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Conquering Chaos

Summary: Life is chaotic! Take control and step into your potential as you join Erin E Hooley, President and Founder of multi-million dollar children's clothing line Bailey's Blossoms (and newly launched sister brand Peyton Bre) to learn how to scale your business by leveraging the power of social media and the art of true connection. As the mother of six children Erin is passionate about coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, and specifically mompreneurs to see that the only limitations that matter are the ones you put on yourself. "Conquering Chaos" is for the entrepreneur looking for tried and true tips and tricks for leveraging social media marketing techniques, growing your audience, maximizing online sales potential, stepping into your true potential, motherhood, balance, faith, and SO much more! THIS is modern day mompreneurship! Business and motherhood are NOT enemies folks, so let's get started!

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The power to grow is often tied to our ability to adapt and change and it is this very process that has the potential to mold us into or God given potential!


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