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Empathy and Eyebrows Podcast

Summary: Storytelling is such an amazing thing. I love to make people laugh or feel by telling stories. Stories connect us because we all have a story to tell. Our stories may not always be the same but when we share our truth, it gives others permission to do the same. Story telling is healing, it's empowering, it's necessary. I want to talk about things. Real things. Things that matter. Relationships, connections, mental health, parenthood, addiction, infidelity, self- awareness, self- destruction, forgiveness, positivity, protecting your energy. Who do you want to be? What do you fear? Are you over love? When is the last time you cried and why? Do You feel bad for hurting someone? Can we talk about all the things? In a social media world we are losing the art of human connection. Can we talk? Talk about things that make you feel? What makes you angry? What makes you happy? When’s the last time you scream laughed so hard that real tears fell from your eyes? WHAT. INSPIRES. YOU. Lets talk about that. Real Conversations. Real People. Real Connections. The Empathy and Eyebrows Podcast with Danni Starr.


 Motherhood | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:05

Shoutout to all the moms! In honor of Mother's Day, episode 5 is dedicated to you and all your magic. Special guests: Munchie and Smooch, my daughters 

 Intuition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:09

Intuition, trusting your gut and listening to your inner voice can be immensely helpful IF you learn to listen and pay attention to the signs. From everyday things to life or death situations, your intuition can be your superpower. Learn to use, trust, and master it!

 Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:16

Love, it's complicated and after you'v been hurt it can be so difficult to love again. Music, movies and my own experiences gave me a lot of unrealistic expectations of love, and just as I was ready to give up...this fine ass man walked up to me in a fast food restaurant and even though I didn't want it to, love won. I'm glad it did. 

 Dear Daddy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:17

This episode is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved an alcoholic/addict. The range of emotions felt when you are emotionally invested in someone who just can't kick the habit is a journey that impacts everyone who loves that person. Come with me as I introduce you to my dad Andre.

 Mad Mamma, One Night in A Psych Ward | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:53

Mad Momma: One Night in a Psych Ward. It chronicles how media, motherhood and mental health struggles landed me in the psych ward for one night. How 14 years in media and living so publicly (listeners and followers have followed my first heartbreak, marriage, children, infidelity, divorce and the sexual rumspringa of my post-divorce months) has been my life but has impacted my mind, heart and spirit. It's also impacted my family who believe I should live a more private, less public life.


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