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How to Love Your Body

Summary: A body positive podcast to help you ditch the diet, love your body and finally move on with your life!

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  • Artist: The Body Love Society
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 How To Distance Yourself From Diet Culture! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:42:07

Feel like dieting messages are everywhere and as you start this journey you feel like you can't escape it!?! We get that, that's why we created this episode all about what diet culture is and how you can distance yourself from it right now! Get all our tips to move forward with less pressure from this diet crazed world we live in! Wanting to learn more, share your story or be coached on the podcast? You can reach us at   Follow us on Instagram at:                                                                   Click here to join our Facebook Group Support Community!   Dieting doesn't need to be as 'in your face' as it might be right now. Take our suggestions and you'll be amazed at how those messages can be quieted!

 Are you a normal eater or a disordered eater? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:36

This week we are talking about the difference between a normal eater and a disordered eater (disordered eating is probably a lot more common than you thought!) A big thanks to Ellyn Satter for her great input on what normal eating is! If after this episode you think you may fall into the disordered eating category here is where you might want to begin changing things if that speaks to you: A good place to start is our start here page to learn more about why dieting doesn't work and what to do instead. Another amazing resource is our Free Intuitive Eating Support Group! We are always open to talking if you want more info about how to become an intuitive eater, you can email us at We can also be reached here if you want to contribute any questions to a Q and A episode or to be coached on air!

 The Problem With Weight Watchers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:08

This week we are discussing the downfalls of programs like Weight Watchers (and the many others like it). Our main issue is with companies using the body positive and food freedom message to trick people into sign ing up for yet another diet. We share how to identify an authentic Intuitive Eating and Anti-Diet source from those using the message to trick us! Tune in if you're wondering WHY these programs are problematic and how to start shifting away from all diets. Learn more about Intuitive Eating on our start here page! On this page you will find a free resource guide and access to our Free Support Facebook Group. Want to be coached on the show? Throw us an email at  

 Feeling out of control without a meal plan? - Live Coaching Session | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:07

This week we talk to Denise, an amazing woman who is starting her journey of ditching the diet and loving her body.  Tune into this epsiode if you: - Are worrying what others are thinking - Having doubts about if you can trust yourself or not on this journey - Having anxiety around not being in a structured schedule around food and workouts anymore   The resources we mention are: Insight Timer Meditation App (can find in iTunes app store or apps for android) Writing an empowerment letter to yourself - Write to who you see yourself to be without all the diet rules and self doubt. Empower this amazing side of you, because it's already there you just need to start speaking to it. Redirect your thoughts using one pwoerful word! What is your word going to be? Write a bit about what this word means to you to make this exercise even more powerful. What did you think about this coaching session and these tools? We welcome feedback at, also reach out if you would like a chance to be coached live on the podcast! Check out our Start Here page for more information!

 But how can I love my body if I hate it? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:46

Welcome to Episode 2 of How to Love Your Body!   In this episode we talk about what it really means to love your body, the road blocks you might have getting there and a first few steps to begin the journey to a place of body peace! We mention our START HERE page which is a great place to begin on this journey with free information and resources about what we do and hwo it all works.  As always, please help us by subscribing, rating and reviewing our podcast :) it helps a lot.

 What the hell is this all about? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:28

Episode 001 - What the hell is this all about?   In today's episode we share: Our stories Why we do what we do Why you should stop dieting, like yesterday! What to do instead How to get support For free resources go to Please rate and review to support this important message.    xoxox Love, Jenna and Lauren 


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