Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter show

Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter

Summary: Welcome to “Hidden Truth,” a new weekly series which dives deeply into controversial and unresolved issues of our time to discover the truth, irrespective of politics, religion, or agenda. “Las Vegas Shooter” investigates the largest mass shooting in American history. It has been months since terror struck the Vegas strip, yet we still do not know how it was done or why.Conspiracy theories abound. The FBI promises a report by October, but we intend to find the answers now through in-depth interviews of those closest to the truth.Website: http://hiddentruthshow.com/las-vegas-shooter/

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 S E2: Episode 2: Las Vegas Sheriff Candidate Blasts Police Handling of Shooting Investigation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:11

Tim Bedwell just announced he is running against the current Sheriff in charge of the shooting investigation. He spent 20 years in the Marine Corp and another 22 years in law enforcement. He calls out the Sheriff for botching the timeline and first implying that it was the police who killed the shooter. He also states that poor police tactics the night of the shooting could have resulted in far more casualties. And, he points out two obvious things the Mandalay Bay should have done that could have prevented the shooting. 

 S E1: Episode 1: Series Intro and Victims’ Attorney Who Survived Shooting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:41

We go through the police report and timeline of the shooting and raise the many still unanswered questions to the largest mass shooting in American history. How could we still not know why he did it? Is there any truth to the many alternative theories floating around? We have a stunning interview with an attorney who represents over 40 victims who also happened to be at the concert. He is convinced that Paddock was not the only shooter! Tune in, and find us at www.hiddentruthshow.com

 Introducing HIDDEN TRUTH: Las Vegas Shooter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:45

Introducing HIDDEN TRUTH: Las Vegas Shooter


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