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Summary: Welcome beauty friends! Wearebe is the worlds first Beauty E-learning Platform, we help educate beauticians, entrepreneurs, mavens and professionals in the beauty community. Specifically on how to expand their businesses and services into the digital economy, using our platform. We have an overarching goal to grow a global presence to do our part in the digitization of the beauty industry. We welcome guests from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds with unique messages to elevate the industry as a whole. Beauty being the continuity in all of our episodes, join us each week for informational, educational, and an inspirational audio experience.

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 Episode 3-Guest Ashley Quai | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:47

Ashley Quai Professional MUA, Hat & Accessory Designer and empowered lady boss! We go over and  talk about where she got her style and how she’s believed in herself since she was a child and DGAF about what others thought of her. Throughout the episode there are many gold nuggets on how to stay on course, get and keep a backbone while being authentically you. Lastly we learn more about The Quai her new hat line and apparel company that is putting a new spin on custom commerce. 

 Episode 2-Guest Asi (OZ) Wilson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:14

This week makeup artist Asi aka “Oz” shares with us some inspiration for the up and coming beauty entrepreneurs. Asi also gets real and vulnerable about her message to the world! She is a passionate and motivated MAU that aspires to make every single person that comes to her feel like a celebrity. Asi is one of Atlanta’s premiere makeup artists. You may have seen her on Season 2 of the American Beauty Star Show.

 First Episode of The Wearbe Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:24

We go over a brief background of who we are and what event triggered us to create Wearebe. Shelley gets real with her personal experience around the first online course she created. We also talk about there being a large disconnect when it comes to the beauty industry and new tech that could make your life and business 100x easier.   We get into the vision and long term plans for wearebe, this is a short but sweet intro to the founders and essence of the company. 


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