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Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

Summary: Without trust, society stagnates, economies decline, and businesses fail. This podcast series keeps abreast of the latest trends and challenges in cyber and physical security with interviews, event updates, industry suppliers & government initiatives.

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 Episode 105 – Business Drivers & Data Centres, with Stephen Worn, CTO & CEO DCD North America | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Based in New York, Stephen Worn is the CEO of North America, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, as well as Global CTO for Data Centre Dynamics. This interview delves into data centre trends in Australia, Asia Pacific region and globally, as well as how technology and digital transformation is influencing and driving business opportunity and risk. Mr. Worn has been involved with industry-leading enterprises and clients around the world for over 25 years as an Industrial FMS and ICT Network and Facilities Engineer; with over eight years in Asia, across the Americas and again back on a pan-European level. Mr. Worn was the Head of Technology Services for Dimension Data UK, where he was also their acting Practice Manager for Data Centres and Intelligent Buildings. Stephen has held senior management roles in Nortel Networks as their EMEA Senior Director of Datacentres, at Japan's Nippon Suisan International, China's National Center for Industry and Technology, as well as with the Center for Special Economic Zones. Mr. Worn has supported Data Center Dynamics since its first conference as Chief Technical Advisor and Guest Conference Chairman. Mr. Worn holds two Masters Degrees. Interview recorded at ICC on 23 August 2018 at Data Center Dynamics – DCD Australia, Sydney ( #DCDAustralia ( For the full series of DCD Data Centre Podcasts visit  

 Episode 104 - A Cyber Murder Mystery? A unique approach to raising awareness by #WomeninCyber at Blue Phish | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On a multi-faceted trip to Singapore, we took the opportunity to drop into JustCo and speak with Nina Bual and Shaily Shah of start-up, Blue Phish. These two dynamic individuals and #WomeninCyber, co-founded Blue Phish to work predominantly in South East Asia, with reputable organisations to raise cyber maturity in an engaging and interactive manner. Blue Phish supports a number of organisations in reducing their cyber risk through awareness programs and also focuses on educational gaps to prepare children, parents and teachers for a digital future. Together, Nina and Shaily have trained thousands of children, teachers and parents as well as over 100 SMEs, including developed some unique awareness approaches, even a Murder Mystery. If you’re new or even just interested in cyber security and cyber security awareness, you will enjoy this interview. Recorded on September 11 at Just Co, Shenton Way, Singapore. For more information visit Reference to Julie Inman-Grant is Australia's E-Safety Commissioner -  

 Episode 103 – World-renowned cyber security expert, “The Ethical Hacker” – Oliver Stone’s cybersecurity adviser on “Snowden” and CEO of Estonia startup | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This is a broad interview with Ralph Echemendia, world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” For over 20 years, Ralph has delivered training on hacking and other security information to corporations including the US Marine Corps, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, AMEX, Intel, Boeing, Symantec, and IBM. His portfolio of work and reputation as a leading professional across several industries has landed him the credibility to make appearances on CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and Forbes, to name a few. Now on the Cyber Security Weekly Podcast. Ralph took his talents to Hollywood, California and has worked with award-winning Director Oliver Stone as a technical supervisor on films such as “Savages” and “Snowden” as well as as other projects such as the film “Nerve” and award-winning TV series Mr. Robot.He has now joined forces with some of the music industry and Hollywood’s most influential names and is working on cutting edge technology for consumer cyber security. Ralph has also been a featured speaker/panelist/keynote at events such as DigitalK in Bulgaria, WoHiT in Barcelona, The Customer Contact Expo in London, Georgetown Law University Cyber Event, WHiNN in Denmark, Raytheon’s Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, DC, Austin’s South by Southwest ® (SXSW ®), the LA Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, Pioneers Festival 17  in Vienna, Digital Odense, Web Summit and Collision to name a few. His jaw dropping “Hacking Hollywood” appearance has been presented at Creative Artists Agency, the Digital Entertainment World Expo, the Content Protection & Piracy Summit, as well as the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit. is based in Tallin, Estonia and provides Encryption, Alerts, Resilience, Thinking Machine/AI, Adaptive Technology, Secure Cloud-Based protection - - this discussion includes Estonia's approach to an open, digital economy, transparent government and the implications on privacy and security. Recorded 5 September, 2018 at Cyber Security Asia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ( - MySecurity Media attended courtesy of Thomvell International  

 Episode 102 - Achieving sustainable data centres and the next Moore’s Law trends, with Prof. Ian Bitterlin, Leeds University | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Presenting at DCD Australia in Sydney, Ian Bitterlin discusses the developments in data centre design, energy use and heat generation and increasing adaptability of Moore’s Law type technology trends with the tra...

 Episode 101 - Malaysia’s perspective on what is driving security agendas with CEO, Cybersecurity Malaysia, Dato’ Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dato’ Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab provided the welcoming address to Cyber Security Asia 2018 and outlines how cybersecurity affects the security, stability and progress of country nations. Nations, organisations and indeed society at large have to realign quickly to the new world order to ensure their survival and growth this century. Following elections in Malaysia, the country is restructuring the cyber security framework and we also discuss Cybersecurity Malaysia’s CyberDEF program which is a solution for detection, eradication and forensic investigation for organisations to take more proactive and responsive steps to eradicate and remediate security threats and vulnerabilities. Recorded 4 September, 2018 at Cyber Security Asia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ( - MySecurity Media attended courtesy of Thomvell International

 Episode 100 – Intrepreneurship, SCADA systems and maritime supply chains | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ken Soh, CEO of Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd speaks about his journey into Intrepreneurship, shipping and maritime security frameworks, SCADA Systems and the inspiration sourced from Israel. As CIO of BH Global Corporation, Ken’s journey got underway when the company funded a study week in Israel and he returned to Singapore as an Intrepreneur, the CEO of Athene Dynamics and servicing BH Global Corporation’s supply chain customers. Ken effectively turned the IT department into a profit centre and software distributor. With consideration to shipping and maritime security trends and supply chain security, we then dive into two of the company’s software products: Sasa Software is a 9-layer, ultra-deep-scanning anti-malware and sanitisation (CDR) solution augmentable by uni-directional data diodes with Wintel based proxies; and ICS2, a SCADA monitoring platform that specialises in real-time behavioural analytics of OPC data passively extracted from control systems. Recorded at ICE71, Singapore on September 7, 2018. ICE71 ‘Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at Block71’ is the region’s first cybersecurity entrepreneur hub. Founded by Singtel Innov8, the corporate venture capital unit of Singtel, and the National University of Singapore (NUS), through its entrepreneurial arm NUS Enterprise. Well done to Ken for being the guest on our 100th show!  

 Episode 99 – Is this the McDonalds of the DC industry? Meet Digital Realty, the world's largest full scale data centre provider | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  As part of our Data Centre #DCD series of interviews, we speak to Rod Glover, Director - Data Centre Operations, Australia and Omer Wilson, Head of Marketing APAC at Digital Realty. Digital Realty is the world's largest full scale data centre provider offering colocation, wholesale deployments, interconnection and cloud services. Cloud providers are growing rapidly and remain the fastest growing in the DC market. Geographically distributed across North America, Europe and APAC, these customers need to spread their DC assets quickly. With a unique business model where Digital Realty source and purchase the land and then lease (the McDonalds of the DC industry?), Digital Realty is a real estate investment trust and also sources electricity with hedges on the energy market rather than fixed terms. This facilitates a range of advantages including PUE (Power Utilisation Efficiency), measured by the total power divided by the IT load, with a 1:3 ratio as a DC design target. With facilities based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), the APAC region is the fastest customer growth region across the world. If you like tech business model discussions, you'll enjoy this one! For more information visit ( Interview recorded at ICC on 23 August 2018 at Data Center Dynamics – DCD Australia, Sydney #DCDAustralia  

 Episode 98 - How IoT data capture and processing is driving new edge-to-core data center network architectures | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Interview with Jim Fletcher, Strategy Partner, Office of the CTO at Momenta Partners. Jim most recently served as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform. In this role, Jim had responsibility for the architecture and technical direction for IBM’s Internet of Things platform including identifying technologies, architecture, M&A and strategic partnerships. During his career at IBM, Jim served in executive management and technical leadership positions in areas of networking, IT systems management, and pervasive computing. Jim holds over 60 patents, is an IBM Master Inventor, and member of the IBM Academy. This is an insightful discussion and Jim gives it just 5 years until we will see significant impacts of Artificial Intelligence – potentially reaching the point of singularity. Interview recorded at ICC on 23 August 2018 at Data Center Dynamics – DCD Australia, Sydney #DCDAustralia (  

 Episode 97 - Data Centre trends in the era of edge computing and security considerations around rapid deployment | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Interview with Robert Linsdell, ANZ Managing Director (, Vertiv and Tony Gaunt, Senior Director, Colocation, Cloud & BFSI, Vertiv Asia ( Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) designs, builds, and services data centres and communication networks for commercial facilities and critical infrastructure. We speak about IT infrastructure and the considerations to ensure data is kept safe and secure, including through physical access and against natural disasters. With the advent of modularised DC racks and equipment, the time to acquire, install and configure a new DC has never been shorter. Interview recorded at ICC on 23 August 2018 at Data Center Dynamics - DCD Australia, Sydney ( #DCDAustralia For more information on Vertiv - visit

 Episode 96 - Smart Buildings, Mobility & Outlook to the Future - HID Global Consultant Roundtable | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

HID Global ( Consultant Roundtable– Smart Buildings, Mobility & Outlook to the Future – recorded at #Security2018

 Episode 95 – Convergence of industries - Physical Access Control, Connectivity & Authentication | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Interview with HID Global’s Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control, Harm Radstaak, based in the Netherlands. HID Global is a world leader in access control systems for secure physical access, network login, and safeguarding assets. The discussion covers the global and Asia Pacific markets, convergence of technologies, including connectivity, workplace optimisation and area governance with mobile authentication. Mobile authentication is the process by which a system, supporting mobile connectivity, verifies the identity of the user or other system who desires access via a mobile credential. For more information visit ( ( at the Security Expo, Melbourne Convention  & Exhibition Centre, 26 July 2018 #Security2018    

 Episode 94 – Interview with Adam Bennett of Red Piranha, Australia’s only dedicated next generation firewall manufacturer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Red Piranha is an Australian enterprise and Australia’s only dedicated next generation firewall manufacturer (Unified Threat Management solutions) and one of only a handful of Australian-owned and operated businesses building cyber security technology. This interview with Adam Bennett, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, delves into the background of Red Piranha and how Adam came to launch Australia’s first UTM, as well as the plans for the company. Red Piranha has also announced the launch of ‘Crystal Eye’ – the first Australian-made Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform designed specifically for SMBs to simplify information-security management. Traditionally, SMBs have lacked cyber security products designed specifically for their market and often could not afford the complex solutions designed for larger enterprises. Adam Bennett also comes from a hacking background, including a former member of Anonymous and well-known in the hacktivist community as 'Lorax'. Adam said, “Red Piranha and Crystal Eye were born out of frustration. SMBs lacked time, money and understanding of the overwhelming security solutions in the market. So, we set out to build an affordable, easy to use product that went against having multiple security systems. Instead of having several single-function appliances, all needing individual familiarity, attention and support, Crystal Eye enables network administrators to centrally administer their security defences from one box.” The Crystal Eye UTM platform has been designed and built in consultation with the Managed Service Provider (MSPs) community. A UTM system simplifies information-security management by providing a single management and reporting point for the security administrator rather than managing multiple products from different vendors. UTM appliances have quickly gained in popularity, partly because the all-in-one approach simplifies installation, configuration and maintenance. This contrasts with the traditional method of having point solutions for each security-related function. Red Piranha has had three capital raises since 2015, including a major raise in 2018 when it raised $2.5 million. The product was rigorously audited and tested for six months by representatives from the Australian Cyber Security Centre last year. Since then, it has been live tested with a number of different clients around Australia and internationally – including an insurance firm in Sydney, and a multinational business in the medical industry. The company also has plans to expand into global markets by 2019 and work towards increasing Australia's national threat intelligence ecosystem.  

 Episode 93 – Introducing Fujitsu’s geospatial big data platform, SpatiOWL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Sundar Viswanathan, head of digital solutions at Fuijtsu Australia New Zealand introduces Fujitsu and discusses the suite of solutions, including Fujitsu’s geospatial big data platform, SpatiOWL. SpatiOWL is also being used to further enhance a species geolocation project with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) 'Saving our Species' program. The project involves artificial intelligence (AI) technology being trained to help identify species through video analysis. The technology can potentially be applied to identifying and locating outbreaks of noxious weeds in conservation areas and also identification of endangered birds and animals. Fujitsu has commissioned a video overview of the initiative at the following link: Digital Owl video. Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, employing 140,000 people with customers in more than 100 countries and consolidated revenues of 4.1 trillion yen (US $39 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018. For more information, please see  

 Episode 92 - Not all hard drives are the same - Insight into the Seagate Hard Drives - SkyHawk, SkyHawk AI & EXOS range | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Having caught up with Sam Zavaglia, Senior Engineer with Seagate in Melbourne for the Security Expo 2018 we were really impressed with his level of insight into the Seagate range. We met up in Sydney to discuss the Seagate hard drive range and the technical aspects of how these hard drives are optimised for DVRs and NVRs and tuned for 24×7 workloads in capacities up to 10TB. Equipped with enhanced ImagePerfect™ firmware, SkyHawk helps to minimise dropped frames and downtime with a workload rating 3× that of a desktop drive and is ready to record up to 90% of the time while supporting up to 64 HD cameras. The SkyHawk AI is built for scalable AI workloads and designed to support an additional 16 AI streams while simultaneously recording footage up to 64 HD cameras. For more information visit (  

 Episode 91 - Interview with the Director of the Melbourne Joint Cyber Security Centre | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode, Bruce Matthews, Director of the Melbourne Joint Cyber Security Centre speaks to Morry Morgan about the JCSC and highlights the framework and partnerships within the national security community, as well as showcasing a range of stakeholders and activities that the centre is involved with, and also citing the PageUp breach as an example. Recorded as part of the second annual Australian Cyber Week held in Melbourne from 30 July to 3 August 2018. For more information visit ( Related listening: Episode 82 – 4th Joint Cyber Security Centre launched by the Hon Christian Porter MP, Australia’s Federal Attorney-General ( Episode 62 - AustCyber's Knowledge Priorities - Interview with Mike Bareja, Program Manager - National Network Episode 54 - Alastair MacGibbon, Australian National Cyber Security Adviser & Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) ( Episode 28 – Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman-Grant discussing online safety, cyber bullying and child exploitation (


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