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Summary: The only podcast that will document every single song that the legendary British singer/songwriter Kate Bush has ever produced. In each episode, Cecilee Linke will discuss a different song, in chronological order, with a fan, starting with Kate's 1978 debut album The Kick Inside to Kate's latest release in 2011, 50 Words for Snow. Special episodes about Kate's 1979 tour and her 2014 concerts will be discussed as well.

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 S05E07 – Under Ice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:41

Come skate past the trees with us as we discuss the second track on side two of Hounds of Love, the minimalist Under Ice. The song may only last two and a half minutes and have few instruments in the production, but what Under Ice does in that time will make you feel like you’re in a different world. To discuss this song, we have Patreon supporter Paul Muelhbach, who was last on the show in the Cloudbusting episode, calling from Germany. We talk about the psychological implications of this song, the tense atmosphere, how this song was performed live in the Before the Dawn shows, and how it fits into the overarching story of The Ninth Wave! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Song clips included: Under Ice (album version) Under Ice (Before the Dawn) Interview clips included: BBC Classic Albums, Hounds of Love

 S05E06 – And Dream of Sheep | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:39

Ready to dive in to the Ninth Wave portion of the album? We hope so! This week, we’re talking about the first song on the second side of Hounds of Love, the piano-driven song And Dream of Sheep. Not only is this an oft-covered song, but it contains many beautiful elements that make it a fan favorite. Especially for this week’s guests! We get to hear from longtime Kate fan Keith DeWeese and his experience hearing this song for the Before the Dawn shows. We also talk about the deceptively simple melody and arrangement and how it lulls you into thinking it’s a nice little song, even though it is on the beginning. We also get musical insights from Paul Tate, another American Kate fan, who has been on the show previously to dissect the Hounds of Love title track. Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Song clips included: And Dream of Sheep (album version) And Dream of Sheep (live 2014) Tori Amos – And Dream of Sheep (live 2014) And Dream of Sheep piano instrumental by YANTA Interview clips included: BBC Classic Albums, Hounds of Love Music video: And Dream of Sheep (live 2014)

 Bonus: Before the Dawn – Five Years Later | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:22

Five years ago this week, in August 2014, a huge event happened in Kate Bush fandom: the beginning of Kate’s London residency, Before the Dawn. It wasn’t just another rock music gig. In the way that only Kate can do it, Before the Dawn was a theatrical experience like none other and, most importantly, it was her first set of live shows since 1979. It was also an event we all hope will eventually come out on DVD, but at least we have the audio for now. (Still BOOO anyway!) While our host didn’t get to see the show (BOOOO!), Cecilee has gotten to talk with a fan who was there! So in honor of the shows and also the episodes to come for this season (we’ll go into And Dream of Sheep and the rest of the Ninth Wave next week!), we’re talking with Elizabeth Bracy, a long-time Kate fan from Portland, Oregon. Elizabeth made the trek to London and saw the show and she’s here to talk about her experience seeing the show, what it was like getting tickets, AND…. seeing The Ninth Wave live on stage for the first time.

 S05E05 – Cloudbusting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:02

This week we’re marching in time to the beat of the tender but urgent Cloudbusting. The second single from Hounds of Love and a UK Top 40 hit in late 1985, Cloudbusting is more than just an insanely catchy sing-a-long. There is an intriguing and strange backstory, touching lyrics, and….. Donald Sutherland? We have two mega fans of the song, both Patreon supporters. Tomer Feiner is calling in from Israel to talk about how he first heard the song and what it means to him. Then we have Paul Muehlbach, a German listener and a first-timer on the show! Both are young Kate fans who love this song almost as much as our host, who has much to say about what this song means to her. In this episode, we talk about the song’s subject: Peter Reich. Peter’s father was the famous psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and the subject of a random book Kate picked up in the 70s, A Book of Dreams. We discuss how his relationship with his father was the basis for this song (and the mystery behind lines like “you’re like my yo-yo that glowed in the dark”) and what Peter thought of Kate’s song. We also talk about how it did on the charts, the video, and what this song means to us. Are you ready to go cloudbusting? We hope so! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Book excerpts included: A Book of Dreams – The Book That Inspired Kate Bush’s Hit Song ‘Cloudbusting’ Song clips included: Cloudbusting (album version) Cloudbusting (The Organon Remix) Utah Saints – Something Good Cover band Cloudbusting performing Cloudbusting in Dublin Cloudbusting (Young Edits remix) Cloudbusting (orchestral fan-made version) Charlotte Martin – Cloudbusting Cloudbusting (Live in 2014) Interviews used: Interview on MTV, 1985 BBC Classic Albums: Hounds of Love Music video/Performances: Cloudbusting (Official Music Video) Cloudbusting (live on Italian TV, 1985)

 S05E04 – Mother Stands for Comfort | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:00

Hounds of Love produced four hit singles, all of them from the first side. The only song not released to radio was Mother Stands for Comfort, the fourth track from Hounds of Love, and an often overlooked song, even by our host. It’s also one of the most skeletal songs on this album. With only an upright electric bass, broken glass à la Babooshka, some tinkling piano, ghostly backing vocals (of course!), and a rather subdued and low lead vocal, Kate paints a rather creepy story about a mother’s love for a child who’s doing bad things. To discuss the only Side One song to not be released as a single, Cecilee will be talking with Paul Tate, a friend of the show who was last on the title track episode, and a new guest, Shana Britnall. Paul breaks down the chord progression and the melody to explain why this song sounds so moody and sad, while Shana talks about how this song has changed meaning for her over time and her favorite lyrics and what they mean to her. Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Song clips used: Mother Stands for Comfort (album version) Jane Birkin – Mother Stands for Comfort Lilie and Akatomie – Mother Stands for Comfort Interview clips used: Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, BBC, 1992

 S05E03 – The Big Sky | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:36:36

Are you ready to jump and leave with the big sky, honey? I hope so! All the folks for this week’s episode certainly are too! This week, we’re talking about the exuberant third track, and final single, from Hounds of Love, The Big Sky. And what a discussion this has turned out to be! Our two main fans for the episode are Rick Campbell from Canada and Diego Ortega from California. They’re on opposite ends of the continent but one thing they have in common is they love this song! Rick talks about hearing this song for the first time in 1985 and how this song connects to his travels and how it’s grown with him. Diego talks about the lyrics, his declaration that this is an anthem for shy people, and we speculate on why Kate’s songs (especially this one) would be so hard to cover for another musician. And we haven’t even talked about the music video yet! In addition to our two main fans, we’ll hear from two other Kate folks who were on the set of the music video for The Big Sky: Keith Pitches, a longtime Kate fan who called in to the show, and Dave Cross, one of the founders of Homeground magazine, who helped to organize that fan meetup and who was in the video too! It’s a jam-packed episode, just like this song! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Interview clips used: Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, 1992 Song clips used and/or mentioned: The Big Sky (album version) The Big Sky (special single mix) The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix) The Big Sky (Official Music Video)

 S05E02 – Hounds of Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:36:36

If you thought running up a hill was difficult, try running away from dogs chasing you. Specifically, hounds of love. Get ready for some more running as we go into a discussion of the third single from the Hounds of Love album, the energetic title track. To discuss this song this week, we have two megafans on the line: Craig Houston from Ohio and Paul Tate from Georgia. Both fans have fascinating insights and history with this week’s song! Craig talks about hearing this song and being blown away the first time he ever heard it and seeing it performed for Before the Dawn. Paul, a composer and pianist, is new to the show and offers his musical expertise to the discussion. With Paul, we dig into Kate’s use of loops, how those drums were created, pentatonic scales, and rhythm to create something different from traditional songwriting. Much to discuss! Then afterwards, we can rest for a bit and take our shoes off before leaving with the big sky next week! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Interview clips used: Kate Bush and Lee Aaron on Good Rockin’ Tonight, CBC, 1985 Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, BBC, 1992 Kate Bush Under Review Song clips used: Hounds of Love (album version) Hounds of Love (alternative) Hounds of Love (Before the Dawn) Ra Ra Riot – Hounds of Live (live 4/28/10, Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI) The Futureheads – Hounds of Love Music video: Hounds of Love (Official Music Video)

 S05E01 – Running Up That Hill | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:29:44

The year is 1985. And all over the radio in the last summer is the first bit of new music from Kate in a very long time. Three years, to be exact. Not only is it something new but it’s the first single for a new album! Running Up That Hill turns out to be not just the biggest hit single Kate has had in years. It’s also the beginning of a media frenzy for Kate as she begins to promote this song and her upcoming album. She’s everywhere in a way she hasn’t been since maybe the beginning of her career. She even ventures to America, where this song becomes, to date, her only top 40 hit. To discuss this monster of a hit song, we have a young Kate fan on the line who was on the There Goes a Tenner episode. Diego Ortega considers this song one of his favorite Kate songs. Like our host, Running Up That Hill was his gateway to the rest of Kate’s music. With Diego, Cecilee discusses the amazing production and how one sample from the Fairlight was manipulated in three different ways to build the song. Diego and Cecilee also talk about Kate’s live performances, including the use of Running Up That Hill in the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony. They also talk about the distinctive music video and their own favorite lyrics. Ready to go running? We hope so! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Interview clips used: Kate Bush Nightflight interview (unedited) Kate Bush on Good Rockin’ Tonight, 1985 Radio 1 Classic Album Interview – Hounds of Love, 1992 Song clips used: Running Up That Hill (album version) Running Up That Hill (2012 version) Videos mentioned: Running Up That Hill (live at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony) Running Up That Hill live on Wogan Running Up That Hill (live in 1987 with David Gilmour) Big Boi’s Favorite Verse: Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” Running Up That Hill Official Music Video

 S05E00 – Hounds of Love Album Introduction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:59:39

Time to go running up that hill from the hounds of love under the big sky while mother stands for comfort as we’re cloudbusting, daddy. It’s Hounds of Love, Kate Bush’s best-selling fifth album, and the work that many consider her masterpiece! Hounds of Love was the first of Kate’s albums to be recorded in her home studio among her family and friends and away from the prying eyes of the record company. This convivial atmosphere comes through in these songs, many of which are held up as classics in the Kate Bush canon (Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting, the title track). To discuss this wildly popular album with Cecilee is Zoey from New York, a familiar voice on the show! They discuss the way Hounds of Love was recorded. The singles. Ranking their favorite songs. And also a deep delve into speculating why Hounds of Love is considered Kate’s best album by so many. It’s all here, then next week, we get to go running up that hill to make a deal with God! Patreon Plug! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page. If you’d like to support the show, visit and become a subscriber today! Interview clips used: Radio 1 Classic Albums interview: Hounds of Love Kate Bush Hounds of Love Under Review

 Bonus: Let The Weirdness In #2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:02

Welcome to a special episode of Strange Phenomena. This week is another mailbag episode! The show is reaching more Kate Bush fans and that means more e-mails and Facebook messages with thoughts on songs and corrections! So this week, we get to hear from YOU, the listeners! Perhaps the most important message of all came in from a fan who asked Cecilee the ultimate question: why is Kate Bush your favorite music artist of all time? You’ll get to find out why in this episode! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page! For just $5 a month, you can get a special parallel show called Deeper Understanding, which will include general Kate Bush chat and deeper discussions of her work, rather than focusing on a particular song. The main show will always be free, but for those who are subscribed to Patreon, you get a little something extra! You can find said Patreon here:

 S04E12 – Ne t’enfuis pas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:43

We’re coming through the night like a cat to bring you an episode about one of Kate’s most mysterious songs, the beautiful French-language original Ne t’enfuis pas, which means “don’t flee.” (often translated as “don’t fly away.”) Cecilee gets to bring out her inner French nerd with this song as she discusses Ne t’enfuis pas with Dani Llamas, who you will remember from the episodes on Kidnapped on a Building Site and There Goes a Tenner. Enthusiasm abounds in this episode, since this is a top ten favorite for both of these Kate fans! Cecilee talks about the lyrics and how they translate to English, even commenting on Kate’s accent in French. There’s also much discussion and speculation of how this song probably came to be. And wait, Kate Bush and Star Wars are related through this song? Check out our Patreon! Strange Phenomena now has a Patreon page, filled with exclusive subscriber content. Check it out here! Song clips used: Ne t’enfuis pas

 S04E11 – Lord of the Reedy River (Donovan song) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:59

Welcome to the first of only a few episodes of the b-sides/collabs part of The Dreaming season. This week, we’re discussing a song that Kate didn’t write, so this marks the first officially released cover song in Kate’s repertoire! The famous 1960s folk singer Donovan (known for hits like Sunshine Superman, Catch the Wind, and Mellow Yellow) wrote Lord of the Reedy River for his album H.M.S. Donovan, released in 1971, an album that Kate cited as an absolute favorite. Only a few years before Donovan’s released version, the Welsh singer Mary Hopkin got a hold of it and released her version for her debut album Post Card. Then, more than a decade later, along came our Kate to put her own take on this rather mournful folk song, using a disused swimming pool at Townhouse Studios and a brand new expensive toy: the Fairlight CMI. To discuss this song this week, we have Frezno from Newfoundland, a younger fan of Kate who loves this song for its strange qualities. We get to talk about the production of this song, how Kate changed the pronouns in the song to make it more personal and put it from a feminine point of view, how Kate came to choose this song to record, and…. wait, the single for Sat in Your Lap had THIS on the b-side? Talk about a whiplash of moods! Song clips used: Donovan – Lord of the Reedy River (from his 1971 album H.M.S. Donovan Donovan singing Lord of the Reedy River in the 1969 film If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium Mary Hopkin – Lord of the Reedy River (from her 1969 album Post Card) Kate Bush – Lord of the Reedy River

 S04E10 – Get Out Of My House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:37:53

Unlike Kate in this song, we will let you in to show you all about the clattering and downright scary Get Out of My House, the last album track on The Dreaming. And what a closer this is! If you thought Breathing from the last album was epic, this one is even more so! To discuss this song, we have two super fans: Richard Campbell from Toronto, Canada, a fan who was last on the show to talk about In Search of Peter Pan. Rick talks about his history with this song and what it was like to listen to The Dreaming when it was first released in the 80s and how forward-thinking Kate was in her production techniques in this song. Rick also discusses how much this song reminds him of the 60s movie The Haunting. Super fan number two is Zoey P, for whom this song is an absolute favorite. Zoey digs into the theme and lyrics of this song and how it relates to a woman’s experience of feeling invaded and violated, and how it ties into Kate’s own experiences as a very public figure who “had to prove [she] was an artist in a woman’s body.” Song clips used: Get Out of My House Other links mentioned: Mr. Marrs fan-made video for Get Out of My House

 S04E09 – Houdini | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:38:10

It’s an epic episode about an epic love story: Bess and Harry Houdini! Our song this week is Houdini, the ninth track from The Dreaming and what a song it is! There’s Broadway singing, there’s light, pure vocals, and of course, the famous screams in the chorus! And mystery! Can’t forget the mystery either (don’t let it go now!) We have two big fans on the show this week: Zoey P and Luke McQuillan, who was on the show back in season one to discuss Wuthering Heights. With Zoey, we get to talk about the feminist implications of Kate writing a song from Houdini’s wife’s point of view rather than Houdini himself, the symbolism of keys, and our favorite lyrical and vocal moments. With Luke, we talk about how strange the music is (that chord progression!) and dissect how he came up with his own piano/vocal version of Houdini by ear! Song clips used: Houdini (piano/vocal version by Luke McQuillan) Houdini (piano instrumental by YANTA) Interview clips used: Rare 1982 interview with an opera singer Paul Gambaccini interview, Pebble Mill At One, 1982 Other links mentioned: Luke McQuillan – The Gauntlet Sheet music for Rosabel, Sweet Rosabel

 S04E08 – All The Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:49

This week’s song title may have the word “love” in it, but there doesn’t seem to be much love for this song. No discussion of it either on or….. much of anywhere! Time to fix that! Zoey P has joined us again for an extensive discussion of the album track All The Love, the eighth track from The Dreaming. This week, we’re talking about the theme of the song and how strangely relevant is it to our modern times (communication and letting people know how we really feel about them), the spooky song production, as well as trying to figure out who is who in the answering machine messages at the end of the song! So let’s show this underrated gem a little love and dig into the song a bit. Maybe you’ll come away loving this song too! Song clips used: All the Love Fan remixes/other versions: All the Love (Medieval Version by Alphan Music) All the Love performed by Cloudbusting


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