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Summary: MoonWise is a podcast featuring conversations with women of power. Join host Dorothée Sophie Royal each new and full moon for lunar forecasts and interviews about natural approaches to self care, health and creativity. Our guests are wisdom carriers, artists, mothers and leaders who are ushering in a new era of feminine wisdom in their own lives and in the world. Each episode is created to help you connect with nature's rhythms and celebrate the beauty medicine in you. Follow us on Instagram @MoonTentCo and check out the show notes at


 WISE MOON: LUNAR FORECAST WITH SUSAN LIPSHUTZ [JUNE 13 - JULY 12] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:15

A lunar forecast for June 13 - July 12, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. “Keep a cool head and a warm heart.” - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle it's time to keep a clear mind and embrace the questions. We need to stay open and level-headed as we work to bridge the mind and the heart. In this episode of #moonwise podcast, Susan Lipshutz talks about how to bridge the mind and heart and stay curious in our interactions with others.  We will have access to new levels of communication and be able to put words to felt experience. She reminds us to notice the difference between resistance and curiosity. "What are we saying no to?" How can we allow for vulnerability and be comfortable with not knowing all the answers? She also reminds us that in this period of embodied communication, we need to ask, "is something getting lost in translation?" She shares tips on how to  steady our thoughts and recommends a lovely flower essence to work with this month. Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to slow down and ask questions as we examine our thoughts and motivations and upgrade our perceptions about life. 

 ALCHEMY: The Kosmic Kitchen on Food as Magic and Medicine (Ep. 11) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:47

Learn about herbs, alchemy and elemental eating with food educators Summer Ashley and Sarah Kate of The Kosmic Kitchen.  “Our deepest act of love as humans is to nourish each other.” - Sarah Kate In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with herbal food educators Summer Ashley and Sarah Kate of The Kosmic Kitchen about herbs, alchemy and food as medicine.  The Kosmic Kitchen was born out of a friendship. Sarah and Summer met when sewing the seeds for a community garden. It was there that they discovered herbalism, and the plants’ incredible capacity to heal. Their goal is to make kitchen herbalism accessible to all, so that everyone can have a connection to the plants. In our conversation, Summer and Sarah talk about their own healing journeys from chronic illness to health by trusting their intuition and the healing power of plants. They remind us how sacred each meal can be and why making your food beautiful is part of the medicine. They share tips on spiking everyday foods with herbs and why a daily practice of healthy meals can do more than any pill or potion.  “We have Mother Earth to provide us with these plants that are their own beings and they have their own stories and things that they want to share with us. And if we really listen to that and can be part of that experience, it can be such a rich experience and also a deeper healing,” says Sarah Kate.  We also talk about:  How plants can bring people into our lives  The power of adaptogenic herbs Fun recipes for herb-infused summer drinks  The benefits of chia seeds  Finding joy in good preparation and cooking  Trusting our intuition for health

 CHANGEMAKER MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [May 15 - June 13] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:38

A lunar forecast for May 15 - June 13, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. “Stability and change is an inside job.” - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle it's time to work with change, let go of fear and grow your dreams. We've outgrown something and as we experience shifts this month, it's best to tune into the Earth and our inner landscape for stability. In this episode of #moonwise podcast, Susan Lipshutz talks about how to become changemakers for ourselves and the collective. It's a time of reinvention when we can release fear and manifest what we really care about. She says, “the story is going to change, there’s a new Earth story in play.” She reminds us not to get too attached to the physical world but to embrace a sense of inner security.  She asks, "What have we gotten attached to? What would I feel lost without?" She reminds us to "look for the hidden gems within." She shares tips on how to connect with nature as well as flower essences and stones to work with during the month. Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to reinvent our inner and outer landscapes and build our dreams.

 PRESENCE: Sophia Rose on Digital Hygiene and True Connection (Ep. 10) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:24

Learn how to reclaim your time and attention and create balance with your phone use with herbalist and folk healer Sophia Rose. "The moment that your phone starts to detract from lived experience is the moment to make a different choice." - Sophia Rose In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with herbalist and folk healer Sophia Rose about technological hygiene and her thoughts on connection in the digital age. Sophia Rose is a woman who listens closely to the singing of the Earth’s Spirit and shares the beauty of all that she hears in her work with plants and people. She’s the force behind La Abeja Herbs and Garden Party, a revolutionary take on online herbal education. In our conversation, we get real about our collective addiction to smartphones and discuss the urgent need for more balance in our use of technology. She offers practical tips for reclaiming our time and attention as well as strategies for decolonizing our minds. She reminds us that, "Our awareness and internal space is sacred and must remain sovereign." She says that our use of these technologies "needs to feel optional. It needs to feel like something that is bringing you joy and adding to your experience rather than taking you out of it." Afterall, "communication should be happening at the speed of life and not the other way around." We also talk about: How our brains are shaped by technology / Tips for reducing smart phone use / Managing subconscious messages from social media / How to cultivate more spaciousness in daily life / The importance of net neutrality 

 INITIATION MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [April 15 - May 15] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:20

A lunar forecast for April 15 - May 15, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "I can't stay where I was before. I can't live how I lived before." - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle it's time to invest in yourself and engage with power. An inner fire is lighting the way for the magic and alchemy of growth.  In this episode, Susan talks about how to move through obstacles fueled by the desire to do things differently. She says, "How are you engaging or running away from your power?" She reminds us that "growth is a miracle. We don't know which seeds are really going to come up. We don't know when we're dreaming something and calling it in, how is it really going to come forward?" She shares tips on how to create a vision bowl for spring as well as practices for connecting with the earth. She also recommends three flower essences to work with during the month.  Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to restructure our roots so a new archetype of empowerment can grow.

 SONG: Alexa Sunshine Rose on Finding Your Sacred Voice (Ep. 9) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:29

Learn about the healing power of sound and how to find your sacred voice with musician Alexa Sunshine Rose. In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with musician Alexa Sunshine Rose about her creative process, the healing power of sound and how to find your sacred voice. After witnessing the transformative power of music in a healing ceremony, Alexa asked for music to come through her, to assist in the healing of the earth and all beings. She began to receive songs the next day. Since then she has recorded three albums and various side projects and tours the U.S. frequently. Her sound has been described as a mixture of west coast folk and kirtan and evokes a state of prayer and blessing no matter how you define it. In our conversation, we talk about the co-creative process of receiving songs and how we all can tune into the healing song that we need. She addresses the realities of being a mother and an artist and why music is even more powerful when shared. Alexa reminds us that "music is of mutual benefit to the giver and the receiver." She also shares advice for someone who wants to be a song carrier. She says, " find what moves you and get inside it." We also talk about: The healing power of sound vibrations / Why we should all pay attention to the music we consume / Singing for survival / Songs of devotion for the elements / Her upcoming West Coast tour

 MASTERY MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [March 17 - April 15] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:03

A lunar forecast for March 17 - April 15, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "We all have something that breaks us open...and as we search for the pieces, all along the way we find out who we are. - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle it's time to clean up and let go. Life is stirring under the soil and dead leaves and branches must be cleared to make way for new growth. As we each approach spring, think about what needs to die so that something can live.  In this episode, Susan talks about how to spring clean your psyche and master healing through action. She says, "think about the seeds you want to plant" and she reminds us that in our quest for mastery, we should ask ourselves, "do you want to be a master of pain or a master of love?" She shares tips on how to do a spring grief ritual and recommends four flower essences to work with this season. She also talks about why some people may feel irritated or angry in the spring and how best to prep for Mercury Retrograde.  Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities for release and inner cleansing in preparation for a fertile and fruitful spring. 

 CREATE: Uma Dinsmore-Tuli on Yoga for the Feminine Heart [Episode 8] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:28

Learn how to feed your creativity through a unique approach to yoga for women with renowned teacher and author Uma Dinmore-Tuli. "I don't want anything to do with that cosmic spell that says this is how women should be, because it's just rubbish, it's just not true." - Uma Dinmore-Tuli In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with renowned teacher and author Uma Dinmore-Tuli about her unique approach to yoga designed especially for women's bodies and life experiences from youth to old age.  Uma met yoga in 1969, at the age of four, and fell in love. But after many years of studying and teaching traditional methods, she found herself frustrated with a system that was primarily designed by men and for men. She began to explore practices that could better support women's bodies, hearts and minds at all ages. She now teaches women's yoga around the world and has authored four books on the topic, including the massive Yoni Shakti.  In our conversation, we talk about Uma's definition of a womb and why it's such an important space for creativity.  She reminds us, "our bodies are the earth" and "the womb space is connected to water and earth, that's why it's so creative." We discuss the unique historical moment we're in as women and how the resurgence of ancient feminine wisdom has been facilitated through social media. We talk about surrender as the ultimate act of courage and our hopes for future generations of girls.  We also talk about:  Working with life force energy at any age / Why traditional yoga may be depleting for women / How to avoid yoga injuries in the post-natal period / The connection of womb and climate awareness / Living shame free for our daughters

 LIBERATION MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [February 15 - March 17] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:38

A lunar forecast for February 15 - March 17, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "Wake up from the spells, have a sense of self-determination, be uniquely you." - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle, we find ourselves on the threshold of change with an opportunity to elevate our consciousness with a solar eclipse and an Aquarius new moon. How are your beliefs and thoughts supporting or hindering you at this time? What thoughts are you feeding? Susan talks about clearing mental illusion and shares tips for relieving the anxiety or pressure that we may be feeling at this time. She says, "everything is broken about our world and we've got to be radical in our thoughts about how we create new realities." She reminds us, "now that we know it's broken, it's awesome because we're liberated by what's possible." At the end of the episode, Susan also shares a simple crystal exercise you can do to access higher possibilities.  Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to break the mold, step into your choice and rewrite your agreements. 

 NOURISH: Sally F. St. John on Eating for Hormonal Health (Ep. 7) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:50

"I think it's really important when we're talking about being a whole person that we're talking about the relationships that we're forming. Who are we connected to?" - Sally F. St John In this episode, we speak with holistic health counselor and researcher Sally F. St. John about nutrition for hormonal health and her unique philosophy of healing, developed over years of coaching women back to wholeness. When Sally uses the word whole, she's describing a blend of "mind, body, spirit and community" that all work together for true health. She believes that getting back to our emotions and spirit being is the first step for bringing the body back to balance, followed by lifestyle and dietary changes. We talk about the importance of gut health, which foods to eat during the four phases of your monthly cycle and key things to know about probiotics and prebiotics.  We also talk about: Historical trauma and patriarchy's influence on women's health / Why it's ok not to be on a 28 day monthly cycle / The role of compassion in healing / Reframing our relationship to healthy fats / Why community is key for holistic wellbeing 

 WOLF MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [January 16 - February 15] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:01

A lunar forecast for January 16 - February 15, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "It's ok to feel stuck because that's the first step in moving yourself out." - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle, we enter eclipse season with a Capricorn new moon. If you're feeling a bit stuck or unmotivated after setting New Year intentions, never fear! Susan Lipshutz talks about how to tap into our resources and start moving in the direction we desire. Susan tells the powerful mythic story of the sea-goat to help us understand the multidimensional aspects of time as well as our culture's complicated relationship with patriarchy. She reminds us that we're at the beginning of a three year cycle so we can take our time. She also shares some great practices for breaking old emotional patterns and releasing old stories with compassion. Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to get aligned with the earth, awaken to our destiny and remember who we are.  

 FLOW: April McMurtry on Tracking Time By the Moon (Ep. 6) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:47:59

Learn how to align with lunar cycles with April McMurtry, founder of The Moon Is My Calendar.  "We're calling out to nature and she's calling back to us and the cosmos...we're seeing ourselves as part of that rather than only tracking time to this superimposed, man-made system." - April McMurtry In this episode, we speak with artist and educator April McMurtry about tracking time by the moon and her practical tools for aligning with lunar cycles. April is the founder of The Moon is My Calendar and creatress of the New Moon Calendar Journal. "The lights need to go out sometimes, there is vitality in darkness," says April who talks embracing the ebb and flow of life and making the moon an ally and example in our lives. We talk about how anyone can develop a lunar practice and how we can all shift our current paradigm around time for a more balanced way of being.  We also talk about:  Bringing moon wisdom into our relationships / Turning creative visions into successful projects / Bridging masculine and feminine energies in business / What the moon has to do with your period / Cosmic timing and the wisdom of winter

 COSMIC COMPASS MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [December 18 - January 16] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:01

A lunar forecast for December 18, 2017 - January 16, 2018 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. This moon cycle, we are on a voyage of growth as we travel into the new year. Susan Lipshutz says it's an opportunity to review, "what were the lessons of the last 2 1/2 years?" It's a time to learn from the past and be inspired by our new belief systems. We are guided to live from our truth and remember that "you have the divine feminine in you."  Tune in to hear about this month's opportunities to gain new wisdom, step into hope and live in gratitude as we build from what we've learned this coming year. 

 RELEASE: Kami McBride on Womb Wisdom and the Magic of Menstruation (Ep. 5) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:41:51

Learn about womb wisdom and how to access the magic of menstruation with herbalist Kami McBride. We talk about how we can embrace our embodied wisdom, tune into our intuition and awaken the portal of creativity that opens to us each month. We also talk about: How to heal PMS naturally / Embracing our sensitivity and intuition / Creating a space of rest and ritual during your period / Creating a rites of passage for young women / How to start a women's wisdom circle 

 RAINBOW SERPENT MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz [November 18 - December 18] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:31

A lunar forecast for November 18 - December 18, 2017 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "Fall in love with the truth of what you need to tell yourself because in it is what you value." - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle, Susan reminds us to stay persistent as we all undergo an upgrade in consciousness. She says, "if you fee like you're really pushing a rock up the mountain or working on a project or stepping past something that's been really hard for you, I want you to really stay with it and understand that the work is valuable and that what you're doing has merit and keep moving with it." She recommends using a rattle to clear pain and trauma that is coming up on personal and collective levels. She says, "in the ashes of the fire, there are always the strongest embers and the embers activate the rebirth...we have to stick together and believe. It is a really profound moment in our story as a world."


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