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Summary: Covering the latest DCB news, common customer questions and interviews with influences in the Door/Kewaunee County area, plus weekly poll questions that really make you think.

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 We've Been A Little Busy | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1359

After a long break from the show, Baxter and Eric have finally returned to the studio. Where were they this entire time and what has been going on that has kept them from doing the show?  Tune in for updates about a bevy of tower work recently, a new grant tower coming to Kewaunee County and our weekly poll question! 

 From Luxemburg to Rio Creek! | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1839

After a busy last few months, DCB is finally rolling out new upgrades for towers in Kewaunee County. One major upgrade is done and another will be complete in the next few days.  Baxter and Eric talk what these new upgrades mean and how customers can benefit from them.  Door County has some news coming their way as well as far as tower upgrades. Finally, our poll question talks about the difference between books and movies and how people prefer to consume their favorite medium. 

 A book about DCB installations? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1886

Just what exactly goes into a Door County Broadband installation? How long does it take? How can customers make it go faster for the installer? Eric and Baxter answer these and more questions on today's episode.  Joining the podcast for the first time is Office Manager Becky Rericha. She reflects on her time with DCB, what the front office looks like now and just why the phones keep ringing in the middle of winter.  Finally, our poll question looks at how people prefer to read books nowadays....via Ebook or regular hard copy? What about audio books? The guys debate and read customers comments about this very topic. 

 Help Tech Support Help You | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1690

Baxter and Eric return this week to talk about the latest news surrounding Door County Broadband tech support and company news!  Jessica Hatch stops by the provide updates with company website domain transferring along with helpful tips for when you call in to tech support.  Finally, how do you take your coffee? Our poll question dives deep into how people drink their daily cup of Joe. 

 Internet, I Love You | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1273

It is a special Valentines show this week. Baxter and Eric talk about their undying love for good internet, along with how they plan to spend their Valentine's Day.  Plus, our poll question is all about chili and noodles..where do you fall on this debate?  

 Crackers and Cold Weather | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1594

The cold weather has slowed down business in Door County, especially for us here at DCB. Baxter and Eric bring a new episode to you as they discuss a variety of topics.  -What is the best snack cracker?  -What happens when a customers radio fails?  -Favorite cold weather activity?  -Super Bowl Recap -What will we do when cold/snow hit? 

 Freezing to Death (Feat. Chris Opper) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2243

The current local temperature is well below zero degrees. Life in Baileys Harbor is miserable. Penguins are walking past the DCB offices...why do we live here?  Good news, the office is finally open again so Baxter and Eric are ready to tackle everything from how the cold affects towers to how installers can really struggle when out in the elements. Chris Opper joins the show for the first time to share his experiences.  The big game is Sunday and the guys toss out their thoughts regarding the Rams vs. Patriots and if Tom Brady will take home his sixth championship. 

 How do you solve a problem like Door County internet? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1478

Baxter and Eric try their best to answer some of the most asked questions regarding internet service in Door County.  When it comes to buying a home or even kids having enough internet to do homework, there is a problem that needs addressing.  Kewaunee County is getting a lot of love lately and this bring time for excitement for those who've followed DCB's expansion into that county.  Learn more about DCB here:

 Big Plans for DCB in 2019! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1897

What exactly is Door County Broadband planning as a company in 2019? It comes right from Eric this week as he lays down some plans and exciting news about upgrades and areas that will see significant growth in service coverage.  Our poll question brings the internet to blows...does pineapple belong on pizza?  DCB is making major announcements regarding website/domain hosting. Listen to hear what is taking place. 

 The Trouble with Troubleshooting | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1945

Happy 2019 everyone! After a nice break, Baxter and Eric are back for a new year of podcasts and laughs on The Signal Check.  On today's episode, the guys run down referral credits, smart speakers, how to troubleshoot before you call our office and the Green Bay Packers hiring a new head coach.  Lots of fun awaits you on the latest edition of the Door County Broadband podcast. 

 Vacation/Utility Hold'Em! | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1313

The weather is getting really cold, which means a lot of Door County Broadband customers are heading south/west for the winter.  Baxter and Eric bring information regarding out regarding how to sign up for vacation or utility hold and how that changes your monthly service while you are away from Door County.  Do you have your service in a tree? Well, if you need work done, you might have to wait a few months...the guys explain.  Finally, our poll question is all about your plans for New Years Eve.  Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2019!  Learn more about DCB on our website: Like us on Facebook:

 All I want for Christmas is good internet! (Ft. Ryan Hoffmann) | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1937

Christmas is just a few days away and Baxter and Eric are back to begin the celebration. FTS Technology Group owner Ryan Hoffmann stops by the studio to answer questions about being included in the kewaunee county broadband research committee, along with talking deeper about the state of internet in door and kewaunee county. Our poll question raises the very important question, is it ok to regift your Christmas gifts? The guys weigh in and releve the results from the Facebook poll. Learn more about DCB: Like us on Facebook:

 Getting Mixed Signals | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 114

Door County Broadband has new information about how we do our signal checks for potential customers. Tower upgrades are opening up more service options for people living in southern door and kewaunee county. DCWIS & NEWWIS Email accounts are going away very soon! When do you open your Christmas presents?

 Dedicated Connections to Mike McCarthy | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 105

The maiden voyage of the rebranded podcast from Door County Broadband is officially here. Baxter and Aaron talk about why having a dedicated connection for some customers can be a great idea that allows for faster speeds overall. Have you heard about needing a private tower at your location? The guys breakdown why a private tower is so important and how to obtain one. Finally, the biggest story in Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers fired Mike McCarthy after their loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Why do it now? The weekly poll question brings a lot of heat and passion from listeners on the DCB Facebook page. Visit our website: Like us on facebook:


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