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Summary: ALTER explores the practice of transformation as a conversation between hustle and flow, altering and altaring. Hosted by Nicole Meline, this cross-genre, culture-shaping journey ignites imagination and explores personal and creative growth through bold stories, raw conversations, wondering meditations. Encouragement—an infusion of courage—for the moments you need it most. Join the conversation at

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 Oath Part 2 - Crafting Your Mission Statement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:02

Mission Magnetizes Momentum. A Conversation with Jennifer Jairdullo, and an invitation to craft an oath, a refined, personalized mission statement, a sankalpa, for this season of your life or business. Inspired by the Oath Workshop: Envision Planner: @nicolemeline

 Oath Part 1 - What's Your Manifesto? | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 28:31

It’s something beyond a resolution and intention. And something beyond a desire. It's a statement of dedication. An invitation to craft an oath, a refined, personalized mission statement, a sankalpa, for this season of your life or business. Because mission magnetizes momentum. Inspired by the Oath Workshop: Envision Planner: @nicolemeline

 Meditation: Heart as Hearth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:57

A guided meditation to cultivate nomadic belonging—heart as hearth. A home frequency you can drop into any time, any where. Music: Heart Sutra Song - Gone Beyond (Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith) from 'Songs from the Bardo' Inspired by the Envision Planner:

 Nomadic Belonging: Field Notes on Pilgrimage | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 34:26

What does modern pilgrimage look like? What is transformational travel? I have always been fascinated by the tradition of pilgrimage—a journey shaped with intention but also intentionally open-ended, unsure of its geographic and spiritual twists. Open to possibility. Inspired by the Envision Planner: Music: Homeward - Future of Forestry Ben Sollee - Maidentrip

 Meditation: Embodying 2020 | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 21:23

A meditation to incubate your next year. 'Vision is just a rumor—just a possibility—until it lives in the body.' Inspired by the Envision Planner: music: Gentle Mercy - Benny Holloway Bloom - East Forest Facebook: @nicolejoymeline

 Envisioning 2020 | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 44:13

Vision-casting your 2020. Inspired by the Envision Planner: Facebook: @nicolejoymeline

 Integrate 2019 - Your Year in Review | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 33:42

A journey to reflect, review, and integrate your past year. A perfect guide for a reflective inventory of your life at any chosen moment: approaching a birthday, new year, or new season, or transition to a new chapter. This episode is inspired by the Integrate Year in Review Journal at

 Meaningful Holidays: Celebrations + Ritual, Part 2 | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 28:50

How we can make rituals of routines? 'Ceremony and ritual are ways of training our attention to the sacred that’s astir in the ordinary. That radical giftedness we’re all living in. Of training ourselves to develop razor sharp attention, the finest tuned antennae to where grace is at work, interrupting, disrupting the story of a zero sum game.' - Nicole Meline Envision Planner: Year in Review Journal:

 A Thanksgiving Blessing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:31

Gratitude is the greatest drug in the universe. 

 Celebrations + Ritual, Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:50

An exploration of how celebrations, ceremony, and rituals enrich our lives. Imagining how to make the holidays 'holy-days' - days of presence, attention, and ritual. And an introduction to the Envision Planner:

 Smoke Signals | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 23:37

Creative work has a life of its own. Announcing Spring Breakthrough: a gathering of young women becoming soulful leaders, March 15-18, in Palm Springs. Details: @altertogether @nicolemeline

 Meditation: We Create Each Other | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:27

A guided meditation to accompany episode 10: Q & A.

 Q & A — What's Fueling You? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:57

A question and response episode—everything from books to music to smoothies. Conversations with Anne Lamott, Annie Proulx, Wendell Berry, Glennon Doyle, The National, The Lumineers, Bon Iver, Wilder Woods, Benny Holloway...and you. Show notes:

 Meditation: The Whole Catastrophe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:59

A guided meditation to accompany episode 9: The Mislead, to drop into the gifts of the swerves of our lives. Show notes website:

 The Mislead - Field Notes from 40 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:38

Field notes from the moments when the road swerves or dead ends, and the unexpected crashes in. The mile-markers when we decide on the metrics we use to measure our lives. My heart’s been whispering this challenge:  ‘The story you’re desperate to hear is the one you’re meant to live into, and tell.” This world needs stories of the exhilarating mislead. The ways things got funky. And so we did. Stories of the woman, the man who laughs her way, his way into a new way. This is one.


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