Crossed Up: A Phillies Podcast show

Crossed Up: A Phillies Podcast

Summary:’s baseball podcast breaking down all things Phillies as the team continues its climb back to contention. Co-hosted by Crossing Broad writers Anthony SanFilippo and Bob Wankel.

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 Blowing It And Bouncing Back | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:13

Anthony and Bob discuss:3:15 Hey Philly, Do You Like Odubel Herrera Now?14:17 Discussing the Phillies’ Resiliency and Ability to Sustain Their Start23:40 How Big Of A Problem Is The Phillies’ Bullpen Right Now?29:35 How Did The Phillies’ Not Score In The First Inning on Sunday?33:25 Offensive Inconsistencies37:43  Why Is Nick Williams Still Buried On The Bench?48:45  Meet the Mess55:46 That’s Some Crazy ShiftPlease subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

 Breakouts, Comebacks, and Prospects | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:52

Anthony and Bob discuss:0:20 Bounce back after a rough weekend3:20 Aaron Nola’s Dominance12:38 We like your new knees, Zach Eflin20:10 Does the Phillies’ slow start against the NL Easter matter?24:50 Should we believe in Franco’s resurgence?40:02 Farm system struggles53:00 Is Matt Harvey finished?Please subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

 What Goes Up, Must Come Down. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:40

Anthony and Bob discuss::20 What a difference a week makes1:30 Are the Braves really better than the Phillies?10:30 Bob goes off the rails on Velasquez25:00 Has inconsistent playing time hurt the Phillies’ young hitters?26:00 What’s wrong with Nick Williams?37:12 Has Scott Kingery’s defensive usage had an impact on his offense?44:00 Carlos Santana…do something.51:45 Around the leaguePlease subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

 The Phillies are Good! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:34

Bob and Anthony discuss:0:00 A season reset2:00 What does the fast start mean?3:05 Are the Phillies for real?12:19 Will the Phillies be buyers?22:07 Carlos Santana’s rough start26:48 Nick Pivetta isn’t this good…right?33:00 Does Gabe Kapler deserve credit for the bullpen’s success?35:21   Let’s Reassess Gabe Kapler45:15   Kapler’s uncomfortable decisions47:28 Grading Gabe Kapler50:10 Brandon Belt’s 21-pitch at-bat

 The Turnaround | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:23

Anthony and Bob discuss: 2:20   The Phillies Big Rebound 4:00   Aaron Nola’s fast start despite sharp decrease in strikeouts 12:00  Starting pitching surprises 16:18   Why is Odubel Herrera under appreciated? 33:34  Gabe Kapler’s biggest problem 48:25   What is wrong with Carlos Santana? 50:35   Other offensive concerns 58:10   Major League Baseball’s scheduling nightmare Please subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

 The Airing of Grievances | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:17

Anthony and Bob discuss:0:00—Reaction to Phils’ 6-5 win over the Reds7:48—Anthony defends Kapler’s use of Lively in the 6th12:03—Kapler’s Questionable defensive positioning21:15—Lineup Inconsistencies and the 3-hole31:40—Stop hitting the pitcher 8th36:05—Costly infield shifts38:40—Caught stealing44:25--Dissecting Kapler’s bullpen matchup fixation51:30—How does the clubhouse feel about Kapler?1:03:57—What’s Ailing JP Crawford1:14:28—Trevor Bauer isn’t happy with MLB Speed Up Rules1:21:37—Signing off/Live Pod/Crossover PromosPlease subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

 Episode #2 - "I Need to Speak to the Manager" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:34

Anthony and Bob discuss:Gabe Kapler's decisons (1:00)Kapler's defenders (3:30)The psyche of a professional player (6:30)Where are the GM and owner? (10:30)People calling for the manager's job (13:15)Internal grumblings from players to the media (15:00)Dodgers/Kapler rumor (17:00)Kapler's response to fans (18:00)Is Kapler lying? (20:00)How will the crowd react at CBP? (28:00)Starting pitching issues (30:00)Hoskins and Kingery (35:20)Bullpen issues (40:50)Sportsmanship (43:00)Using the shift (44:50)Equipment changes in youth baseball (53:00)Please subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly@BWCrossingBroad

 Episode #1 - "Are We Good Yet?" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:59

On the premiere episode of Crossed Up: A Phillies Podcast, Anthony and Bob discuss: 1:00 --Thoughts on the Scott Kingery Deal 5:40--Kingery's lofty expectations 12:05--Where does Kingery play?/Maikel Franco 19:15--Breaking down the Opening Day Roster 26:30--Splitting ABs and doing things differently 30:20--Talking Pitching 43:25--Can the Phillies contend? 50:25--Gabe Kapler and Analytics 1:01:25--Is Tanking Destructive for the game? Remember to subscribe to the show, leave a 5 star review and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad


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