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The Ted Broer Show - MP3 Edition

Summary: The Ted Broer Show features a wide variety of important topics including health, news and more

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 01-31-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy impassioned show! Must listen! Ted goes on an impassioned rant as to why are country is in the shape its in. Topics covered in rant. Kabbalist teachings, the Masonic lodges, whose controlling Trump, wizards, numerologist Kabbalists, FDR, FED, exchange stability fund, Kennedys assassination, Albert Pike, president Andrew Johnson, plus much more covered in this rant. Other topics include new abortion laws , planned Parenthood. Stamp prices going up here’s why! Starbucks CEO running for president. Florida Governor gets rid of common core! Medical marketing at almost 20 billion a year. Plus much more. High energy must listen impassioned show!

 01-30-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy must listen fast paced show! If wall isn’t built Trump will lose 43% of his support. Watch the cold stay inside this week! Roger Stone under a gag order? This is not ok! So CNN can slam him and he can’t defend himself? Where’s America? Or do I hear the jack boots goosestepping on the cobblestone streets of 1940 Berlin? FCC chairman says profit more important than safety! Yellow vest riots are increasing! Wait till summer! Communist professors everywhere here’s why. Home Depot founder slams communism. Chris Christy exposes Kushners father! Plus much. Much more! High energy must listen show!

 01-29-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

John Hopkins psychiatrist says transgenders have a mental disorder! He’s absolutely right..we cover the details! Gerald Celente is my guest today at 15 minutes into the show. Gerald as always does an excellent job discussing politics and the international trends for 2019! Topics covered include. Trumps grade so far. The border wall. The Washington clown show! CBD oil being a growth industry. So much from Gerald today. Plus update and feedback from the medieval abortion butchery of New York. Plus how ibuprofen is as dangerous as Vioxx! Must listen high energy show!

 01-28-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Must listen high energy green show! Why do prayers sometimes go unanswered? How to get your prayers heard. Without faith it impossible to please a God! Multiple Scriptures covered in depth. Philadelphia racked with crime thanks to Soros. New migrant caravan 12,000 strong headed to the USA. 1000 digital journalists laid off. Alternative news rules! Russia denies sending mercenaries to Venezuela. I believe them! The importance of putting faith into action. Learn to make the right decisions! This is a must listen green show!

 01-25-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy must listen show! Government reopens for three weeks! Trump blinks again! New loopholes in GMO labeling laws. This is ridiculous. Roger Stone arrested in pre dawg raid! Is Alex Jones next? More bombings in Sweden. Catholics demand Cuomo be excommunicated! Ron Paul explains what’s happening in Venezuela. Venezuelan president severs diplomatic ties with USA. Uncle Sam wants your DNA! Plus much more! High energy must listen show!

 01-24-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Wow today is the best show of the week! High energy must listen. Who is running the country? Looks like Nancy Pelosi. Eating fried chicken increases death surprise here. Austin an Ted both go into detail on stay in shape, getting in shape and staying prepared. Must hear commentary. Venezuela is threatened by the USA! Why won’t Christians see that Trump is compromised? 5G safety regulations repealed by Trump! Plus much much more! This is a must listen high energy show!

 01-23-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today’s show covered a lot of Biblical Old and New Testament concepts. We discussed The Old Testament temple sacrifice plus a plethora of other topics. Also discussed on today’s show. Nancy Pelosi and her organized crime family. The flash of light from the moon this past weekend. The FBIs constant data search. Trump vows to veto pro abortion bills. Cher makes another liberal statement. Syria threatens to bomb Israel airports. Plus much more! High energy show!

 01-22-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy must listen show! How and why General Patton was murdered! The crooked corrupt Broward County Sheriff Israel removed from office. Puberty blockers now routinely given to children for gender dysphoria. This is gross medical malpractice in my opinion. The NSA and William Binney. In depth must hear discussion! Catholic priest is pro LGBT and against anti abortion protests. Supreme Court allows bans on transgenders to continue. Macular degeneration natural protocol. College professor says some whites must die! America the new communist frontier. Natural protocol for Asthma. High-energy super informative must listen show!

 01-21-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy must listen show! What’s going on with other show hosts getting dragged into the Muller investigation? Has the Q phenomenon become a self organizing collective intelligence? Has an AI taken it over? This is a thought provoking commentary. Who was Otto Kahn why should you care? He told us the bankers plan 100 years ago. The globalists want Trump in office to create as much negativity as possible to control the energy field! To create a civil war! Who was Congressmen James Traficant? Did he tell us the truth? The World Health Organization another United Nations Rothschild creation tells us that vaccine hesitancy is a top problem globally..what the now we can’t be hesitant to put poison in our bodies? Austin goes into a hard core rant concerning this topic! Why is the Catholic high school group near the Lincoln memorial argument a news worthy story? Who’s pushing this narrative? Who controls the narrative? Why are the Bushes and the Clintons and the Obamas such good friends? It’s a show a circus clown act! This is that show! Excellent high energy must listen broadcast?

 01-18-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Must listen informative green show! How to really heal the scars of your past. How to change your comfort zone. Are your friends excess baggage? You decide! What does trauma do to the developing child’s brain? What happens to a child’s brain under stress? Looks like Ginsberg is retiring. No surprise here. Is she alive? On a respirator? The Cloward Piven strategy is in full swing in the USA. Is Brexit going to happen? Rand Paul’s says the senate should host the state of the Union address..great idea! OxyContin manufactures under multiple lawsuits. Plus much much more. High energy must listen show!

 01-17-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy show! MS 13 gang members laugh at how easy it is to enter USA. Pelosi refuses to meet with Angel mothers. Why is formaldehyde being used in vaccines. What local agencies are being used to create medical tyranny? Discussion of on line video of adult male hitting 11 year old girl for assaulting him. Who is William Barr? Why won’t main stream media discuss his involvement in the Ruby Ridge massacre? Another horrible choice. Babies wanted for Norway! Why are so many alternative sites putting out disinformation? High energy show!

 01-16-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Pastor Chuck Baldwin is my guest today. Thought provoking must listen show! What happens if Donald Trump declares a national emergency on the continental USA? Is it justified? Does it set a precedent? Is a wall necessary? Is there another solution? Why are so many immigrants coming here? Is Trump a criminal? Will he be impeached? Will troops ever leave Syria? Is Iraq being used as a staging ground? If gang raping murdering mercenaries are used what’s the blowback? All these questions answered along with many more. Must listen, intense show!

 01-15-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy show! Ted starts with a rant about the importance of taking care of yourself and your family from a health and lifestyle standpoint. Also why don’t leaders listen until it’s a health emergency! The hidden dangers of mammograms are discussed. Why do more Americans die from opioid overdose than from car accidents. Fed ex pays millions for shipping cigarettes into NYC. I mean who cares.. The government shutdown an opportunity to trim the federal government payroll. Where’s Ginsburg? Is she dead? Where are her photos? And her videos? Plus much more. High energy show!

 01-14-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ok, Wow, blistering show today! Must listen. All out war on white people...must hear commentary. Democrats and neocons unite for constant wars. Ron Paul says elected leaders have sold their souls. Artificial intelligence to displace 40% of worlds workforce. National Gun confiscation bill brought to us by bubble boy Rubio must be stopped. Austin does an impassioned rant. Ted explains in detail the mafia and governmental interface that controls the globalists. Ted does a short rant on dads raising real men. Newsguard a potential total censorship grid is discussed in detail. Plus much more! Must listen high energy show!

 01-11-19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

High energy must listen show! White Doctors need not apply in South Africa. Leading Doctor in Britain dies from total organ failure after vaccine. Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive? How do we know? How does a justice get nominated. Who was Justice Louis Brandeis? How was he linked to Woodrow Wilson and Samuel Untermeyer? People being diagnosed with selfie wrist due to inflammation. What a sick society the weirdos have created. Starbucks opening bathrooms to drug users. X and Y chromosome no longer determine sex according to these nuts...they have to justify transgenders. What to prioritize in an economic turndown. Plus much more! High energy must listen show!


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