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Summary: The Sisu Way is about grit, character, will, & the decision to choose strength. Scott interview's people about life's adversity, universal connections, & powerful moments that have strengthened their character. Topics include perseverance, mindfulness, gratitude, philosophy, fitness, leadership, service, & humor. Hosted by father, husband, law enforcement professional, & Mindful Warrior, Scott McGee.

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  • Artist: Scott McGee: Grit, Character, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Fitness, Leadership, Service.
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 27: Julien Pineau – Discovering StrongFit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:16:40

Burn the questions, burn your doubts, burn who you were, burn everything. See if you can make your soul bleed. Julien Pineau is a Humanist, Movement Specialist, and Founder of StrongFit, an intellectual and physical gym that has transcended the actual workout into an education. It’s a culture and a tribe of people who seek to apply force better. Julien is trained to visualize and correct proper human movement patterns.  He has a fascinating ability to diagnose imbalances, find the root of problems, and provide knowledge so you can become stronger, more fit, and a more resilient human.  To me, Julien is scientific philosopher who has chosen human movement as his art.  But he is also more than that.  He is the master of his fate and the captain of his ship.   When he is not busy traveling, podcasting or changing the world he is raising his daughter in an environment of love and curiosity. He is a man on a journey inward as much as he is outward.  This is a beautiful conversation I get to have with my friend. We discussed the life and death moments that forced Julien (through stress/pain/intensity) to discover his strength.  It was here where he decided who he was going to become.  Like life, it’s not about technique, it’s about how you handle yourself in difficult situations. It’s in those moments where you are introduced to yourself.  Lucky for us, Julien decided to build StrongFit and become one of the smartest people I know. Now he is teaching how to build better humans, but it’s up to us. Thank you for choosing to listen! Strength is a Choice, Scott SHOW NOTES: Intro: Drowning is not for Me 9:15  A conversation about Julien’s late brother, Jerome.  17:36  Do you have to go through pain to grow? Comfortable is the opposite of safe. To grow you need to be in a safe place. When you are comfortable you are unsafe.  21:30  Main influences in life, the moments, and how Julien has used them to develop who he is.  Are you going to relay on talent your whole life? Or are you going to build something? The thought of this changed the shape of his life. 27:30  What did Brazilian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teach Julien about life?  To face the world. Navigating with autism.  28:50  Facing intensity, pain, and stress.  Needed for growth. I think therefore I am…. or should it be I am therefore I think? 36:40  The study of human beings by putting them in stress. It’s not about technique. It’s about how you handle yourself in front of difficult situations. 40:00  The greatest battle field is in our mind.  Task Negative Network and Talk Positive Network. (where flow state is) 46:12  The Vagus Nerve and how to use to be in control of your nervous system. How to shift yourself to the flow state. 51:37  Does Julien struggle with people? 55:04-55:47*  The price to pay for entry. 55:06  How much is going into Julien vs StrongFit Julien?

 26: Mary Beth LaRue – Creating Room for Embracing Vulnerability & Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:51:11

We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. – Pema Chödrön Mary Beth Larue’s professional passion is teaching yoga, meditation, mentoring and writing. She is the co-founder of the movement, Rock Your Bliss.  But it’s her soulful journey as a foster mom that has exposed her to wholehearted love and presence. For the past eleven months, she and her husband (7: Matt Aporta – Fostering Love) have fostered-to-adopt a beautiful little baby boy. They have opened themselves to the continually changing, dynamic nature of of vulnerability with a brutally exposed open and full heart. They have accepted that people might be temporary in your life, but that is not in your control.  What is in your control is the deliberate and passionate love shared in the moment, everyday. Mary Beth is not who she is because she fosters. She fosters because of who she is.  Through the darkness, she has learned to focus on the light. She has learned to hold herself accountable for her thoughts, because they create her reality.  She has conversations full of possibilities, love and vulnerability. Her focus is on the now. Owning our story is hard, but not as difficult as running from it.  That strength, that vulnerability, privilege,and love, is what this episode is about. SHOW NOTES: Intro: Pema Chodron – When Things Fall Apart: Heartfelt Advice for Hard Times. 6:40  How to slow down. The moment is enough. 13:00  How to shine light on yourself in the darkness. 14:00  Relationship with Social Media – Perspective 27:00  What to do when starting to feel down. 29:03*  Holding myself accountable for thoughts that I’m thinking and whats coming out of my mouth because its creating my whole reality. I get to have conversations full of possibilities. Where as before I was having conversations with a giant stop sign. 29:47  A warrior is skilled in action and non-action. Vulnerability is Strength. The strength to allow yourself to feel. 35:00  The identity and transition in becoming a mom. Fostering Baby A 47:00  Seeking the light in the face of loss. 48:53*  I’m different now because we’re willing to put ourselves in the fire. I want my heart to be all used up. I want ever inch of my heart and my spirit to have been used and grown and transformed because whats the point otherwise. We get the privilege of making an impact in a child’s life, but mainly get the privilege of this child making a massive impact in our life. 58:20  How to become more self-aware so you can self-regulate. 1:07:50  Grief and Emotion is love. How to learn from kids. 1:14:20  Solitude is a super power. Micro Meditation. 1:18:00  The Yoga Room 1:22:30  Meditation and Breath work – It makes you kinder. Mantras: Be fully present. Feel your heart. Engage in the next moment without any agenda. 1:35:03  What has yoga taught you? Being present. Finding peace in the chaos. 1:41:26  A letter from her husband. Gratitude, Intention, Love LINKS:    TheSisuWay.

 25: Lindsey K. Mathews – A Peaceful Warrior Empowering Women through Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:45:25

Dr. Lindsey K. Mathews bio says she is a doctor of chiropractic, birth doula, NLP practitioner, strength and conditioning coach, and creator of the rockstar movement, BIRTHFIT! Beyond her extraordinary titles, Lindsey views every obstacle as an opportunity. She is a resilient woman in pursuit of truth, reflection, growth, and connection. Simply put, Lindsey is a peaceful warrior on a trailblazing mission to spread love. Through the lens of friendship, exploration, and mutual respect, we discuss the trials we endure that introduces us to our strengths. We acknowledge that even at rock bottom, nobody is coming to save you.  You have the ability to see that the universe isn’t doing something to you. It’s doing something for you.  You have the ability to live a happy life through gratitude and service, you just may need a little guidance. When asked what she wanted to be remembered by, Lindsey said: To educate and empower women, so they have the tools to transition though any obstacle in life. It’s my goal that this episodes helps. Strength is a Choice. Humbly, Scott SHOW NOTES: Opening: Rupi Kaur – Milk and Honey Who are you and what are you capable of? A peaceful warrior that’s on a mission to spread love. 6:46  What does the term “warrior” mean to you? 12:20  The trials we endure that strengthen our character. 16:40  Rock bottom and where Lindsey draws strength. 21:09  Nobody is going to save you. You have to save yourself. 22:46  The universe is not doing anything to me. It’s doing something for me. 23:27  The milestone moments: Asthma and near death lesson, knee tear, medical mission to Africa. 35:03  Advice to the younger self going through abuse. You are worth it. Most everything is either an act of love or a cry for love. 45:50  Bias, perspective, blindspots, and seeking to understand. 52:00  How a torn knee can shift a young women’s life. Identity cracks. 1:04:40  Medical Mission Trip. Lesson in touch and service. 1:11:35  Traffic is a test of character. Plan and use the obstacle as an opportunity. 1:13:50*  BIRTHFIT – What is it doing for you? 1:16:36*  All humans seek the happy life but confuse the means…How do you live a happy and fulfilling life?  Gratitude and Service Challenge: As a negative thought pops up, immediately replace it with three thoughts of gratitude. 1:20:50  How can you be a good person?  Know yourself and do the right thing. 1:26:10  If you want to make this world a better place, continue to do work on yourself.  Make yourself better than you were yesterday. -LKM 1:29:50  Female role models. What would you say to the 12 year-old girls (and boys) out there? How to identify an emotion without suppression. 1:39:36  What do you want to be remembered by?  Educate and empower women so that they have the tools to transition through any obstacle in their life. Closing:  Rupi Kaur – Bring Your Hammer and Fists SOCIAL MEDIA: @birthfit   @lindsey_k_mathews   

 24: Ryan Fischer – Strength, Work Ethic, & Reflection | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:12:06

Ryan Fischer has off the charts fitness, numerous feats of physical strength, and experience in helicopter flying, Olympic skeleton, BMX racing, competitive CrossFitting, and hiking all over the world.  His life is a set of circumstances that have developed him into a fulfilled gym owner.  But his biggest strength is his drive and his work ethic, and Ryan is more than a competitor or gym owner. This episode is more than what his bio says.  This episode is about the man you think you know as Ryan Fischer. We had the chance to dive deep into Ryan’s life on a level you have never heard before. This episode goes beyond fitness as we reflect on where Ryan’s drive comes from, his relationship with his family, how he always knew he was different, what makes him happy, and where his unconquerable soul comes from.  This isn’t an episode I took lightly. I wanted to offer a platform of reflection and growth through a respectful path of vulnerability and strength. This special episode was an honor for me to record. I humbly thank you for choosing this to listen to with a special thank you to Ryan’s mom, Kim. With gratitude, Scott McGee To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Show Notes: Short story:  The Cracked Pot 4:32  What is stronger? Your muscles or your work ethic. 10:36  To find your work ethic, does it need to found through physical effort?  Moments that forced you to be strong. A story of a Son. 13:43  I never really had that dad feeling and because of that I searched for different things to put energy into that couldn’t be bought. You cant get it any other way except for super hard work. If I did that, I created that and it made me feel good. Finding out some big news at 18 that changed everything. 22:30  I remember always telling my mom that there was something about me that was different. I knew that I was going to be different. I always knew it. 23:00  First contacts with real dad. 30:30  Raising money for Olympics.  The biggest check Ryan had ever received. The $500 check. 33:20  The grandparents 37:40  Everybody has a struggle. Everyone has a deal going on. But there’s always room for a heart to heart conversation between a father and son. -SM 38:33  Do you think finding out made you a stronger person? 40:00  Reflection on life and relationships. 41:04  What do you think your mom is most proud about you? A conversation with mom. (Ryan’s mom): He never followed the crowd. He stayed true to himself and his values. Where does Ryan’s drive come from? And how his drive is a weakness. 49:30  What makes Ryan happy? 58:00  “Settling down” and relationships. 1:04:30*  What is your inner conversation like during a workout? Once everything starts to hurt, we just started working out. Let’s go to work. Little cues to help push through the work out. 1:10:20  The Little Man Story 1:14:10  How memory retention works.  1:16:11  The CrossFit drive that transcends and the ripple effects. Two things that define you.  Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. Happiness vs Fulfilled Planting the seed of gratitude is in someone else’s couch. -SM 1:28:09  Military dreams. How training to be a Nazy Seal led Ryan to CrossFit. 1:37:00  Wim Hof, Ice Baths, Float Tanks, Saunas 1:42:00  Being dedicated to action and non-action.  How to destress. Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation 1:48:14  What has hosting a podcast taught you?

 23: Author Ryan Munsey – Awareness Creates Choice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:17:17

How do you create an unbeatable mind that provides the fortitude, grit, sisu, invictus, and mental toughness to overcome adversity? How do you positively alter your mental state? This is the episode that answers those questions.  The goal of this episode is to bring awareness on how we make decisions and how we take action and responsibility for our lives in an intentional way.  Self-awareness is something we can develop.  This awareness is what creates choice. My guest is Ryan Munsey, author of the book, F*ck Your Feelings.  Ryan is an artful scientist who has the drive, curiosity, and compassion to explore the  reason of why some people succeed and others do not.  He is also a high performance consultant, speaker, and host of the podcast, The Better Human Project.  We discuss how to master your mind, accomplish your goals, and become a better human while being rooted in gratitude and lifted by awareness. Show Notes: Invictus Moments – You are writing you’re own eulogy. When you’re gone, People will think and speak of you in the way that you live your life. We have the ability to shape how that conversation goes by the way that we move through the world.  Those moments are a choice. 7:16  Line in the sand – What are you going to do? 15:20  Who are you and what does it mean to be a good human? 18:34  You can control your Attitude and Effort. 19:50  Your life is perfectly designed for the results that you are getting. 23:15  How do you measure success? Hint: It shouldn’t be extrinsic. Chris Dancy – We don’t know how to measure what we value so we begin to value what we measure. The Rocking Chair Test – Health, Happiness, Performance 28:00   Can you measure happiness?  Heart Rate Variability 31:18  The 85 year-old Challenge.  Memento Mori Appreciation not Expectation. 36:00  How do we positively affect our mental states? How the brain makes a decision. 44:20 95% of our decisions are based on how we feel in any given moment. Feelings – a mental experience of a physiological state.  If we change our physiology we can change our feelings. 46:30  Limbic System – emotional ego driven teenager – feelings – the now Prefrontal Cortex – the sage. – awareness 58:50  What is the vagus nerve and how does it affect you? Emotional Resiliency – Bandwith 1:10:35  How to stay relaxed in traffic. 1:12:00  Wim Hof Method Breathwork – how to stimulate your vagus nerve and why its important to exhale longer than inhale. Cold Exposure – Stay parasympathetic in an environment that normally makes you sympathetic. 1:19:00 What you can do right now to improve mental resilience and toughness. Developing grit though: Cold showers – look towards the sky and focus on the breath. Be kind, be rooted in gratitude turn off defense mechanisms, etc. Posture – Don’t sit or stand like a victim. 1:39:05 Playing – Don’t be the reason you stop playing. 2:03:08  The 360 sphere – Do not be out of round Links: F*ck Your Feelings – By Ryan Munsey

 22: Kenny Kane – A Path of Joy, Suffering, & Effort. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:42:48

  The Sisu Way is defined as strength and determination in the face of adversity. Persistence. Hope. GRIT. An unbeatable mindset full of courage, tenacity, resilience, willpower, triumph, and an unconquerable soul. They say the finest souls are those who gulped pain and avoided making others taste it.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that is my brother and esteemed guest, Kenny Kane.  Kenny Kane is lighthouse to many of us, but even lighthouses have shadows.  If strength is a product of suffering and struggle, then Kenny is by far one of the strongest people I know.  He has faced a massive amount emotional trauma and death packed on top of each other.  He was force fed a beautifully violent lesson in the balance of life and death.  In the face of this much pain and chaos, how do you do the most good?  How can we use our resources to be in service to something greater than ourselves? If there is a lesson I have learned from late world-class Coach Marion Kane Elston through her son Kenny, it is you have to be willing to get up strong each and every time without complaint.  You have to put in the effort and open yourself up to the experience, or the time won’t come. This episode was an honor for me record, but the real honor was the vulnerable and heartfelt conversation.  Kenny is one of the best humans I know. I’m proud to call him my friend and a mentor.  This episode is dedicated to the Kane family. Get Up Strong. Humbly, Scott McGee Show Notes: Three Marbles – W.E. Peterson 5:00  Oak Park LA Bio and intro 10:44 Introduction to hosting podcasts 14:00 First Question – There is no elegant answer.  It’s complicated. It’s a journey. 15:30  Birth of son followed by death of mom Challenges outpacing capabilities 21:55  Pillars of Good and Pillars of Strength have shadows 23:22  Most valuable currency – Ability to Connect 25:20  Leaving a Legacy – Kane Family 37:00  Story of Effort – If you don’t open yourself up to experience, the time wont come. 41:35  What is it about your mom that you would want your kids to know?  Her willingness to get up every single time without complaint. What it means to be a Kane. Grit. 41:15  Revisiting the struggle of life and death 51:20  History of stand up comedy career and intention 52:50  Where are you finding resilience while doing the most good? 53:30*  Purpose 57:30  12 more deaths over 14 more months – intense cadence 1:00:20  How do you do the most good when faced with only right and wrong answers? Are your actions contributing to the joy of the world or the misery? Sacrifice Rejected 1:08:00  Talia 1:12:50  Justine – The silent walk – The 7 year old leader 1:20:08  VUCA – The world is volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous 1:21:10  The wildfires – Original Oak Park 1:29:30  Navy Commander Schultze band reference of vision, reality, and truth. 1:43:00 The passing of the torch – Becoming the patriarch 1:46:26  Slow down to move fast. Grinding, enduring, grit, and the shadows. 1:48:40  Attention and purpose – profession and family 1:54:20  (extra credit) Social Media and mind control 1:59:20  Student/Magician named Tristan Harris – Attention Economy – impressions and screen time – Time Well Spent 2:28:40  Restoration through fitness, breath work, writing everyday, therapy, and patience. Being okay with the scars and path.

 21: Andy Petranek – Stepping Up through a Beginner’s Mind | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:17:42

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” — Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki Andy Petranek couples curiosity and enthusiasm and applies it to learn new perspectives for a better way.  He is an early adopter, coach, athlete, entrepreneur, family man, and a life-explorer who travels with a sense of humor. He loves to work on developing and improving himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but more importantly he strives to help others do the same. He lives his life based on the words of his grandfather, “Never stop learning. Never stop growing.”  I open the show with a lesson on Shoshin.  Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.  What is most fascinating about Andy is his curious mind and his ability to choose strength. These themes are evident when we take a step back and observe from a different perspective. From this framework, we take a look at some of the events that have lead Andy to become the father that he is and his ability to change lives for the better across the world through The Whole Life Challenge. Strength is a Choice, Scott Show Notes: 2:20  Shoshin – Lesson in a Beginners Mind.  6:10  Spoon Challenge – See it for the first time with a curious mind. 11:20  Perspective Chair Challenge 13:30  Opening question on purpose and emotion 17:25  85 year-old self Challenge 21:00  Musical background and the life bowling analogy 29:10  Trumpet player to Marine – What was he looking for? 34:20  Outdoor Eco Challenge races – Lost for 36 hours, learning, and pushing himself “Trust your compass” 52:40  Learning a new skill like unicycling. 56:15  The 10-Minute training to overcome weaknesses. 1:04:10  Back Tucks and what you can learn about life through them. 1:07:48  CrossFit History 1:15:13  How do I have a better impact on the wellness of my clients? Beginning of The Whole Life Challenge 1:22:11  “Its the transformation of humans. Its working on virtues. Its developing peoples courage and commitment and testing their resolve. Being in the game of life, rather than thinking of winning or losing.” You have the power to change your life for the better. 1:26:00  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, it’s a habit. Virtues are formed in a man by doing the right actions. 1:27:28  The 7 Daily Habits 1:33:30  Awaken with Gratitude 1:37:20  Fatherhood, post-it notes 1:44:55  Lessons learned from The Andy Petranek Podcast “You’re taking curiosity, enthusiasm and applying to people to learn new perspectives for a better way.” 1:54:25  Stepping Up – Newsletter 2:04:20  Fitness – Movement is a Gift Links and Social Media: @andypetranek  @wholelifechallenge 

 20: Logan Gelbrich – Awareness & Vulnerability on a path to Hold the Standard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:13:58

Before recording this episode with world-class human Logan Gelbrich, Dr. Cara Miller had some advice for me. She said, “Hold him steady with love – Push him deep with humility – and be willing to go there with him courageously.”  This episode is a journey into the man, not just the entrepreneur/coach.  We learn how awareness is a good and bad thing, what the cost of seeking adversity is, and that strengths have shadows.  Most people think the ability to endure is a good thing, but what are the consequences of that?  Can you choose your way to happiness? There is something about Logan that makes us want to get better.  He is someone I admire as a friend and revere as a leader. On the inside he is an intuitive and introspective soul with deep and complex thoughts.  On the outside he is a world renowned leader who is pushing us to “hold the responsibility of the space between your reality and the standard and that never ending pursuit of it.” It is my humble honor to present this deeply personal interview with my friend, Logan,  with love and respect. Strength is a Choice, Scott McGee Show Notes: Antonio Machado said: Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking. “It would be a ridiculous coincidence if your life was like someone else’s.” 5:00  Asserting Yourself – Baseball story and a lesson from Dad. 10:00  Are you Happy? “Grateful and very hurt simultaneously for that awareness.” “Step into awareness with great vulnerability.” 14:55  Introverted and Introspection in regards to Happiness. 16:50  Does any of this really matter? Galactic Calendar 20:13  The Sisu Hammer 23:40  The ability to put things down.  Meditation. 26:20  Death and Surrendering 32:00  Our greatest battles are waged within. Strengths have Shadows 37:40  Lessons from College – Seeking Adversity & balance?  Learning how to relax. 42:09  What do you do for fun?  Solitude 52:30  Understanding depression and vulnerability 56:00  Beacon of Light “Used my endurance as a crutch and that left me holding a lot of responsibility.” 1:05:13  Something about Logan that makes other people want to get better. 1:08:35  “My ability to endure has consequences, negative ones. Im aware, we all are aware, this is a project worth solving. Not just for my own own peace but for the on paper results that are required of me as a leader. And I like that accountability.” 1:09:08  Benefits and strength of therapy 1:13:20  Relationship with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Purpose and Utility 1:24:40  Personal relationships – “I seek relationships that allow me to help someone else grow or that help me to grow and that largely by definition is centered around the ability to give and receive the truth which includes negative feedback.” *1:34:00-1:34:46* The vulnerable ones who live with dissatisfaction. 1:37:20  What is Deuce Gym?  Hold the Standard Performance | Community | Lifestyle 1:44:18-:35  Fitness is the mechanism for teaching a host of bigger lessons, namely holding the responsibility or accountability of the space between your reality and the standard and that never ending pursuit. 1:52:28  Its chemically impossible to be a victim and happy at the same time. To take on a victim mentality is to relinquish all control of your life. You have a say. Strength is a Choice Challenge: Use it towards the first question. He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times. – Friedrich Schiller, Playwright Websites: Deuce Gym    Coaches Prep ...

 19: Adaptive Athlete Lil Misty Diaz – Spina Beautiful | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:46:19

  Lil Misty Diaz is a force of light that has grown out of darkness.  This darkness began with being born with Spina Bifida (birth defect affecting the spinal cord). Followed by 28 operations by middle school (not including exploratory surgeries) and compounded by medications, isolation, depression, loneliness, and 3 suicide attempts.  But like a lotus flower, she rose from the dust to bloom out of the darkness. Through the power of gratitude and service, Misty’s ability has grown stronger than her disability. It has been a process. One in which her only goal was to simply feel better.  This process has grown into her ability to complete over 200 races including obstacle races, half-marathons, 5-10-15k runs, 24 hour, Spartan and Red Bull races. She even holds state records in the bench press. It has been said that it’s not your disability that defines you.  It’s your ability.  Strength is a choice.  The only disability in life is a bad attitude, and Lil Misty has decided to live her life of service by helping as many people as she can.  She has inspired people all over the world, from all walks of life, including myself.  This is her story, and I’m honored to present it to you. Scott Show Notes: Your Will Is Always Within Your Power – Epictetus The Sisu Way Poster 6:20  What is Spina Bifida?  11:00  Cast Life.  Fighting since Day 1. 12:30  The term disability vs Adaptive Athlete 14:50  The races 16:17  What was Misty’s childhood like? 26:16  What can you do for a kid who is struggling? 27:20  Teenage years. The difficulties and the decision to choose a DNR. 30:20  2nd person ever to use a cell saver 31:20  The most painful surgery – Tethered Cord Syndrome 37:00  Depression – Loneliness – Suicide    Beautifully Broken Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today. -James Dean 49:20  What woke you up? 53:30  “I felt free” 59:00  Acceptance – Free from morphine fog.  Senses woke up. Strength is a Choice – Get outside comfort zone 1:03:20  Motivating and inspiring others 1:05:17  Biggest accomplishment (so far) 1:09:00  “It’s not how you win.  It’s how you lose.” -Louis Zamperini Liz  #LizFreel  Coached Liz to State Division Bench Press Record, but together added value to each others life. 1:17:09  Mantras for others.   “Turtle speed is still a speed as long as you’re  consistently moving forward and helping others along the way.” 1:19:48  When someone thinks of Misty Diaz:  What do you want them to remember you by?  1:31:10  What does it mean to inspire people in the Spartan Races? Links:  @lilmistydiaz  @1scottmcgee  @thesisuway

 18: Wim Hof Method: Breathing, Cold Exposure, & Mindset with Retired Peace Officer Erik Milosevic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:54:00

One of the best and simplest pieces of advice anyone could give to benefit energy, freedom, and health is:  Remember to breathe and relax. We are constantly faced with acute and chronic stress, which causes soul cavities.  Stress causes inflammation, which may contribute to many serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.  Chronic stress may also give rise to emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger, feelings of despair and hopelessness, as well as loneliness. These health issues create distance from our ourselves and our loved ones.  The good news is…there is something we can do about it. Joining me on this special episode is Certified Wim Hof Instructor, retired Peace Officer, lifetime Yogi, and my dear friend, Erik Milosevich.  Together, we discuss ways to find peace and improve our emotional resilience.  We share our personal journey with the Wim Hof Method of breathing exercises, cold exposure (via cold showers and ice baths), mediation, and mindset to strengthen our mind, body. The goal of this episode is to help you develop self-awareness skills and self-regulation tools to overcome adversity and stress in a healthy manner. Get Up Strong, Scott For those lost in pain, we have to become gladiators. Power is within us all. Anything can be overcome by going within. –Wim Hof Show Notes: Opening:  An excerpt from the book, The Warrior and The Monk: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Potential And Finding True Happiness by past guest Greg Amundson. 11:00 Milo’s history and life experiences 20:45  Wim Hof Method intro 26:40  Stress and Trauma, first responders, organizational stress “The ability to breath and relax is a science and an art.” 33:40  The Autonomic Nervous System and the two branches, Sympathetic (Fight/Flight) and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (Rest/Calm/Relaxed). 37:20  The Vagus Nerve.  Understanding these systems helps your self-awareness which leads to the ability to self-regulate. 41:00  Mastering Peace 42:00 Purposeful and Mindful BREATHING.  Different types of breathing tactics including nasal breathing, Wim Hof, box breathing, circular breathing, ocean breath, etc. all aimed at giving us tools to self-regulate our stress. 58:48  The gift of Wim Hof breathing. How to do it and why.  The power of the journey inward. 1:11:30  Breathing and its relationship to Grief. Mindfulness – Be here and now without judgement. 1:19:20  COLD EXPOSURE – (Cold showers and Ice Baths)  How, why, what are the benefits. Mindset and emotional, psychological, and physical benefits. 1:34:30  Chest freezer turned into Ice Baths 1:45:50  Mindset and MEDITATION 1:47:00  Ice bath conversations 1:51:32  Pursue Satori Links:  The Wim Hof Method @erokdaworld  @1scottmcgee  @TheSisuWay   Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman  

 17: Dan “Nitro” Clark – Death Lessons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:42

Dan “Nitro” Clark is a American Gladiator, TEDx Speaker, Writer, Happiness Seeker, & Gratitude Practicer, who is committed to serving others.  Dan’s path was one of suffering and trauma, but he grew into someone who set out to burn bright, or die trying.  In this episode we learn about his past struggles, how culture taught him “big boys don’t cry,” how losing his brother created the person he has become, how sports has defined him, and how cheating death kicked his ass into loving, learning, and living his best life. We discuss how to master the art of living a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life worth living.  Show Notes: Why are you alive?  To be of service.  Live – Love -Feel 4:58  Losing brother created the person he became. “We tie our happiness to what we achieve and we achieve in order to achieve, but that happiness is short lived.” “Happily achieve instead of achieving to be happy.” 9:20  Don’t chase gratification.  Chase Gratitude. 11:00  How Dan was culturally taught not to cry or show emotion. Big boys don’t cry. 14:00  Sports filled a hole, a chance to hide. Visualization and the power of the mind.  18:35  Morning routine. Key to life is being in right state. *25:54  “Anything thats good in my life came through the dedication of self improvement and personal growth.” Service to others. 30:00  Why are you alive? **32:50  “Sports taught me about life, but almost dying taught me how to live.” 33:20  Health is Wealth – The ability to walk.  What are your stairs? Gratitude Practice – Ka ching! 43:44  Vulnerability is Strength – “The vulnerability in me gives the light a chance to shine.” 49:00  Strength is a Choice 49:59  Smiling Practice – The ripple effect of happiness. Dali Lami: “In every human interaction we have, we have a choice to make that person happier or less happy.” 54:20  Upstream Reciprocity Relationships and Conflict Resolution.  Seek to understand, then to be understood. 1:02:50  What does surrender mean?  “Even though I was having a heart attack and dying… When I surrendered, I felt a deep sense and profound sense of peace.” Meditation and breathing for overall health and well being. The Wim Hof Method “Life is not lost by dying. Life is lost minute by minute, day by day, by not really living.” Time isn’t guaranteed. Live each moment fully. Books: F Dying – Dan Clark Gladiator – Dan Clark The Warrior and the Monk – Greg Amundson Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz The Beauty of a Darker Soul – Joshua Mantz Social Media and Websites: @DanNitroClark 

 16: Greg Amundson – Warrior Monk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:12:13

How do we master ourselves to be of greater service? My guest, Greg Amundson, is an operational and spiritual swiss army knife of a human being.  He is the original CrossFit Firebreather, affiliate owner, a law enforcement officer, swat operator, DEA agent, Army Officer, martial artist, yogi, speaker, and author of the new book, The Warrior and the Monk.  Greg has continued on a servants path to become a true warrior who dedicates his life to self-mastery in service of others. Greg inspires us to live with purpose, passion and a desire to develop strength in your mind, body, and spirit. Greg helps us achieve a mindset of positive expectancy, personal belief and an unshakeable faith through a disciplined use of words, thoughts, awareness and attention. We also learn the power of love, encouragement, support and what it means to be a warrior. Show Notes: The Warrior and the Monk introduction 6:00  How Scott and Greg know each other.  CrossFit origins and the original Firebreather.  How Greg became Scott’s mentor. 11:45  How our parents helped shape and launch us. Dad – “Greg whatever you do, do it for love.” Mom – “You know, Greg, everybody can encourage somebody and be supported at the same time.” 24:50  How being alone can lead to happiness. Ownership and accountability 35:00  Who were you and who are you? Scripture says, “God works out everything in a pattern for good for those that love Him” *35:30-36:00 “What I’ve learned from these experiences is that, whats even more important than any experience we have in our life is our thoughts about the experience.  That’s ultimately what shapes us. What is so important is that we always retain the ability, we have independence of thought. We get to choose how we think.  What’s amazing is that when we change the way we think about something, what we think about begins to change.” 37:30  The cause of effects.  The thought is the cause of every subsequent effect. 43:30  How do you master yourself?  Body – Mind – Spirit 46:30  The Body.  Chasing virtuosity. Greg Glassman: “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit is between the ears.” Kyle Maynard: “The stronger the why in your life the stronger your life will be.” 1:00:51  The Mind Self-Talk, cargo net story at the Navy Seal compound in Coronado. Body-Mind connection – Putting our body into a position that is going to lead our mind into a position we want it to go. 1:16:16  The Spirit Core to Extremity – functional physical and spiritual expression 1:21:20  Sadhana – Daily spiritual practice 1:22:00  The Breath – Warrior Breathing – Pranayama The Valley of Dry Bones Dan Brule: “Even one conscious breath a day is enough to have an entire breath practice.” *1:28:24-1:28:56  The breath draws us into the presence moment. Box Breathing and Nostril Breathing – See behind the curtain 1:38:38  Meditation and Yoga – The stillness of the Mind The kingdom of God is within you The unified and universal field that we all have access to. I am. I am. I am.  *1:45:10  “The closer we get to source, the more pure, the more radiant, the more beautiful the more full of love the quality of our thought becomes. Whats the purpose of my life? How can I better serve others?  How can I be a better source of love in the world?  These thoughts are accessed through a mantra that gets us closer to source.”

 15: Caroline Burckle – Strength in Vulnerability | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:48

Caroline Burckle is an Olympic Bronze Medalist Swimmer performing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 4 x 200m relay.  She took gold in the 2007 Pan Am Games in the 800m freestyle, was the 2x NCAA champ, and was named the 2008 NCAA Swimmer of the Year.  But this is not a story of accolades. Titles and achievements do not define a person.  In this episode, we look between the medals and at the person.  Caroline takes us through the darker side of being an olympic athlete. We learn about the personal struggle of what to do after spending years preparing for a narrow window of opportunity.  We also discuss the strength in being vulnerable, mentoring, and generating a positive mindset in the face of adversity.  I am proud of this conversation.  Caroline is an honest, powerful, and unconquerable soul.  I humbly thank you for listening. Strength is a Choice, Scott Show Notes: 3:05  Creativity and Fear  “Fear doesn’t want you to do anything” -SM *5:17  Strongest when faced with a challenge 7:33  Was swimming and the achievements a challenge for you? 15:10  What was it like for your parents when you made Olympic team? 19:30 “I had no idea who I was. I was lost. I was depressed. I was in a dark place.”  This was in the six months after winning an Olympic medal. 21:00  Transitioning your identity after being a competitive athlete The dark side of the Olympics 28:00  Have you found what you are looking for? “I am more than just what dives in the pool and mermaids around.” 39:00  Heel injury 47:00  What is your injury teaching you? 1:03  The Why 1:07  The power of depression 1:09  How do you generate a positive mindset shift *1:17  What is your brother most proud about you. “Im so proud to be part of what my sister did.” -Clark Burckle 1:20  The Spirit of Battle Links and References: Carococo – Coconut oil infused with rosemary RISE Athletes – An online mentoring platform that helps athletes achieve their goals by working one-on-one with an Olympian Mentor Strike Movement – New athletic standards  The Sisu Way Poster 2012 200m breaststroke – Clark Burckle Social Media: @caroburckle  @riseathletes @1scottmcgee  @thesisuway  @dro  

 14: Marcus Kowal – Life is a Moment | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:42:35

The Sisu Way: Strength and Determination in the face of adversity. Persistence. Hope. Grit. A unbeatable mindset full of courage, tenacity, resilience, willpower and triumph. An unconquerable soul….  This description, this definition, describes my guest Marcus Kowal.  Marcus is a martial arts coach, gym owner and professional fighter that specializes in kickboxing, boxing, BJJ, and MMA. But as Victor Frankl says: “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances: but only by lack of meaning and purpose. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: The last of human freedoms – to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose ones own way.”  Marcus and his wife have gone through something no parent ever should. The death of a child. They lost their 15 month old son, Liam, to a drunk driver. However his death does not define them, nor is it the end of their love. Liam, the people’s protector, has saved lives through organ donation and his legacy continues to make an impact in the social culture around drunk driving through awareness and education.  Marcus is someone I look up to and have respected for a long time. He is someone I would walk with to face demons.  In the face of life’s worst loss, Marcus chose to fight. He is a father…He is a fighter…and when a man knows where he is going…. the whole world steps aside.    I am completely humbled and grateful to Marcus for taking the time to be on The Sisu Way.  I would also like to thank the listeners for your time and support.  I sincerely appreciate you listening to this episode.  I humbly request that you take a moment to click through the links below, and help join the fight.  I believe that Liam did not die in vain. He continues to save and inspire, and there is something we can all do to help. Strength is a Choice, Scott McGee   SHOW NOTES: 1:57  What is sisu? Discussion about the opener. 4:38  “Because of our son, there will be a change.”  Discussion about writing. 9:00  Don’t wait. Do that thing now. Why write the book, Life is a Moment. For self, son, and others. 12:50  9/3/16 – The moment no one should go through. 19:30  “It feels like life stops. What you love more than life itself has been taken from you, and how are you going to go on? I decided that we were going to find our way back to happiness.” 27:00  The background between Marcus/Liam and Scott/Connor. Respect, life guilt, honor, responsibility. How Liam inspires and motivates Scott. How Liam’s Green Frog become the logo for the foundation and the symbol for this fight. 33:35  What is a hero? What is the greatest courage? The courage to suffer. 35:30  Therapy – Vulnerability is Strength – Surrender to help – True strength  40:20  Ego is an enemy.  Mindset under pressure. 43:00  How can we combat drunk driving?  A discussion on the culture of driving under the influence. 51:41   “Its not a question of if we’re going to do it. We are going to do it. Don’t know how long its going to take but I wont stop until we get there.  Now I know I’m fighting for the right thing. I’m told all the time you’re up against giants, you’re up against Washington and Lobbyists. I don’t care, they’ve never been up [against] someone like me. They are fighting for revenue. I’m fighting for my sons legacy.” 1:08:50  What did it mean to you guys when you found out your wife was pregnant? “It was the brightest light in a very dark tunnel.” Liam: The peoples protector Nico:  The peoples victory 1:12:55  What to say to grieving parents. 1:23:30  The final (...

 13: Keep Swimming – An Episode on Grief | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:08

The most beautiful people are those that have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have still found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.  –  Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Grief comes in waves.  It can feel like you have been wrecked by wave after wave, all the while trying to cling onto some piece of the beautiful ship you used to and planned to have.  At first all you can do is try to stay afloat while sipping on air during the short stay on the surface. Eventually, maybe (just maybe) with the help of this podcast episode and what I want to share with you (because it was shared with me), you will learn that you can choose to function… and keep swimming.  Life is not a guarantee nor is it a right.  We are here temporarily on this planet.  We are the lucky ones that get to experience the ride of life.  Parts of the ride can hurt, but those moments create character and strength.  Progress is made through holding up your shield, grabbing the shipwreck, confronting the painful events, looking at them squarely and facing the realities of loss, death, or disappointments. Be proud of the pain, feel the pain because you can, be proud of your scars.  Vulnerability is Strength.  Those scars, those strike marks are the battle wounds of life that make us who we are.  (That is why The Sisu Way logo has strike marks and scratches in it.)  We are the lucky ones who have the ability….the gift to hurt. Here is the full post on Reddit by the user GSnow when asked for advice on how to deal with the grief and the loss of a loved one.  It helped me when I needed it, hopefully it helps you and/or someone you know: [Serious] How do you cope with the passing of someone you are close to? from AskReddit Get up strong, Scott McGee The Sisu Way


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