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Mental Toughness Mastery Podcast with Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC

Summary: Mental Toughness and Certified High Performance Coach

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 3 Key Learnings from Women in Cloud Summit 2019 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:09 I am so excited! I spent all day at the Women in Cloud Summit 2019 at Microsoft, learning from over 1,000 of the country’s top technologists and tech entrepreneurs and doing a book signing for ZONED IN. Let’s talk about a couple of the things from the book that resonated most with these amazing women and which are important to all of us. 1). The importance of long-term clarity: Not just your one-year goal, but your five-year goals. This has less to do with what tasks will you accomplish and more to do with how you want to be remembered or what legacy you want to create. Once this is dialed in (It can be hard to do, but there is a process to figure it out!), you have the platform to create the reality for yourself, your team or for you family. 2). Discovering how you want to feel in your days: I shared tips, tools and habits how to take control of work-life balance, how to slow down your days (Yes.. this IS possible!) and how to feel happy and satisfied at the end of your day as well as determining how you want to feel in the future. Once you have the blueprint, you can build the house! 3). Learning how to use your voice to speak up: ... even when you’re scared or unsure. I heard from some of these amazing men and women, that it's sometimes hard to have the courage to speak up either professionally or personally. I shared how men and women can gain the courage and prepare to speak up, especially in the moments when you're feeling like it would be safer or easier not to. Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, I really want to challenge you to start thinking about these three things. A lot of times, we are clear on our tasks, but not on how we want to feel or the legacy we want to leave. Finally, we tend to put off the tough conversations (I’m guilty too!) that have the potential for the most growth. If you want to uncover your next level of ambition or want to get dialed into what you want your legacy to be, I'm going to be dropping some really powerful nuggets over the next couple of weeks on how to get that done. Some of the same things that I was talking to these women and men at this recent amazing event.

 3 World-Class Secrets to Persevere (When You Want to Quit) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:04 After researching, studying and working with the Top 1%, I’ve learned that there are are similarities and differences between world-class performers and everyone else. Everyone experiences anger, fear, frustration, and doubt. Everyone. There’s one important difference though that, that sets the best apart from the rest. It’s that world-class performers are intimately and vividly aware of what they want and why they care so deeply. Maybe you’ve heard that before, but do you know how to uncover your why? Your real why. Regardless of what your next level of ambition is, it might be hard. Maybe really hard. What will get you to your next finish line or to your own personal Olympics is being intimately aware of why you care about it. This will prove as your biggest cheerleader, and it will extend a lifeline when you want to quit. We’ve all wanted to quit, right? It will help you persevere when others retreat or give up. Here’s a couple tips to shift your mindset and get in touch with your real why, so you can unleash your best: 1. Plan quiet time every day. For me, it’s 5:00 a.m. when my house is quiet and before I head out to my spin or bootcamp class. After I still my mind (ie: meditate:) for 10 minutes, send love to someone, have 1 moment of gratitude, I give myself 10 minutes to be still, to surrender to the possibilities that lie ahead for me. I ask for help and guidance, and declare that I have no fear and that I am ready. I sit on the carpeted floor of my bedroom, palms on the top of my legs facing up, eyes peering to the sky outside my window. I end with, ‘Show me the way. I am here.’ 2. Connect the dots. Was there a special person in your life or an event that shaped you? For me it was my dad who told me ‘Sheryl, if you focus and if you are consistent, you can achieve anything you put your mind to’. Are there any interactions or events that light you up? What makes you smile? Start writing these things down. 3. Give yourself permission. You don’t need it from anyone else. I spent over 25 years helping the Top 1% of world-class performers to be better. It was not until 4 years ago that I gave myself permission to be the best too. Please do not wait that long. The world needs you to shine, now. If you want a guide on how to rewire your brain to believe that what you want is possible, craft a plan to make it happen and gain the mindset to persevere, get on the pre-order list for my book, ZONED IN: The Mental Toughness Required to for a World-Class YOU (distribution begins February 1, 2019) ...

 World-Class Tips on Staying Sane and Happy During the Holidays | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:02:58

I’m not sure if your holidays are all jolly smiles, presents flowing and family getting along famously. Let’s just say when I was young, I really looked forward to January. Now, I LOVE having kids home, traveling, exchanging gifts and volunteering this time of year, but it can still be stressful at times. There’s one thing world-class athletes do that we can all learn from to have the most enjoyable and relaxing holiday possible. They rest and renew. Yep, that’s it. The most successful and prolific athletes make sure to rest and recover, often. Why do you think John McEnroe (am I dating myself?) crashed and burned and Roger Federer is still going strong? Rest and intentional time for calm. Here are a couple tips for you to have the most sane and happy winter break you and your family deserve: 1). Take Breaks During the Day: When you are home with a lot of family, at holiday gatherings etc, be sure to take a short 5-10 minute break every 1-2 hours. Just be still, close your eyes and listen to your breath then have some gratitude for the people you are about to go back out to see. The only place to do this may be in the bathroom. World-class performers do what they need to do! Enjoy your time in there.:) 2). Check Out for a Few Days (or Weeks): Try not cooking (unless you love it), moving a lot, resting a lot, laughing a lot, and just being without doing. If you want to hit the ground running in 2019 (and not limping or being a grouch), this is incredibly important. You are a multi-sport athlete capable of astonishing things in your career, relationships and in your personal wellness. Decide which one you want to go after wholeheartedly in 2019, but please take a break first. It will pay off, I promise. -Sheryl

 How To Focus On What Really Matters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:12:28

Do you ever get distracted and veer off from what’s most important? Of course, that’s a trick question. We all do, especially this time of year! You might wonder how world-class performers have laser-like focus when it comes to their long-term vision and their short-term progress. Thankfully, there are tools we can all learn, so we can have remarkable focus too and achieve what may have (at first) seemed not possible. Here are a couple tips to get started: For Long-Term Focus: Create a Personal Manifesto, Olympians are remarkably clear about their future ambitions, and they visit them often. They visualize what they want in an extremely vivid and visceral way, and they are consistent about bringing their future self and their future experiences to life. Here’s a example from my book (ZONED IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU) that explains this point: Months and even years before the Rio Games arrived, Kayla Harrison, a 26-year-old judoka (Judo athlete), practiced imagery training for 10 minutes before falling asleep each night... mentally going through entire days of Olympic competition. "Waking up, weighing in, packing my bag, getting on the bus, listening to certain music etc.” she said. “Every night I visualize myself winning the Olympics.” She then went on to defend her Olympic judo title in Rio! Not training for the Olympics? No problem. What you want to achieve is no less important to you. Start by writing your personal manifesto. Think about it this way If you had a magic wand, what would come to life for you in the next 6-12 months? Make it as vivid and visceral as possible. Mine starts like this, but yours can be simpler or more grand, whatever is appropriate for you right now: "My name is Sheryl, and this year I help 10,000 people to be mentally tough. The way I do this will be via my coaching my monthly Live Mental Toughness Mastery Roundtable with Q&A program, podcast appearances, corporate speaking and training. The stages I will be on are… The people attending are…. They look like… When my sessions/speaches etc are over, the look in their eyes is… The podcasts are… The response is …" . The presence I am committed to with my clients and with my family is.... You get the idea. Be sure to read it every night before you go to bed. For Short-Term Focus: Get Intentional. Let’s say you are a world-class track and field athlete getting ready to start a race that will determine if your dream of the Olympics will live or die. Results are note left to randomness. They are remarkably intentional. You’re clear on what the most important controllable is for you to get the result you desire, and then you set and intention to focus on that. For the track and field athlete, it may be "strong arms" for example. As you set your sights on your next level of ambition, what that is in your control is most important for you to do your best? If you have an important event coming up, what controllable is most important for you to level up and do your best? Then, take a moment to set an intention to do that. For example, let’s say you have a pitch, presentation, important meeting coming up and having high energy and referring to end goals is most important for you to do your best. Set the intention before the meeting: "energy level 8 (of 10), end goals." This is a way of directing your mind or focusing on what’s most important, so you can be world-class when it matters most. I even set intentions for my daily tasks, such as writing this article or when I make calls to prospective clients! Try this at home, so you can be even more world-class there too! For example, when you get home from work, take a moment to ask yourself : How do I want to show up to my family when when I walk in the door? I honor you for all of the amazing work you have done all year, and for the good you have already put into the world! To your continued success and joy! --Sheryl

 It's Time to Stop Feeling Mediocre | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:28

Here’s what I’m hearing though over and over again from my local and global workshop attendees... as well as those applying for my monthly subscription: Despite all the amazing things they are doing... “I feel mediocre.” I hear you. I’ve felt that way too. If we work extra hard, we feel like we are mediocre with our loved ones and friends. If we commit to our family, our career ambitions might slow down. Here’s the worst: We work extra hard at both, and still feel like we are coming up short:(. I'd like to share three valuable tips to STOP feeling mediocre and get onto feeling (as Jen Sincero of You are a Badass so eloquently puts it) like your badass self at work AND at home. Create your circumstances and the person you want to become NOW. Write your personal manifesto to yourself, and read it every night before bed. The more detailed the better. Form an accountability structure for yourself. Newsflash: Willpower does not exist. Best case scenario, it gets depleted PRONTO. Do not depend on it. Who will your board of directors be and how will they support you on your march to your next level of greatness? Celebrate your successes big and small. Celebrate the process and not just the outcome. The outcome will be a product of your new habit and processes you have in place. Want some help? I am SO excited to share this! In anticipation of the upcoming release of my book, ZONED IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World Class YOU, I will be sharing excerpts. In addition, there are some fun insider perks coming up for my loyal subscribers. Below is a portion from the book's introduction. But first... What is it time for you to do in 2019...? If it’s YOUR time, I’d love to have you as a Founding Member of my Mental Toughness Mastery Roundtable with Q&A (live) community. There are only a couple spots left for our December 4, 2018 roundtable, so join today before it gets opened up to the public this January in conjunction with my book launch. What will the outcomes of this monthly community be? Clarity for your next level of ambition and how to get there. Accountability from me and our community who will cheer you on, challenge you, and collaborate with you Easy to use tools to crush the feeling of mediocrity and get busy making progress toward what you want and deserve Community via our online Zoom video calls, when we come together in person once a year, and via our closed Facebook group To your continued success and joy! --Sheryl

 Are You At An Ambition Checkpoint? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:47

I had a conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends recently that at first struck me as odd. She asked, "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again...?" I recognized that was the opening lyrics to Katy Perry’s song Firework. She was off. Not her present, fun, happy, and courageous self. It was strange, because she’s so accomplished. She had raised happy, productive, and conscientious kids. She worked doing what she loved. She had a few half-marathons under her belt, and she had a loving family and friends. After many conversations, I finally understood. She was at an ambition checkpoint. Her kids needed her less, and she felt like there was more of her to give to her career. More people to serve and a legacy to create. It was inaction that made her feel she was off-purpose... like a plastic bag drifting through the wind. She was being blown around by her days, by her old routine, by other people’s wants and needs, and by being "busy" without being clear about what she wanted. Without defining her next level of ambition and having a plan to make progress. She knew there was more. More of a sense of contribution. More of a feeling of purpose. More joy. If you are at an ambition checkpoint, here are a couple tips to help you develop the mindset to check in, and check out of being stuck there any longer: 1. Have Gratitude Experience gratitude for what you have already accomplished, the lives you’ve touched and the progress you have already made. You’re a climber, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come. Trust me. I’m guilty too! 2. Create Space Reflect about what is missing, what it important to you, and what would make you most happy and proud if it were a year from now. Go to your favorite coffee shop, take the day off, or go somewhere that inspires you. This is a priceless gift you can give yourself. 3. Develop Your Roadmap Consider the steps needed to get to where you want to go. It’s common for world-class performers to start with the end in mind and work backwards. They envision the finish line, what they yearn for first and think about it often in visceral detail. Once you draw up the plans for your dream, it’s time to start building it. Once you do this, you are off to the races! See, we have a human drive to feel like we are living as our best selves. When we aren’t, we get the tap on the shoulder to pay attention and next-level our efforts. Maybe you are crushing it at work, but your relationships are suffering. Maybe you are giving 100% to your family, but you’ve put aside your dreams and aspirations to serve others. Or possibly each bucket is half-full, but you’re too comfortable and are bored. We can ignore the tap on the shoulder, but it rarely retreats. There is usually a price to be paid for neglecting it for too long. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help make this content real and help any way I can.

 What Happens When Smart People Think Stupid | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:04:56

Is it possible that you have everything it takes to achieve what you yearn for and what, I believe, is already rightfully yours? Maybe the reason why you have not achieved the level of success you want and deserve is because of the limitations you place on yourself. I know that was the case for me up until three years ago. How could I go from having a thriving yet (very) small private practice to helping thousands? To help the masses refine their clarity and gain the mindset required to reach their potential, to arrive at their Olympics? Who would listen to me and find value in what I had to say at Fortune 500 companies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and globally? I consider myself as a relatively smart person, but that was sure stupid thinking. Companies like Google Ventures, Autodesk, CapitalOne, Bank of America, and VMware (to name a few) have listened the last couple of years. Up next, a national podcast tour for my upcoming book, "ZONED IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU" and major speaking engagements in 2019. It’s to share with you because, as I started believing in myself three years ago, I believe in you. I care so deeply about your success, and your joy. Also, I will not allow stupid thinking to get in the way of your next big win. Here are a couple possible results when smart people think stupid and how you can avoid this trap: Example #1 Not so productive: I failed at ___________, so I must be bad at ______________. Much better: I failed at ___________, so I must have had a poor performance that day. Example #2 Not so productive: I have never achieved this _____________, so I maybe I never will. Much better: I have never achieved this _____________, but I believe in my ability to improve. Let’s take a look into the science behind the consequences of stupid thinking. Dr. Albert Ellis is considered one of the most influential characters in the history of psychology (for more information on Dr. Ellis, have a look at the Albert Ellis Institute, His life’s work was centered around curing depressive disorders, but we can learn an important lesson about not just going from sick to well, but how to go from good to great. Ellis proved that when we stop thinking wrong (i.e.: in a highly negative and propagandistic way) and start thinking right (i.e.: in a more encouraging and optimistic way), we can be cured of many types of depression. I am not qualified, nor do I diagnose or treat depression, but in the context of performance, imagine what we can accomplish if we started raising our ambitions ... and if we started thinking about what’s possible rather than the obstacles in our way or our past failures? Maybe we’ll "cure" failure or quitting and discover a remedy for our biggest success yet.

 What to Say to Yourself When You Fail | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:07:16

"Non-negative thinking sets the best apart from the rest." If you're human, you will experience failure. Period. Serena Williams experienced a huge failure in the Miami Open a couple months ago, an early exit in round 1. Unheard of, right? Not really. She was a new mother, not back in her best shape, and it was her first tournament since the birth of her daughter. We fail too. Maybe we lose a competition, a prospect says no, a presentation goes south, or we get rejected after a promising (so we thought) interview. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, founding father of the new science of positive psychology, there is a power in positive thinking, but it "pales in comparison," says Seligman "to the importance of what we think after we fail." Our “non-negative” thinking sets the best apart from the rest. Serena, packed up after the Miami Open, understood that she did not in fact fail. She needed more time to prepare. She was optimistic about her ability to come back, and vowed to do what it takes to make progress. It’s time to take to take inventory of what Seligman calls your “explanatory style,” how you explain defeat to yourself. Do you concede that you are "not good enough," "not capable" or "not deserving?" If so, you may have what Seligman calls a "pessimistic explanatory style" which is not going to serve your long-term success. If your explanatory style is more optimistic, you feel setbacks are temporary, and a way of learning how to get better, you should recover from setbacks quicker and make more progress over the long haul. Here are a couple tips for what to say to yourself when you fail: "This was an isolated incident, and doesn’t mean I am not smart/capable/deserving/competent enough." "It’s ok if I’m upset/disappointed/frustrated for a short period of time, but I am committed to learning and improving." (i.e.: being resilient) "This setback has nothing to do with other aspects of my life. Just because I failed/had a setback with work has nothing to do with my ability to be a good partner, friend, colleague." Bottom line: If you work on having an optimistic explanatory style, you will be more resilient, make more progress, and very likely, be happier. There are also other benefits according to Seligman, such as boosting your immune system as well. Chin up. You got this! ... and I am here to support you every step along the way.

 Mental Toughness Secrets from 2X Olympian Mariya Koroleva | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:08:56 Have you ever been told that you will never improve, or you are not a good fit? After the London 2012 Olympics, Mariya Koroleva thought she would be in serious consideration for the next Olympic team in 2016, but she was not. Mariya was told she was too old (at 23) and that she did not fit into the team that was being considered which would be much younger. She had a choice: 1. Give up on a second Olympics 2. Go for it and train for another year with no guarantees of being placed on the team. Mariya went for it. She felt in her gut that the world had not seen the best of her, and she had not seen the best of herself. Mariya did not want to have any regrets. She’d commit to being "all in" for that year before the decision for the next Olympic team was made. Mariya felt that if she gave 100% and still did not make it, then she could be at peace that she gave her best. We all have our own Olympics, and sometimes we need to trust our gut. Here are a few tips to help you take a leap of faith: Give yourself the gift of time and space to realize the best decision for you. When we are too busy and/or stressed, we are not setting ourselves up to make a good decision or to realize the answer that we may already know. Believe down to your soul that your desired result is possible, and start seeing yourself at the finish line. I recommend saying (out loud) an "I am" affirmation every night before bed and then being as detailed as possible thinking about how it feels. Take control of your progress. What will you do this week to start moving forward?

 1 World-Class Secret to Build Confidence Over the Long Haul | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:32

I saw Serena Williams play an exhibition match in Los Angeles when she was only 11 or 12 years old. Looking back, I wonder if she realized that she would be the named best player in the open era and have earned more than 22 Grand Slam titles! Not to mention all of her other unimaginably successful endorsements and businesses. Maybe not down to those exact details, but she did work every day believing her day would come, and believing it was possible. It’s that unwavering belief in ourselves that allows us to dream big and persevere. When it comes to our long-term objectives it’s important that we “proceed as if success is inevitable” (my favorite quote, BTW), hold on to our dream, and then relinquish control of the outcome. You, like Serena Williams early in her career, have little to no control of the scale of your future success. There are many unknowns: What will the competition be like? What setbacks will you have? What obstacles will get in your way? Will you be good enough? When we dream BIG, we must assume our desired result will happen, and then let the worry and doubt surrounding the outcome go. Proceed every day as if your success is inevitable. If we attach our daily efforts to our own personal Olympics, the chasm is too great to cross. We get discouraged, risk getting injured or worse, we quit. Let’s say Serena Williams wanted to be #1 in the world when she was 12 years old. But she lost consecutively that year, and suffered an injury at this time as well. On top of that, maybe the naysayers were prolific since her father was a coach and she did not play traditional junior tournaments. Injury, losses, and negativity could be a lot to bear for Serena Williams, and could definitely take its toll on motivation and progress. So what keeps US in the game and fighting past setbacks, defeats, and those who intentionally or unintentionally, discourage us? We must believe our dream is possible, and then let it go. One of the main characteristics of long-term objectives is that we have little to no control. When a young person wants to win a gold medal in the Olympics (let’s say in a decade or so), she has little or no control whether or not she will make it to the Olympics… nonetheless win a gold medal. She believes and practices every day like it’s possible. She sees herself on the podium, receiving the gold medal. She feels the width of the ribbon around the back of her neck as she bows to receive it and also feels how heavy it is as it hangs around her neck. She hears her National Anthem, feels her hand on her heart with tears of joy in her eyes. She holds her congratulatory bouquet over her head, waving at all the fans holding her country’s flag, finally catching sight of her parents in the stands who are jumping up and down screaming, so proud and filled with love and joy. It’s time to start seeing ourselves today as we want to be in the future. What is it like once you’ve arrived? How does it feel? Who is there to celebrate with you? Create victory in your mind and visit it as often and as heartfelt as you’d visit a friend in need. However, in your day-to-day activities, focus on what you have control over to make progress and let the outcome go. By taking control of your actions, you’ll gain confidence in those small successes which in the long run add up to a big victory and more confidence in your ability to succeed. I am here to make this content real and to help you devise a plan to achieve what matters most to you. Get (and Stay) Engaged: Here are the four best ways I can help you, and for you to join our community: Join us on Facebook: Grab my FREE "Confidence Accelerator Video/Podcast" series Work with my team and me privately 1:1 or in a small group. Step 1: apply for a FREE 1-hour Discovery Session Let's chat (schedule a FREE 15-minute consult call with me) Here's to you being amazing!

 How to Gain Clarity for Your Next Big Move | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:24

Sometimes our dreams and aspirations are a little mismatched with our efforts. Full transparency... I was called out on this one by my mentor this past January. Don’t get me wrong I was working hard and extremely busy. There was something missing when it came to how I was approaching my next level of success. I had next-leveled my ambitions, but how I spent my time was the same. My ambitions were not aligned with the next level of success I wanted (and knew I deserved.) This worked for a while, but the next level would require me to "go pro." Once I made the necessary adjustments and fine-tuned some key habits, that’s when the next level was attainable. We’ve talked about where you fall on the ladder. But what are your current circumstances now, and what level of commitment are you willing to have? Pro: You are actively taking action to become the person you want to be, and you are remarkably consistent. Proficient: Maybe you are consistent, but you must take your habits and your actions to the next level to get what you want and deserve. Novice: Maybe you are a novice, meaning you want and deserve something, but consistency is not your friend. Quitter: Maybe you gave up for now. But you realize it’s your time to get started or restarted. If it’s your time to "go pro," here are a couple questions that should help you make the shift so you can see the progress, and joy you want and deserve: Assess your current ambitions and your actions, and then ask "what needs to change?" Do you need to ask for help? Do you need to learn a new skill/become more proficient in something? What changes will you make and by when? I am here to make this content real and to help you devise a plan to "go pro" at what matters most to you.

 You Can Get UNSTUCK. Here's How... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:17 I honor where you are and for what you have accomplished up to this point. It’s often easy to lose sight of the lives we’ve touched, the progress we’ve made and what we have given to others. This affects our momentum, motivation and confidence, so please do take a moment for self gratitude, and the good you have already put into the world. If you are feeling ‘stuck’, it may be time for an ambition checkpoint. This is a world-class tip to help you reassess what stage of life you are in, what’s important to you, and what your next move is. I believe it's time for you to show up in this world as you are meant to. It’s time to next level what matters most to you. It’s time to understand that you have the greatness within you already. That the world is conspiring to coax it out of you and that the world desperately needs to see it. It’s time for you do inspire others to do the same by leading as an example. It’s time to understand that the only limitations are those we put on ourselves, and the only dream that is impossible is one we cannot see. We all have room for improvement. If you have climbed the ranks in a job you love, I hope you have celebrated that success wholeheartedly! What would it be like to take your performance to the next level? Maybe how you treat your team, taking on new initiatives or having a more efficient and sustainable workday. Even if you have all of that down, how are your relationships that matter most? How are you taking care of yourself with exercise, nutrition and downtime? Maybe it’s your in the best shape of your life, but you have not been as present with your partner or kids. What ever your case may be, let’s start today. Yesterday has happened. It’s history. What will you do going forward to be your best? It’s time to reassess your ambitions and to think about who you want to become. As we move through life, our ambitions change. Maybe it’s from career to parent or parent back to career. Maybe it’s from hobbyist to pro, in other words taking a hobby that you love to a career. Maybe it’s from having mediocre relationships with those who matter most to world-class relationships. Maybe it’s from surviving physically to getting into the best shape of your life and thriving. Regardless of the bucket we wish to fill, career, relationships or personal wellness, we must decide if we are going to be a quitter, a novice, a player, or a pro. It’s time. Challenge: 1.Decide if it’s time for YOU. 2.Share what what you are thinking with trusted friend, family member or in a journal. 3.Go forward and commit to a tiny triumph this week. It may be doing a little research, making a couple phone calls or walking around the block. Quote: ‘Never interrupt someone who is doing what you said couldn’t be done.’ -Amelia Earhart Book High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard

 4 Confidence Tips to Achieve Your Next BIG WIN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:19

It’s time! If you feel like you deserve more, it’s time to go after it. There are many reasons why we (yes, me included:) avoid the crucial conversations or steps required to next level our ambitions and desires. Whatever is holding you back, rest assured it’s 100% normal and OK, but not conducive for the progress you want to see. Keep in mind, your next "BIG WIN" might be restoring or strengthening a relationship. It might be taking your business to the next level, closing one new client, or maybe asking for a raise. Whatever it is for you, there are tools you can learn to gain the confidence required to achieve whatever it is that you want and deserve. Here’s how to get started! Believe Believe what you want is possible AND that you deserve it. This is a vital first step that must be explicit in your mind. If you are not 100%, try writing daily affirmations and and saying them out loud every night and every morning. Recognize Recognize whatever negative emotion is holding you back. For example, if you are fearful of being turned down for a raise, rejected by a client or having an important conversation go bad, recognize that fear and accept it. Acknowledging and validating our own concerns (rather than discounting or pushing them away) will make them less disabling. Release Release whatever negative emotion/concern you have. You are not "getting rid of it," just asking it to move aside for a period of time. Taking five deep belly breaths is a great place to start. Simply listen to your breath when you exhale, and think of your negative emotion/concern floating by. Strategize Strategize by being aware of what you fear/are most concerned with and asking: If I want my desired result, what must I do to make it most likely I will succeed. In other words, what is the most important controllable for you to do to make progress? You can actually use negative emotions as a super power to accelerate progress towards what you want and deserve!

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Have you ever tried to cut sugar out of your diet, but the pantry is full of sugary treats? I have, and it usually ends in failure, frustration and disappointment:(. Now, the pantry is filled with foods that support my desire to be more fit and have more energy. We all have so many good intentions and so much as well as good in us to create and to give. We must give ourselves a fighting chance to achieve what we want and deserve. Not just for us, but also for those who matter most to us. Here’s one world-class secret to help you "win the day" consistently which can pay mass dividends over the long haul… Create an environment for your success. In the video, I mention going to Sonoma every Monday to write my book and clearing off my desk completely when is time to write. Take it a step further, I write off-line in Word and disable my internet connection. When at home, all workout clothes get laid out the night before, water bottle filled up, morning shake made. This sets me up for an active, healthy and low stress way to start the day. Whether it’s eating more clean, writing a book, or organizing your office, it’s time to set your environment up for success, so you can have the progress you want and deserve!

 3 Tips to Nail Your Next "Big Win" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:11:44 WOW! The year is flying by, and I am SO excited that you are part of this amazing community of action takers! If you missed the live (global broadcast) Master Class last Thursday, stay tuned! The attendance and feedback was so was incredible that we are in the process rolling it out again next week. You will be the first to know the details! In the meantime, here are a few important points we covered ... Are you ready to nail your next "Big Win?" Here’s the thing, sometimes dreaming and doing big things is hard ... really hard. So what sets the best apart from the rest, and how can we use these the same tools to next-level what matters most? Below are 3 tips to help you succeed: 1. Get clear on what you want. I mean really define it. Lack of clarity is the death of productivity and progress, so it’s time to articulate what you want and WHY it matters so much to you. Was there an experience you had or someone in your life that influenced you in any way? For me, it was my dad. He always told me to be resilient and focus, and I could do anything I put my mind to. The problem was, I didn’t know how when I was younger. After 20 years of research and working with amazing athletes and business people, I now know how. We are now on track to empower 10,000 people to be Mentally Tough this year to help others dream, plan and achieve their best. What/who REALLY inspires you? 2. Take control of what you want. Assume your desired result will happen, then commit to what you have control over to improve. Ask yourself: What is the most important thing for me to do or to see significant progress on, so I will be one step closer to my next big win? Is it learning to be confident and influential during critical interactions or performing under pressure? Whatever it is, take back control of what you want, by taking action to improve. What will you do this week? Do you need to ask for help? 3. Celebrate the wins, no matter how great or how small. I cannot express enough the importance of this. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I geek out on the science behind why this is SO vital. Here are the basics, we tend to imprint in our mind the things that are highly emotional. Do you remember the last embarrassing or hurtful thing that happened to you with great detail? You get the idea. If we can re-train ourselves to surround the good stuff with lots of emotions, that’s what we’ll remember. Not only that, but it will help us manifest more of the same. So, get used to saying ‘YEEESSSSSSSSS, I am amazing!!!!’, and you will be… If you are crushing it right now, good for YOU! How will you take it to the next level? If not, I BELIEVE IN YOU, and I am here to support you anyway I can. Drop me an email with your questions, thoughts and feedback. Here's to you being amazing! - Sheryl -


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