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 311 "Looking like a bowl of ice cream all thicc & Creamy" G/S Tashia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:09

Mission impossible 311 i sit down with the hair stylist the part time drawer we talk about the ups and downs with her and her mom best way to get her number. One crazy week where where she got 4 hours of sleep in 7 days all that and much more Her hair endeavors 00 Weight loss 10:57 Best way to get her attention 16:59 Looking like a bowl of ice cream all thicc and creamy 1800- A couple of crazy weeks 27:02 relationship with her mom 34:12 Hobbies 46:12 Las Vegas 53:13 Not going up on a Tuesday 1:03:06 Lake mead Christian academy 1:10:05

 Cruze Convos#4: F u & that boat with indy500 X iLL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:27

cruze convo 4 me and ILL get a chance to talk to indy 500 about her experiences with women her coming out to her mom plus we get into her take on drugs. We also speak on current events such as the new last It movie Marcus cousins and his baby momma , the us movie and the difference between loyal and faithful, 00-3:17 blacc ppl not going to doctors 3:18 BD/BM Story time 10:58 - How do you know she DTF 15:32 Coming out story 28:27 Women having trouble reaching orgasm 34:18 Dark web 38:59 Devil playground 49:27 Loyal be faitful 50:41 - Bitch who took that picture 54:13 Worth a fucc 1:01:09 Drugs 1:10:13 F you and that boat 1:13:04 The movie US 1:18:22 1:26:03- Blake paying 300k a month 1:38:08 Andrew a hoe for retiring ? 1:50:50

 310 "every white person aint bad" G/S j rale from sin city top5 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:10

This episode is super late recorded this a month also it’s crazy we went to the same high school we talk about the city support his wife support up coming merch for sin city too 5 maybe one day me hosting on top 5 all that and ofc more Canyon springs 00-5:00 How do you set up the top 5 5:05 Support 14:11 Top 5 merch 17:19 Content creators 21:07 Learning his craft 23:12 His wife being number 1 support 27:22 It was top 10 instead of top 5 31 Starting a family YouTube 33:34 Had to record our ring tones 40:25 Maybe related to top dog 45:45 Every white person aint bad - 48:50 Shooting for top 5 53:06 Run down on his team 58:10 Don’t even be watching the show bro 1:01:19 ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze J Rale films https://instagram.com/jrale_films?igshid=12oqm5cq58jn2 Sin city top 5 links https://instagram.com/top5sincityhits?igshid=lolrc04xmfrd

 IF fantasy Draft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:56

how the draft went for me blah lol

 Cruze Convos#3 : Aids,Aliens, Animals consipiracies with hurtmaster and ILL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:03:11

Cruze convos number 3 We going through some conspiracies aids aliens animals tapping in to when to give up on your dream booty call hours the new recession happening ovo clones and also the recent movie from quentin tarantino Aids Researchers wasting money 00 Japan do’s and don’t 5:16 Inevitable pilot breakdown 6:14 When do you give up 9:03 Hurt master wife business 12:07 Early podcast retirement 16:11 Booty call hours 21:25 Recession 32:01 Death conspiracies 44:40 Hurtmaster with the yams 48:12 Inevitable on the way 59:14 Ovo sweat shop 1:03:03 Dom Noah 1:11:08 Once a uptime in Hollywood 1:27:12 Conspiracies II 1:29:31. Clones 1:38:09 The founder 1:45:08 Food expiring to quicc 1:55:09

 Cruze Convos #2: Polyamorous relationship with Ricky & ILL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:24:28

Cruze convos #2 ofc the topic starting off popeys and this chicken sandwich and I speak about the current book I read which the Lamar Odom book open relationships what is real love all that and more with this conversation. 00 Popeyes chicken sandwich 9:59 Lamar Odom 15:54 open relationship and Polyamorous Relationship 21:26 Frmale friends 21:26 25 pre gaming dicc / Hot girl summer 40:02 Tom cruise rule 45:12 what’s love Marlon Wayne’s 50:15 Bye Netflix 50:15. 55:42 Jeezy new album 58:56 Jay-Z/ Colin kap 1:08:02 cut a male friend off 1:13:11 Trump and the Bible 1:21:09 Texting guys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze

 Cruze convos #1: watching porn with the sound off With romconpapi X jb in the building | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:12

00- 630 what if okc never broke up 631-1300 What if your dating a pornstar 1301- 23:10 private snap chat 2311- 29:26 new blade 29:27-39:33 Disney live action remakes 39:35-43:01 once Upon a time in Hollywood 43:02-50:47 Top 5 fav movies 50:48-53:08 Netflix 50:49-56:07 A Bear 56:08 1:06:1”Prevent aids 1:06:20-1:14:21 tand up specials as porn titles 1:14:22 watching porn with the sound off ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze

 309 " El gallo negro" G/S chris moten- jackson X ILL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:31:56

before he headed bacc overseas i got a chance to catch up with CMO to talk about going pro what it is like overseas how they treat you what the checcs like, plus on how vegas treated him all that and more 00- 7:02 intro to El Gallo negro 7:03 -14:06 I’ll be dead feet up 14:07 -19:26 Harriet Tubman of Vegas hooping 19:27-31:49 Current state of the nba 31:50-37:18 Vegas now has one and some kids 37:19-42 34 things that go on his overseas contract 4235-4716 Training routine 47:17-54:21 Breakdown of overseas leagues 54:22-1:06:22 Vegas 1:06:23-1:09:11 blacc rooster 1:09:12-1:13:09 I know what hell feels like 1:13:10-1:18:03 plug talk 1:18:04-1:21:56 got it out the mud 1:21:57-1:27:59 resume shits on him 1:28:00-1:31:00 first episode of inevitable

 T.O.O.O.P 5 VOL II : Quotes from a blacc mother feat chay love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:47:18

5 stay 2 get blown away  00-846 Top 5 blacc 90 shows  847-14:09 Top 5 go to drink at the bar  14:10-18:07 Top 5 bars in Vegas  18:08-22:37 Top 5 Denzel movies you don’t like  22:38 27:37 Top 5 quotes from a blacc mother  27:38-38:51 What would chassian do ? 38:52 -46:33 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze

 308 "Died for pulling out" G/S Pastor Randy X Jb in the building | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:47

on this mission me and Jb in the building sit with the pawn shop pastor himself pastor randy and we talk about how sin could extend your life doing things outside of your union also no sin is bigger then one another and that and more 00-7:49Jb NBA Western Conference seeding Great pastors make good pass sinners 920-1311 Super sayin Christian 1312-1925 Sinning extends your life 19:27 -2521 Ride or die for Jesus 2627-31:55 Pawn shop preacher 31:57 36:69 Bible being edited 37-42:28 Story of the devil 42:28-58:59 Died for pulling out 59:00-1:05:14 God want your honesty he don’t want your lies 1:05:16-1:06:48 Soul ties 1:06:50-1:10:49 From Saul to Paul 1:10:50-1:13:32 100 days of summer 1:13:33-1:19:22 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze Jb ig: @jorditheus pastor randy ig: randypinkney FB ; randy ron pinkney Church link www.NVclv.com

 T.O.O.O.P. 5 Vol I | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:36

00-1245 top 5 will Smith movies 1246 -1759 top 5 songs from 1991 1247-2426 top 5 shows that need to end 2427-28:53 top 5 burger joints 28:54-35:27 top 5 food you wouldn’t eat on thanksgiving that your family makes

 307 "Survivor skills not a lot of ppl have them" G/S Andrew Valenz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:33

I sit down with Andrew V the clothing brand making graphic designer and we talk retail jobs which we found out we both worked at, at the same time and how retail sucks his inspirations  His failures how he learned from them. When we was kids the city use to shit down all that and more tune in to the episode 00- Valenz means  15:13 difference from us and Mexico  24:16 how vans became a skate board shoe  28:29 taking the brand very serious  31:23Aye fucc then I’m out  32:45 what you think about aliens  33:21 Survivor skills not a lot of ppl have them 41:28 3 felonies f 4 of July Andrew IG : https://instagram.com/valenzlv?igshid=zp0m46s8sjk4 Where you can find Valenz gear at www.Valenzlv.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze

 306 “I had no choice i had to prove i made the right decision" G/S Romcompapi X Zac Moe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:56:04

in EP 306 me RomCompapi and Zac talk about among each other on what success really is and how you have to go through the stages of failures as well plus we open up with black news in which is the longest ep in Mi history Blacc news 0023 Importance of college 710 Culture on your bacc 1433 Trade schools 1820 Balance of life 2223 Success is in the process 2538 Perception on doing better 3250 Nipsey after death love 4152 Tupac never said nothing wrong 52:36 Your boy Obama bro 58:34  Conspiracy papi ? 1:03:06 Manifest destiny 1:13:42  The real suicide squad 1:19:11 I tried to do the military shit 1:30:09 Bro how you got that many apps ? 1:41:16 Success is the process 1:49:02 I had no choice i had to prove i made the right decision 1:54:17 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze IG @romCompapi IG @ZacMoe webuyblack.com @blackdollarisblackpower

 Trailer Tuesdays #02 Dom Cruze X J Hawk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:14

Trailer Tuesday I break a couple of trailers down with my boy hawk and talk about rather its worth a ticket or fire stick it. Aslo how the marvel cinematic universal is a mirror of Game of thrones. We notice how much Rdj had a impact on us as ironman all that and more. 00 rise of sky walker 08:29 upon a time in Hollywood  20:26 Hobbs and Shaw  30:56 that shield don’t belong to you  41:12 GOT and MCU the same  42:47 my spy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lh6M1yDfjZXG3eYZAYRzA?view_as=subscriber ig @itzdomcruzehoe twitter @itzdomcruzehoe Facebook Dom Cruze

 305 "Ace2cold story to tell" G/S Ace2cold X ILL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:21

we go through a couple of stories with ace2cold about his young teenage life on trying to lose his virginity at 19 and also how his home boy beat up a guy after he smash ole boy baby momma and more........ 00 suck dick with a condom on  4:43 backshots  6:04 professional street hoe  11:12 is this nut on my sweater ?  17:09 o.p.p. 1800 It’s obstacle to fucc me


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