on the last Friday monthly and is a networking of Business folk, Woke folk, consumers, Not-for-profit folk, religious folk, spiritual folk, and community activists held in the Hampton Roads area.

 Spending Power ??? There's NO power in consumerism ! Steven Means ( #FlyGuyPodcast ) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1745

"You can't aspire until you've been exposed. Steve is Building The Group Economic Financial Awareness Army. "Spending Power ??? There's NO power in consumerism." Discussing with Primerica's Steven Means, we're going IN, This discussion with Steve, The Financial Army Builder, about his "mission" to assist "Black" people with financial awareness and a financial biblical-based plan for "Blacks" to leave a legacy for the great grandchildren.


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