Mommy Money 101 show

Mommy Money 101

Summary: Mommy Money is for the single parent needing ideas to save money on everyday purchases. This show will share fun, creative ideas to help the entire family plan shopping trips and instill values for years to come.


 06- Walgreens Deals 08/19/18-08-25/18 | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 10:48

Check out a money maker for one of this week specials at Walgreens!

 05- CVS Deals week of 08/12-08/18 | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 21:09

Shop with Trina as she share her shopping trip to CVS on 08/12/18 for their weekly specials.

 04- DD’s Discounts Store Deals | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 11:02

Do you have a DD’s Discounts store in your area? Have you ever wondered what they sell? Join us as Trina share deals she found this week during Texas tax free weekend.

 03- Kohls & NBC 1/2 of 1/2 Deals | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 14:25

This week learn how to maximize savings with additional member discounts and special sales.

 02- Plan Your Shopping Or Plan On Being Miserable | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 15:42

Most parents will experience a child’s melt down during shopping at least once. Or maybe you heard about a great deal but went for it without a thought out game plan only to get to the store to be let down. Let’s discuss how to avoid either! Please don’t forget to share and leave a … Continue reading "02- Plan Your Shopping Or Plan On Being Miserable"

 01-What Is Mommy Money? | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 13:41

Welcome to Mommy Money 101! Are you ready to save some money? Join host LaTrina McDonald as she explain what you can expect from Mommy Money 101 going forward. Please share and comment if you enjoyed the showed.


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