The Concierge Medicine Show show

The Concierge Medicine Show

Summary: The average weight time to see a primary care doctor is 19 days. And after waiting nearly 3 weeks to be seen, typical lobby wait times are 1-2 hours. Then, if you're lucky, you'll get 5 minutes with your doctor. People are frustrated and deserve more. This show will give you everything you need for you and your doctor to have meaningful conversations. And, frankly, some of these conversations might just save your life.


 How To Lose Weight Fast | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 20

For the past 35 years the universal advice for weight loss has been, “eat less and exercise more”. News flash: it isn't working. 70% of all adult Americans are overweight and obese. In this episode, you’re going to learn why the age-old advice to eat less, exercise more, although really good for selling gym memberships, is not doing a very good job of helping us lose weight, and the statistics tell us that we've never been fatter as a nation.

 Truth About Cholesterol | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 14:20

With so much information out there, it can be a challenge to find truth about cholesterol . Fact: stroke and heart attack numbers are at all-time highs. Yet, the sad irony is that we are also consuming less dietary fat and cholesterol at the same time. In this episode, I'm going to give you the 2 must-know facts about cholesterol and the 3 must-have conversations that you need to be having with your doctor about your cholesterol numbers, but aren't.


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