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Summary: Welcome to the Critical Podcast! We're new to the podcast scene and here to talk about many different interesting topics which you will find interesting. Give us a listen and dont forget to comment, and subscribe! Leave us a review and hit that like button. We appreciate it!

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 Signs (With Jason Woliner) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:40

Episode 5 Signs! with Jason Woliner! All “Signs” point to “YEs” with this one! We welcome to the studio our dear griend and critter, JAson Woliner, who brings a very exciting(and relevant) subject to the show for our fifth (!) episode of Critical. Hard rto believe we’re still around but yet here we are with episode 5. Signs is a real banger of an episode and we get RIGHT to it with this one. Check out the if you haven't already and remember to subscribe!

 Books | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:32

Episode 4 Books! Something you may NOT know about David and Nick is they are vorascious readers. We hope you are too, but if your not, we’ve got you covered! Today, Nick and David make good use of there library cards, and checked out a whole slew of exiting reads from new books! There is no limit to the variety of books discussed, including biographies poetry, non-fiction, fiction, children book young adult literature and even anamoty! This episode is fun for all ages and as summers just around the corner, this’s one thats not to be missed, especially if your looking for that perfect summer read on the beach. Subscribe today!!

 Names (With Michael Cera | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:38:32

EPISODE 3 Names! with Michael Cera! The Top Male Names! Will you hear your name? Listen to find out! Today was a epic thrill ride as we invited our special guest and critter, actor Michael Cera, into the Critical HQ. This was an epic episode! Having played many differently named people in many different movies and TV episods, Michael was the perfect choice for this one. We got into it!! Other things we discuss in todays episode: male names vs. female names, middle names, nicknames and unconventionel names like chadwick boseman. We even tease a few future episodes! Make sure to “like” this podcast and tell you’re friend’s!

 Colors (Part 1 of 26) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:20

EPISODE 2 "Colors (Part 1)!" Colors is a BIG one. Due to the sheer number of colors on the spectrum, today’s episiiode deals excluively with all the colors that begin with the letter A. Stay tuned for future episodes as we go through the alphabet. Other things we touch on in todays episode: The army, jurassic park (the omvie), maple syrup and almond milk. yum! Please remember to subscribe and rate this podcast 5 stars TODAY!

 Language | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:13

Premiere episode of new podcast Critical. EPISODE 1 "Language!" WOW! Our debut episode! We waste no time getting right into it and what better place to start then with language? Today we’re talkin EVERYTHING language- We cover all the good stuff, including but not limited to, sign language, body language, the top ten language’s in the world and the ORIGIN of language! Don’t worry this may seem like heady stuff, but we manage to keep thing’s fun and moving along quickly! Be sure to subscribe and tell all your friends about your new favorite new show, Critical! Your gonna love this one!


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