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 Episode #60 Naresh Vissa Talks About Key Digital Marketing Strategies in Today’s World - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:47

Naresh Vissa Talks About Key Digital Marketing Strategies in Today’s World Are there real benefits to podcasting? In this episode, Digital Marketing Wonder, Naresh Vissa, talks about podcasting and how it brought him success. Throughout his time in the corporate world, Naresh learned how business is done online, the IN’s and OUT’s of digital marketing, which then gave him the confidence to go out on his own. Key Questions Asked Who is Naresh Vissa? What is his story? Why did you move away from the corporate world? What is a digital market in your own words? What are the benefits of having your own company? What was your business timeline? Why did you write your PODCASTnomics book? What is podcasting to you? Any advice for our entrepreneurs or will be entrepreneurs?   Highlights of Lessons Learned   Moving Away From The Corporate World He eventually realized that the corporate world is very bureaucratic, structured and the race to promotion is too much PODCASTnomics Naresh wrote this book because podcasting is the reason why he got to the online digital marketing His initial project was podcasting network, an online radio station of financial news & commentary. He was able to leverage the skills he acquired here then combined it with his media & finance knowledge Podcasting Podcasting is a niche area of media production It allows focus on content & allows specialization rather than a general topic It creates a loyal & engaged audience Advice for Entrepreneurs Being an entrepreneur is not just about starting the business and making money. You go through all sorts of ups and downs, it’s very important to stay mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally sane. By giving back to others, we become spiritually stronger. Naresh never turns down anyone who reaches out for my advice. He wants to create value in every people. Don’t jump right into entrepreneurship. You can get started early, but you also need to secure qualifications that can act as a lifeline in case something happens.

 Episode #59 3 Human Resources Mistakes Every Business Owner Needs to Avoid – An Interview with Jacqui Mann - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:19

3 Human Resources Mistakes Every Business Owner Needs to Avoid – An Interview with Jacqui Mann What is HR outsourcing? What does it entail and what benefits can your business expect? In this interview, Jacqui Mann offers important insights about modern HR practices and the mistakes that start-up business owners often make involving human resources. Jacqui Mann is a Founder of J Mann Associates, and known as the P.E.O.P.L.E. ™Doctor. She works directly with forward-thinking entrepreneurial business owners to define and embed a company culture that delivers results. Common HR Mistakes: Mistake #1: Hiring the wrong person The main problem that business owners tend to have is not being able to recruit the right people. Because they think nobody can do the job like they can, they’re looking for someone like themselves. Don’t take someone if they’re not the right person. You need to wait. And that could be really hard if you’re desperate for someone to help you but it will only cause you more problem if you take the wrong person. Mistake #2: Don’t have a process in place to help with recruitment How to let go of the wrong person: If they’ve been with the business less than two years, it’s much easier. If they’ve been with you for more than need a termination agreement. Mistake #3: Payment Misconceptions You don’t always need to think you have to pay people lots of money to get the right person. If you get someone who believes in your values, then money isn’t always their motivator. In fact, majority of people are not motivated by money alone. They’re motivated more by purpose and their fulfillment in what they’re doing in their work.  People want to work for you if you’ve got really good values. How to Avoid Recruiting the Wrong Person: Establish Business Values You need to understand what your purpose is for the business, which also includes understanding what your values are. Every single thing you do in the business revolves around the purpose and the values of that company. Once you know your company values, you then create all your assistants and processes around those values and then when you recruit someone, you recruit using your values so you would ask questions based around on that. That way you’ll know if they are a fit in your business. If there’s a conflict with the values, if your applicant’s personal values conflict with the business values, the relationship is simply not going to work. Know your Purpose As the leader of the organization, you need to understand your purpose and need to inspire employees. They want the leadership, they want to know where the business is going, they need to understand how their particular role fits into it in terms of progression. They should have ownership of what they do. Outsource Your HR If you’re serious about growing your business, then outsource the HR, don’t try to do it yourself. Before you do, make sure you’ve got a good employment contract in place, and you’ve got some policies and processes and systems that link into your values right from the beginning, You want to be able to have a culture that’s going to become an asset and a culture that will live on when you’re not there. Have the Right Mindset You really need to be thinking what is the real purpose of our business. What do you want to be doing and how are you going to achieve that? Be prepared to explore outside your comfort zone. Website Link:

 Episode #58 Options Trading Expert Shares the Roadmap to Options Trading Every Business Owner Needs to Follow to Succeed - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:52

Options Trading Expert Shares the Roadmap to Options Trading  Every Business Owner Needs to Follow to Succeed Do you find Options Trading too complicated? Don’t know how to get started? In this podcast, Trading expert, Kirk Du Plessis reveals what startup trading tricks and must-haves in order to succeed once they get started with trading off. Key Questions Asked: Does he teach people about Options Trading? How does Kirk make money with Options Trading? What are the roadblocks that he encountered when he was starting out? From a business perspective, what can he suggest for anyone who is getting started with business right now? Why do options trading? What are the steps every business owner needs to take with Options Trading? What areas would you ask to focus, for people not into Options Trading yet? Highlights of the Lessons Learned: In order to address the traders’ needs, behavioral factors should be considered in options trading like: What time do these people do trading? How much time do they need to dedicate for it every day? How are they doing it? Note: When traders’ challenges are not resolved, trading options business will not succeed.   Advantages of Options Trading: As per Kirk, when you look at Options Trading, you look at a system’s probability, math, principles, and its statistics behind. Meaning, you can have wise decisions (an intelligent guess) which actually could be based on the math itself. With that, you could have 70% to 80% winning in the trade. Based on data analysis, you could build a system in consecutive trades or in a course of the year – that you will know it has 80% or more winning potential. Options trading gives you the ability to allocate a little bit of money towards strategy. Can work for small to huge investment – depending on preference. The high success rate in options trading can be best achieved in creating a strategy wherein you have at least 70% of winning.   How to Promote Awareness to Non-traders:   Show them the numbers; Cite a Billion-Dollar maker; Help their manners; Show them how high the probability of trading works; Comprehensive  training of the trading process; Maintain transparency of the trading day-by-day. How Business Owners Can Develop Expertise or Start with Options Trading: Every business owner needs to learn a covered call strategy – as the very basic and conservative ways in options trading. They need to actively trade in the market consistently. Consciously scaling up and wrapping up the activity that works. Once figured out what best works, they need to keep on doing the same thing.   Biggest Mistake of Business Owners in Options Trading:   It is when they over-allocate their positions on trading. 50-50 does not cover the risks involved in rolling the business. How to Avoid the Mistakes in Options Trading Spread the risks across – do not ever over-allocate your investments. Have the perfect mindset – realize that you have no control and you don’t know everything.   Insights On Overcoming Roadblocks   Direct assumptions caused Kirk to face roadblocks in starting out his options trading – which misled his business in getting the right clients, and hampering the potential growth instead. Different assumptions include: Direct assumption that people wanted to learn things that he wanted to learn; Not ascertaining what these traders are really looking for in the market; Not understanding what the consumer or traders need in the products and services the bu...

 Episode #57 Richard Shane Shares Tips on Overcoming Insomnia - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:59

Richard Shane Shares Tips on Overcoming Insomnia How do you stay motivated? Dr. Richard Shane,  a behavioral Sleep Consultant for New West Physicians, Colorado, shares his insights with being an innovator and sleep expert. His own experience had been his driving force and motivation for him to find a solution to a problem faced by many millenials today. Key Questions Asked: How did Richard become a  sleep consultant? What would be the very first step to take in order to overcome difficulty in sleeping? Why is tongue relaxation very important? How does Richard maintain momentum? What is the right mindset to achieve long term success? What obstacles did Richard had to overcome during the early stages of his business? What else should people know about becoming insomniac? What are Richard’s thoughts on giving back to the community?     Richard has a masters degree in psychology, a PhD in health and human services and over last thirty years, he has developed a system of incorporating both the mind and the body for psychotherapy. Highlights of Lessons Learned:   First Step to Overcoming Insomnia What doesn’t work: People try to quiet their mind, but it just creates more struggles so then people turn to meditation, and meditation is very good for life improvement but sometimes it’s too difficult for using with sleep. People use deep breathing, well deep breathing again is excellent for daytime relaxation but it’s too much work for sleep. What works: We need something much simpler, and what I’ve discovered is that there are just a few body sensations that are involved with the body feeling of falling asleep and in  this method that I have developed, you don’t have to quiet your mind ‘cause that’s what causes trouble. This is in the midst of whatever going on your mind, this is simple ways to get the body feeling of falling asleep and when that happens, mind becomes quite itself and I call these body sensations the physical triggers for sleep and soon I can actually teach one of these physical triggers to your listeners. Tongue Relaxation The tongue is actually the most complex muscle in the entire human body and all the subtle movements in need s to make and so it basically a center, a cluster of nerves, all centered in the tongue so when you relax this cluster of nerves, that spreads relaxation through your nervous system. Complete Healing Yes, people can experience complete healing but the impression to express complete healing creates pressure which makes sleep difficult. Richard points out to people is that what they’re after is just the first step, the beginning of healing, and that happens for most people the first night. And all people need is the beginning, because then that changes their whole experience, then they’re no longer anxious about sleep, then they begin to welcome sleep and deepening the healing, they’re just progressing the healing at their own rate, it turns into the complete healing. Challenges During the Early Stages Paving his own road to success. Being an innovator became a challenge for Richard because it involves developing a sleep method that’s very different from other sleep methods. Establishing himself as a sleep therapist in a medical community. Having a vision of helping other people who are also suffering from insomnia helped Richard gain the trust and establish his reputation within the medical community. Maintaining Momentum The factor that holds Richard through all of the hard times was knowing that for whatever reason, life has shown him secrets – answers to how to sleep well. These answers all go down to knowing that sleep is the most ess...

 Episode #56 Kyle Reyes Talks About Behind-the-Scenes of His Marketing Success - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:46

Kyle Reyes Talks About Behind-the-Scenes of His Marketing Success Do you know what to look for in a marketing agency? How do you cut through all the noise and get your message heard? Marketing expert Kyle S. Reyes talks about behind-the-scenes of achieving success in marketing that business owners don’t normally talk about. Key Questions Asked: * What were some of the roadblocks Kyle faced when he was starting out? * How did Kyle navigate through the creation of his team during the early stages of his business? * What should business owners look out for in deciding which is the best agency to work with? * What mistakes do Kyle see business owners often make when it comes to marketing? * Why is this mistake so crucial to avoid especially to those who are just starting up? * What mistakes do business owners unknowingly commit? * What advice would Kyle give to business owners?   Highlights of Lessons Learned: Overcoming Roadblocks * So many entrepreneurs get into what they do because they’re passionate about it but didn’t know the first thing about running a business. For Kyle, taking a bigger portion of the seed money and setting it aside specifically for accounting and legal research and hiring a chief financial officer would have saved him a huge amount of time and valuable resources during the early stages of setting up his business. * People say, “When you have weaknesses you should double down on those weaknesses and get better at them,” that’s ludicrous. Don’t double down on your weaknesses. You should hire somebody to deal with those weaknesses and instead quadruple down on your strengths.   Building His Team * Kyle’s early team had a lot of creativity but not a lot of structure He had since learned that it’s not worth it to spend so much time trying to create a culture of structure, because it goes against everything he was trying to create.   Choosing an Agency Business owners should be able to recognize the following red flags when selecting a marketing agency to partner with: * If your prospective agency doesn’t ask a lot of questions * If they’re willing to take on everybody and anybody as clients. (Not everybody is going to be a fit.) * Always be skeptical about agencies that aren’t willing to give you the raw data of your Google analytics * Be wary of agencies who take a percentage of what you spend on your advertising * Be wary of an agencies that are not willing to share with you testimonials from clients * Be wary of agencies that are not a good at storytelling. * The best form of marketing and advertising is storytelling. And agencies that focus on taking your core values and your unique selling proposition and turning that into a narrative for you, that’s where you’re going to find a higher level of success. * It’s also important to know your story before you even begin looking for an agency.   On Marketing * It’s not about how many times you failed, it’s about how many times you were able to get back up. * You can’t take losses personally. Running a business is like dating – at the end of the day you’re going to have those setbacks, but if you let that take away from your energy or your drive and enthusiasm, that’s when you become a loser. * Advertising is a delivery method, marketing is the message. Being authentic in your marketing is so crucial to having that story resonate with your target demographic.

 Episode #55 3 Branding Mistakes Every Business Owner Needs to AVOID! - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:51

3 Branding Mistakes Every Business Owner Needs to AVOID!  

 Episode #54 Darlene Hull Shares Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business - Yeukai Business Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:50

Darlene Hull Shares Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business What exactly is the best Social Media Platform to frequent in when you’re a business owner? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Social Media expert, Darlene Hull answers this question along with many others you may have about how and where business owners should start when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Darlene believes that the basic processes in Social media can go a long way, and is the key to a highly effective highly efficient and highly profitable social media marketing strategy.   Key Questions Asked:  * How did Darlene get started and what roadblocks did she face along the way? * Where should business owners start when it comes to social media marketing? * Is there a step by step process that business owners can follow? * Where does Darlene see social media going in the next few years and how important it is for business owners to jump on it now? * How can they use the Facebook Page effectively? * How does Facebook Algorithm work? * What is the best Social Media Platform for business owners? * How often do Business owners need to post on their social media accounts? * Are there any tools that make all these easier? * Knowing what she knows now in running her business, what would Darlene do differently if sh were to do it all over again?   Highlights of Lessons Learned:  Starting Out * One major roadblock Darlene faced earlier on was suffering a disaster in the business because they tried to offer too much to too many people. That’s when she realized they had to scale everything back. * Your starting point in social media depends on where your market is. It depends on who you’re trying to reach and what you’re trying to reach them with. * Generally, you’ll want to create a place where your target market is going to hangout even if they’re not interested in your product, so when they finally want what you’re selling, you’re the first one to come into their minds.   Facebook Marketing * Because Facebook is the biggest market out there, it is also the most difficult platform to market with. With Facebook, it’s important to have a very clear target market. * Darlene sees Social Media making a bit of a shift in the next few years. Instead of a static page, it will be more instant messaging apps as live messaging and interacting with customers one on one will be more of a thing. * One thing that will never change when it comes to breaking the Social Media is authenticity and personal engagement. * With Facebook, you need to have a great cover image that is not necessarily advertising your product but advertising how you want people to feel when they get there. You want to have really interesting posts, lots of visuals, you want to ask good questions as well. * Facebook only shows to 2-6% of the people following you. Mastering Facebook will help you master other Social Networking Sites.   Social Media Platforms * Your business dictates which platform you should focus on. Darlene’s principle is “Be everywhere, focus on the one that really works.” If you’re a business-to-customer type of business, Facebook is the best platform for you to focus your efforts on because people are there anyway just interacting and seeing places they like to go to. If you are a business-to-business then it’s usually LinkedIn. * The number of times you should post on your social media depends on how many things are already being posted in that stream and how fast do they go by. Facebook lifespan is about 2-3 hours, Twitter lifespan is about 45 minutes,


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